A Weekend Sermonette (The End is Near)

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H/T to J. D. for uncovering this insightful YouTube video from the enlightened, progressive left (your betters).

If the progs are correct and all life on Earth will be extinct in nine years, I need to advance my bucket list to insure that I can cross everything off before global warming consumes me. It’s a fitting topic for a Sermonette. Since it’s Saturday, Mooselims too can enjoy the sermon. It’s the new progressive me, emerging – since we’ll all be poached like a salmon before you know it.

Just when you thought that you plumbed the depths of the progressive movement, a gem, such as this one appears. This is not a study in grievances or identity politics, and it may be a prediction that extends beyond the capacity of social justice warfare.

The capacity of the smug, elite, corrupt, progressive left to absorb pure hokum makes me want to buy a wagon, stock it with “elixir” and tow it up to Hollywood, where I could hire somebody like Barack to tap dance and work as a barker, selling the “elixir” – which would insure that they (our betters) would survive the coming and imminent apocalypse. We could throw in a medal for doing essentially nothing (not unlike Barack’s Nobel Peace Prize) with each bottle of “elixir”.

As a business model, it has real merit. Think of all of the bottom feeders in Hollywood who would like to survive the coming extinction of humanity by 2026 — and would like to have a bobble to show to their friends (like their much sought after awards to each other for being cool).

Imported Ingredients!

The elixir isn’t cheap. No, not in Hollywood. I’m thinking of imported Tijuana tap water (rich with sediment) as a principle ingredient.

Some of the mass hysteria surrounds the problem that President Trump may be in office until the world burns itself to a cinder because of our indifference toward the weather. Progs, frantic to survive have been petitioning the White House to make the war against the weather a top priority the way that Barack did – before he went to work for me selling “elixir” in Hollywood.

19 thoughts on “A Weekend Sermonette (The End is Near)

  1. "If the progs are correct…" Phew, dodged a bullet here. The progs have never been correct on anything.

    They've been predicting our doom for decades, now. And yet here we are. Myself, I can't wait for this global warming to kick in; when Chicago feels like Aruba most of the time, and Hollywood and NY are under water, what could be better?

  2. Something in the water in Mexico that is causing sarcasm to push runaway sarcasm? Is there an app for that?

  3. There is an underlying concern in the prog community who have been funded by the "war on the weather" that the spigot will be turned off without so much as a drip going their way. What will they do without the welfare that kept them doing their esoteric weather studies for the past 8 years? God forbid that they find honest employment.

    Maybe they can join Soros' legions, march and bust things up?

  4. Yes there is! But you and I don't have to do a thing. Let Montezuma take his revenge against all Hollywood progressives.

  5. The problem, as I see it, is the ease in which total goofballs can get in front of a camera and broadcast this stuff out to tens or elevens (yeas that is a word, my word) people watching. The good thing, on the other hand, is, if they are correct (I know, I know) I could have ocean front property here in the foothills of NE GA.

  6. Hey, it's a living. And busting things up is not a stretch as far as progressive skill sets are concerned. They could hit the ground running.

  7. You could fish from a dock in front of your house…there's definitely an up-side to the prospect of global warming.

  8. There's more talk about a guaranteed national wage where you make money for not working. I thought that was called welfare? They could bust things up at night, sleep all day and double dip from Soros and the taxpayer.

    What am I saying, they do that now.

  9. All of the Ghads and little fish will be parboiled within 9 years. Goodbye Old NFO, goodbye cruel world!

  10. It's going to be a long nine years if all the east and west coast progressives start moving inland. Maybe Texas can build a wall around its entire perimeter…

  11. It is as if these scientists did not pay attention in grade school science class? I am waiting for the day when they start freaking out about all the rain, "soon, the planet will be under water."

  12. There was that big global cooling scare in the 1980's…

    The idea of seasons (climate change) and the weather never seemed to take hold in the progressive mind.

  13. It's nice to have you visit the blog, Jenny!

    Since the current projection by some of these mutants is that we only have 9 years left until we're all dead (unless we start ponying up cash in a big way — to them), you'd better start laying bricks and putting up guard towers around Texas now.

    Sometimes, I feel the need to slap these people (hard) and say – look at yourselves. I wonder if they could stand the mirror test? What a bunch of seriously f-ed up humans. The womyn's march elites like Madonna and Scarlet Johanssen, flying in on private jets, wearing their vagina hats, clutching $30,000 handbags and screaming about income inequality and all of their grievances…

  14. LL – honestly, I was going to watch that video. I had prepared by self medicating (no mention of the medication involved), took a hot shower and a harsh colon cleanser but in the end I took my doctors advice; avoid exposure to leftist BS. But at least I'm squeaky clean inside and out.

  15. The young ladies could be off by a year or so even though it's "settled science". Best finish the bucket list EARLY to avoid disappointment.

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