9 thoughts on “Fluffy White Dog Pep Talk

  1. Have none of these people ever cleaned a baby butt with a wash cloth and then laundered the wash cloth? Sheesh!

  2. The era of cloth diapers and plastic pants with a wash cloth is as foreign to Generation X as a rotary dial telephone and a party line.

  3. I have been telling people to buy cheap wally world washclothes and they look at you funny! Another thing I was at the store and this woman was moaning about no bottled water and there was racks full of distilled water and I told her you can drink that. it ain't gonna kill ya, it has no taste but you can live on it. I told her I use distilled water for coffee and my ice cubes and she just huffed and walked away. Idiot.

  4. I went to a tiny local soda factory yesterday, to pick up some stuff I like while the Governor will still let me. The proprietor told me he'd been getting calls all day, asking if they still had water, or if they were out.

    The place is built on a spring…


  5. In Arizona there are a few cities under the Mogollon Rim. There are no cities on top of the rim, so I moved there. The Rim, the end of the Colorado Plateau, is a large rock formation somewhere around a hundred miles long. There aren't roads off the rim (steep), but you can go around the Rim. Because there are no cities, you need a well. And the water comes from deep underground, filtered by limestone (which makes the water "hard"). Chlorine doesn't need to be added. The aquifer is fed by snow melt in the winter and monsoon in the summer. And I've become spoiled.

  6. The madness continues. I visited the local grocer yesterday and saw a large empty space where the TP used to be. Bottled water was gone as well and paper towels were in short supply though not gone. Fortunately I believe in having an adequate supply of paper products so this shouldn't impact me and I don't bother with bottled water except for what I draw from the tap that I keep as a reserve. Now all sorts of places are closing due to a ban on gatherings of 10 or more including the range I work. So much for my weekends. Schools are also closed for the rest of the 19-20 session by order of the governor, a donkey elected by the cities. The virus may not get me, though boredom might.

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