Federal Employees

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The United States Government employs about 2 million people at an average salary with benefits of $120,000.00/year (source Investor’s Business Daily). Many of those workers are necessary. Many are not. Government salaries do NOT stimulate the economy in the same sense that private employees do because they require the private employees to support them through their tax “donations”. Clinton, Bush, Obama: Each increased the size of government. It’s hard to be Imperial without a really big entourage.

If Dear Leader (Obama) was given his way, he’d expand the government payroll exponentially. He wanted to create a civilian defense force, as large and as well funded as the US Military, he wants all healthcare under the federal umbrella, he wants his operatives and community organizers to fan out across the land. 2 million would become 4 million very quickly with no matching/offsetting source of revenue to pay for it. (we’d borrow the money to pay for the storm troopers and petty community spies)
The debt and deficit are unsustainable.
Social Security and Medicare will collapse if they are not infused with vast sums of public money (more taxes).
The Cap and Trade Bill and Healthcare Bills would create massive new bureaucracies if passed and at the same time would reduce the private money available through draconian taxation.
Where does it end? Where is our ObamaNation heading?
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