My New Year’s Eve Rant

Tonight, we kiss 2020 good-bye (and good riddance). By all accounts, it’s been one hell of a year. From impeaching an innocent President to the plague and rigged voting machines, this one goes down in the history books as being one unpleasant year.

My income took a hit, but so did a lot of people. I wasn’t ruined and it was only a blip on my radar, but a lot of people around the world were financially crushed.

I find the lockdowns across the country to be slightly amusing. What’s wrong with allowing people out on New Year’s Eve to celebrate if they want to go out and take the risk of contracting the plague?  They’ve been risking STD’s on the ‘night of nights’ for a very long time. STD’s are a social disease and the plague is a socialist disease.

And once they’ve had the plague and survived, they’re immune. No need for a mask, right? No need for a vaccination either. I realize that this isn’t a very woke sentiment.

This has been the Year of the Rat, and we won’t have another one for twelve years. It’s an auspicious year — allegedly — but the Chinese took a hit this year as people worldwide got a glimpse of what China had planned for all of them. None more than the Australians. They seemed to break their chains all the while China has maintained that they bought Australia fair and square.

Though the outcome of the national election, rife with fraud, is still in the balance, it would seem that a corrupt, walking corpse and a whore are now at the helm. Year of the Rat.

The censorship promised by the communist regime would tend to portend the end of this blog within the next year. I’m not predicting its demise, just taking the donkeys at their word.


Prefiled Bill in the New York State Senate for January 6, 2021.

It seems unconstitutional on its face as overly vague and broad and probably also violates Article 1, Sections 10 of the US Constitution prohibiting bills of attainder. But if the law is in the way of a Donkey initiative, they simply ignore it.

2021 begins, my. friends.


I have no New Year’s Resolutions with the possible exception of working on a book – maybe finishing a project or starting a new one. But you may share yours here as the clock moves down to zero and we enter 2021.


It’s an open forum and the floor is yours.

Happy New Year.







    • Your papers are not in order…get on that third boxcar. It will take you to FEMA re-education camp 13. When you arrive, see WSF for your bunk assignment.

      • Hang on, don’t send anyone just yet, still working on camp construction…seems with everyone forced to wear masks, coupled with hourly temp & Covid nasal swab testing, work has slowed to an abysmal crawl. Cracking the proverbial whip does nothing, like these guys are all mind-numbed, especially those with the vax on board…those ones are speaking in tongues.

        • I’m sure that the donkeys will pay overtime (out of tax increases) to get them built. Will they be surrounded by walls? We know that walls are politically incorrect…

          • Big beautiful extraordinary strong walls like you’ve never seen for less cost than budgeted, which can be used to procure an extra coal-burner for the hovel. Win-win!

  1. Nancy Pelosi’s package of $908 billion COVID-19 stimulus package is a “Disgrace” and Stuffed with Wasteful Spending.. Such as…
    About $10 million will be made available for gender programs in Pakistan.
    Another $11,880,000 is spent on Native American Institutions Endowment Fund.
    There is also a few hundred of Million for funding and studying the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama.
    $25 Million to support the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
    $85 Million to Cambodia.
    But it does allow $600 checks to Most Americans, (Not All Americans).

    • Cambodia needs the money for whatever as do Pakistani Tranny’s (it rhymes when you say it). And most Indian tribal members reliably vote democrat, so it’s a reward or an incentive, but no where like what the Pakistani Tranny crowd are getting.

      SOME Americans will get $600, as you point out. I’m sure that the midnight oil is burning to try an insure that only high propensity donkey voters get their ‘free’ $600 cheese. With the price of ammunition rising, $600 will buy a magazine of ammunition.

  2. I think 2020 was only the prelude to 2021. After the Democrats steal the Senate by election fraud in Georgia or “removing” Republican Senators in Democrat Goverened States, the Demcrats will stack the Supreme Court and start their march to fully transform the former USA to a Socialist Totalitarian State that will make the CCP smile.

    That bill above will be passed by the NY Legislature and signed by Cuomo. The Federal Government will follow suite. The expanded SCOTUS will endorse such moves.

    Yeap, Virtual Mirage will be branded “Hate Speech” and shut down. LL, I fear you may just “disappear”.

    I pray that we are spared this Evil.

    And maybe TEXIT.

    My pessimistic view of 2021.

  3. Wouldn’t surprise me if tomorrow wasn’t January 01, 2021, but deemed by our betters to be December 32nd…because rules and standards don’t apply anymore.

  4. I resolved many years (decades?) ago to NOT make any New Years resolutions, especially ones I knew I was not going to be able to keep. I freely admit that I have been mostly successful since.

  5. My bills are all current, bank accounts are enough to cover upcoming expenses, and accounts receivables positive. Banner has 60 days of dog food on hand. I’ve already outlived the actuary table. My sons are struggling and I worry about their future, otherwise my personal situation is stable.

  6. I hope 2021 will be a better Year than last Year. As simple as that. Take care LL and the Force will be with you.

  7. Trying to remain optimistic for 2021 with an understanding that the 1st month will be at the very least, interesting. A heartfelt Happy New Year to all who frequent this site and much thanks to LL for keeping it running. God bless you all.

    • Sigh… I wish that the country could opt for ‘reasonable and normal’ but that’s clearly too much to ask for.

  8. Was 2020 the year of the Slowly Boiling Frog?
    It sure felt like it!

    All I know is… 2020 was the year I lost all my Fram© oil filters in a ‘carbon-neutral’ boating incident.
    So sad.

  9. resolution: cry HAVOC! and loose the dogs of war. the black flag is hoist, no quarter given, none asked.

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