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Quote of the Day: “All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It’s not that power inherently corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.” – Frank Herbert, Dune


The Sunday Sermonette –  in a single picture

Whenever you’re obsessed with stopping a prophecy, you need to ask yourself” – Am I enacting the prophecy? Is my obsession the mechanism by which the prophecy comes to pass?



Bullet Points:

All modern institutions are devoted to falsehood. Let us count the ways.

* The news media is a propaganda arm of Anti-American, Anti-White, and Antichristian. They are the enemy of the people.

* The entertainment industry discourages entertainment, promoting hectoring lectures instead, larded with social justice messages, and is deliberately engaged in the desecration of any and all popular franchises; they purchase intellectual properties of immense value merely to desecrate, defame, and destroy them.

* The scientific community has promoted a global warming fraud after promoting a global cooling fraud, and now promotes climate change.

* The law enforcement and espionage communities have betrayed the Constitution, and each man his oath personally, by conspiring unsuccessfully to overturn the 2016 election through a series of hoaxes, frame-ups, and false accusations, and by successfully overturning the 2020 election.

* The industrial and financial community has betrayed its investors and patrons and society itself by making alliances with schemes of one-world government, the communist schemes of Red China, and the Marxist, Green-Marxist, Luddite, Black Supremacist, and Anarchist schemes of various mad malcontents.

* The treason of the clerks now reaches all professions, experts, and academics:

The medical community promoted the spread of dangerous, unnecessary, and improperly tested inoculations, and aided in the suppression of accurate information from among their own ranks as to the nature and extent of the danger, and possible alternatives.

The universities actively discourage rational discourse, and academic freedom, and refuse to transmit the intellectual legacy of mankind to the next generation.

Grammar school grooms kids for sexual perversion, indoctrinates them to become activists, and actively discourages reading and critical thinking.

The entire intellectual class of the Western world is unanimously and vehemently engaged in the desolation and abolition of the civilization by whose grace alone men like them are permitted to exist.

* Christian denominations routinely excuse and support sodomy and a wide variety of blasphemies and heresies, and the oldest denomination of all, the Roman Catholic Church, routinely hides pederasts among her clergy, or erects idols to Pachamama in the Vatican.

All these things are done to promote a worldly and anti-Christian vision of life as it would be if reality were not real.

In summation: Many priests and pastors are Pharisees. Academia is bunk. Wall Street is fake.  The election was stolen. The FBI is the Gestapo.  The pandemic was fake. Hollywood is here to hate you, not entertain you. Social media cancels truth and put lies at the top of search results. The fake news is… fake.


Fetal Damage from the Vax

The evidence is mounting and it all points toward the damage that the anti-plague vax Americans were forced to take at the point of a bayonet. (Stew Peters Show)

Dr. James Thorp, a distinguished OBGYN with over 43 years of experience, has performed extensive research into COVID, the jabs designed to supposedly prevent it, and their impacts on pregnant women and their children.

Thorp’s research, which he’s published in a draft scientific paper, confirms some of the jab’s most horrific side effects and blows even more gaping holes in the medical deep state’s “safe and effective” narrative.

…Included among these adverse events are “menstrual abnormality, miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, fetal malformation, fetal cystic hygroma, fetal cardiac disorders, fetal arrhythmia, fetal cardiac arrest, fetal vascular mal-perfusion, fetal growth abnormalities, fetal abnormal surveillance, fetal placental thrombosis, low amniotic fluid, and fetal death/stillbirth.”


The Draft

Under clarifying rules from the Brandon regime, trans women must register for the draft if they were born. male. “US Citizens or immigrants who are born male and changed their gender are still required to register.  Individuals who were born female and changed their gender are not required to register.”

This is going to cause a lot of confusion within the country because democrats don’t know what women are in the first place.


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  1. The Pharisees got a lot of (well deserved) bad PR, but it looks like the Sadducees were the ones who denied God’s eternity and sought earthly power. They were considered the upper crust of society and developed quite the reputation for corruption. Amazing similarity to today…

  2. If there was any doubt Wanker Joe was a total reprobate cretin, his recounting of the truck driver who was involved in the accident that killed his first wife and daughter was a total lie, the truck driver did not “drink his lunch” as FJB has stated all these years since. In fact, his wife blew a Stop sign. Tragic? Of course. But to lie about it for decades for political gain places this clown in the deepest part of Hell. Too bad he’s still on this side of the veil.

    Yet this is what sits behind the Resolute Desk, and why our country has gone from prosperous and humming along under PDJT – the greatest President in my lifetime, quite possibly since Lincoln – to full on groveling under Mr. MAGU. My brother moved out West, been in the works for years. MrsPaulM sent a nice Fall bouquet as a housewarming. All good until the next day (of delivery), she gets a message: “Can’t process the order due to supply chain issues”. “Issues”??…the new term for FUBAR to spackle over “America the Weakened” by The Incompetents In Charge. Hell itself may not be big enough to fit all the Dem’s who belong in its depths.

    Draft Confusion- All part of the plan to further weaken our military from within, especially since it seems The Brass are taking estrogen pills each day, making them fearful of their own shadows. Not a good commentary.

    Not all ugly tho…the Cathedral painting shows there was a time when people actually looked to and worshiped something beyond themselves.

  3. law enforcement is under the gun. they complain of lack of respect as the root cause. but they have been just as damaging to that respect as the politicians when they forsake their oath to do the bidding of the tyrants and social justice politicians. its really their change from protect-and-serve to law enforcement that stole that respect away and led to the political assault on them. being a former cop i feel sorry for the officers on the street these days. i saw it changing in the late eighties and bailed out. now they are the easy target of those dissatisfied with the regime or just looking to do evil.

  4. Entertainment: If they can manage to get the sports ball boomer enthusiasts off their couches and millenials off their tik-toks there is an immense amount of opportunity, from legacy theatre chains to new net based media. They just need non-Hollywood content that isn’t woke. I suggest play to the audience Hollywood rubs raw. Pro-American, Christian, and yes, white. Good content will bring the non-woke back. 75% of the population, which definitely isn’t being served, is a lot of opportunity.

    • Watch some reaction videos from time to time. People listening to old songs and/or old movie clips. They invariably ask “why can’t they make stuff like that today”, so there is definitely a market out there.

      • Trump making an echo chamber to complete with twitter is a mistake. He needs to fund entertainment and get it to the public.

  5. The rot runs deep. LA cop beaten to death during simulated “riot” training, by other officers. He was (if memory serves) investigating rape allegations against some who participated.

  6. Red State/Blue State used to be the other way around.

    A “Rock Block” is four songs, uninterrupted by commercials.

    “Rap isn’t music.” -Ian Anderson

    “Where did all these moths come from?” -Thomas Edison, probably.

    “I refute it thus!” *Kicks rock* -Dr. Johnson

    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” -Dr. Thompson

    “Palestine” is no more a country than “the Equator.” -Churchill

    “Son, this state is like a bowl of Granola. What ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes.”
    -My Old Man.
    The older I get, the smarter he was.

    • “Son, this state is like a bowl of Granola….”

      Seems the dads of our era said the same things. And yes, dad is getting smarter everyday, wisdom of the ages we should remember.

      • Even Johnny Carson said Kalifornia was a good example of what happens when you have lots of sunshine,; You grow a lot of fruits and nuts.

  7. Colorado local because I have nothing else. In my travels about I haven’t seen one yard sign for Emperor Polis for reelection and very few for incumbent (P)regressives. Are they that sure of themselves? Is Polis sitting on his cash to prepare for a 2024 Presidential run?

      • I think that applies in lots of places. Here in South Central Texas, I have only seen a few signs. Maybe, people are uncomfortable in showing their political leanings be they Republican, Democrat or other for fear of retribution from the other side(s). For Conservatives, some of that fear may be from being put into the FBI’s “domestic terrorist” database. We who comment here at Virtual Mirage already know we are in that database.

      • They are desperate to market Polis as a moderate…a total misnomer, there is no such thing. The guy is a Lefty who we harly ever hear from on anything critical to commerce and our state of affairs. The Dem’s have hiding down to a science.

        Had some rancher neighbors over for a visit. The ranch is IN Colorado, 134 years old. He said he won’t deliver Semi truck loads to Colorado because Polis tacked on yet another “transport fee” (aka tax), 27 cents for bicycles, or some such nonsense. Said every load he has to send this in, costs more than a stamp. Bleeding everyone is their game. Just look at the voter Bluebook…taxes and more taxes…while in a recession.

        We chatted the geniuses at the CDOW enacting the urban voters demand to reintroduce wolves….not the right ones, but the predatory ‘kill for sport’ Canadian gray wolf that for years has been wreaking havoc on cattle hearrds in Shoshoni and Lysite (WY) and deer and elk in Idaho. Besides the fact we know they’ve been here for years this is the new feel-good move by those who think Estes Park elk are tame. Apparently Aspen and the Vail valley are getting them first. Touche’. Just wait until Fifi goes missing off the back porch from one of those 8,000 sq ft “log cabins”.

        Just more stupidity on steroids foisted on the hard working people by urban/city dweller idiots who are willfully destroying our ranching heritage. Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins will vote Polis, overriding the rest of the state.

    • WSF, now that you mention it I haven’t sen many political signs here in the Northwest either. Odd, I agree part of it has to be along the lines of what BillB wrote. I will be glad when the midterms are done and I don’t get 100 emails and texts a day from both political parties.

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