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Space Force Uniforms

In reply to Mike_C – As near as I can tell from the finished product, the design was lifted from a combination of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. I don’t know whether the obedience mask will remain or if it will be replaced by the black Nazi-looking Darth Vader helmet. I’d go full Vader if I was the designer because it’s a box office success.

The question of whether the paunchy general would look good in that or not hasn’t come up in public forums. Some say that the uniform is slimming, but not if you’re built with the Jabba-the-Hut middle-age spread. Maybe he’ll just keep the loose-fitting camouflage uniform to hide that extra fifty pounds of pot roast?

Space Force troops are called Guardians of the Galaxy, but I have yet to see the popular Science Fiction film franchise based on Marvel Comics feature these uniforms. Even the ravagers look better IMHO.

Galactic Guardian

I would have opted for the skin-tight Star Trek 7 of 9 outfits for those who self-identify as women, but nobody asked me. It would be tough to carry off with a jelly-roll around the middle, and the USSF is relaxing fitness requirements so maybe it wouldn’t work.

Jeri Ryan (7 of 9) below, models the evening wear uniform that the US Space Force should consider for those formal events.

You shouldn’t need to ask, Mike_C.

Of course, it could be worn by all 31 genders of guardians of the galaxy. The trannies could display their politically correct bolt-ons better with the evening uniform. I’d say that the Borg implants could remain optional but I can be swayed in either direction.



Over the last week, Ukraine conducted a counter-offensive that liberated most of Kharkiv Oblast. This map shows NATO and Swedish ISR flight activity from 25th August to 12th September 2022


US Navy Cancels Vax Requirement for SEALs

The Navy along with every other branch of the US military is facing a severe recruitment crisis, with a record low number of Americans eligible to serve.  In particular, far too many potential recruits are unable to meet the physical requirements to complete basic training.  This has led to discussions on lowering standards, but even this would not solve low recruitment numbers for special operations and SEALS, which require highly capable candidates regardless.

An implosion in recruitment may have partially contributed to the Navy’s abandonment of vax restrictions, along with the flood of scientific evidence showing that the vaccines make very little difference in immunity and mortality, especially for young and fit individuals, when compared to natural immunity.  Numerous studies show superior immunity among unvaxxed people that have already had covid.

The US government continues to refuse to acknowledge natural immunity as an acceptable status for the military or federal employees, though their attempts to enforce proof of vaccination (vaccine passports) have all but failed anyway.


Bullet Points

* “The best swordsman does not fear the second best. He fears the worst since there’s no telling what that idiot is going to do.”  – Mark Twain

* BRM discusses the pending railroad strike in the US. There are links there to Old NFO’s blog where he has been discussing it as well.

22 thoughts on “Thursday’s Muse

  1. Mark Twain was right. Not being able to afford a good sword I would have to resort to using one made by Mr Colt.

  2. Twain – My ‘in-between’ paraphrase: “I may not have all the skills but I’m pissed, and I’m no idiot.”

    If the FBI decides to interrupt my Drive-Thru experience and my fries go cold, there will be hell to pay. Pro-Tip: Order the super-size, might take a while to get through their stupidity and there’s no sense going hungry.

    1. Chomp on your burger while the FBI is talking to you. Ask one of the agents if they’d mind running in and getting you a catsup packet and some salt.

      1. We all retire one way or another.

        “Then out spake brave Horatius,
        The Captain of the gate:
        ‘To every man upon this earth
        Death cometh soon or late.
        And how can man die better
        Than facing fearful odds,
        For the ashes of his fathers,
        And the temples of his Gods.” – Macaulay

  3. I commented on uniforms in the military before, particularly the AF, so my beliefs should be pretty plain by now but good grief that dress uniform sucks.

    LL I would agree with you regarding 7 of 9 if everyone in the Space Force looked like Jeri Ryan did but they don’t and there is not enough eye bleach in the world to clear our vision. Once you see you cannot unsee.

    Hopefully the Ukraine offensive will continue and they won’t over extend their supply lines. I don’t have a dog in this fight but once it ends the powers that be will have to find other excuses for the billions we are sending Ukraine that is identified as “munitions” sure we are sending them some but I don’t think the majority of the funding i really going to missiles and bullets.

    At least the Navy in their Spec Ops has a little common sense.

    Back 50 some odd years ago, good God that is a big number, my sister used to regularly kick my ass while fencing (I was in high school and it was one of her classes so she had to practice) and while practicing used me as a practice dummy. I believe that she got even for every slight I may have given her. In any case I would agree with Fredrick and say I would be accompanied by, in my case, Mr. Ruger.

    1. It is an ugly uniform, but it would work for the band and might play well when the inner city people go back to the ghetto on leave.

  4. I guess somebody decided they still wanted to have some SEALS.

    The Obedience Mask is good, since if you combine it with some sort of hat, it looks exactly like a hijab.


    1. There isn’t much reason to stay in the Teams once you finish training evolutions. You get your Budweiser after a year. They offer reenlistment bonuses, but you can make many times that much in your first year. And on the outside you don’t have to pretend to be a democrat to satisfy your political officer.

  5. I was surprised Trump was talked into creating the Space Force. Then again, he was the force behind the USFL. It does create many new general officer billets.

  6. That uniform looks suspiciously like the one found in illustrations of the ‘Royal Manticore Navy from the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.

    It’s snazzy looking on the right person, but much better would be basically traditional USAF-cut uniforms in ‘Space Force’ colors.

    1. Is it RMN? Depends. Will USSF headgear be berets?

      And what’s with the sleeve? Is that ring purely decorative? The model is Lt Col Gonzales. An O5 has a single silver ring?

      PS, *anything* looks good on a good-looking person. Them’s the rules. (The trick is to design a uniform that looks good on the average person.)

      1. The Germans had spiffy uniforms in WW2.

        Berets are all the rage. I liked the leopard skin berets in Wag the Dog…

  7. Oh, yeah, forgot to say, the USAF triangle thingie was around in the 50’s and early 60’s, long before “Star Trek.” So using it for the Space Force works for me. Now bring back the “Missileer” badge, too.

    1. Ok, but the Star Trek franchise made them famous and when you see them, you think of Kirk and Spock. Now, if they’d go for the surgically altered pointy ears in the Space Force, I’d be all over that.

      1. When I see them I think of my Dad, who wore those badges (or the officer versions) along with several other officers that I looked up to as a kid. Star Trek? Eh, it’s otay, but…

  8. I saw the SEAL thing. Forgive my geostrat analysis but Covid, what an utter, total crock. The troops at Ft. Hood are still suffering. Gyms dfacs shut down, at least they don’t have to wear the stoopid masks.

    Wow, what a couple of years.

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