25 thoughts on “15 Years Ago Today

  1. At first read I thought it was signed by Oscar Goldman. He would have made a good mayor…

  2. Living in LV as I do, I find that fascinating to say the least. Seriously, while it's been a joke of sorts around the country as far as the "Mob Lawyer is concerned, the fact is everyone I know here (and that includes a year I lived here in 1980), will never question Oscar's love for this city. And so far, his wife seems to be about the same. At least neither one of them is a left radical Democrat as most in their party. That's a start.

  3. I know both Oscar and Carolyn and they are both quite conservative. When Oscar was considering a run for the US Senate, he asked me if I'd be his chief-of-staff in DC. He knows where my politics are. So that says something for him. He's a genuinely nice man. Wife the same. Family man, loves the city.

  4. Happy Larry B. Lambert Day, y'all!! (Is this a flag-flying sort of day? I could put my flag out…)

  5. Agreed. got to meet them once. Genuinely nice people. I do believe LV has been well served by both of them.

    Just an aside. My son in law is graduating from the Academy here in 2 weeks and will take his place as a Metro Cop. I am quite proud if him and again a nod to Oscar and wife on this as they are both (along with Sheriff Gillespie) responsible in advocating rebuilding Metro.

  6. Rick, I'm in Norway. Jet lagged out of my skin trying to decide without looking outside whether it's 3am or 3pm. And I think to myself…that's kind of how it was in 1999

  7. I'm a bit late but I shall go and crack open the Bollinger and celebrate! I wonder if I can get one of these from Boris Johnson….

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