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Federal law requires that federal employees use federal e-mail services while they are working and while they are representing the US Government. Hillary did not. She used a commercial service.
Federal law requires this to allow the government to control the content of all e-mails these employees send because the government wants to be able to monitor their communications and take the appropriate action in the event of some violation of personnel policy. 
The government wants to be able to archive official e-mail communications so they can be produced in response to things like FIOA requests or Congressional subpoenas. Hillary’s use of a private e-mail even for official communications and communications with other employees violated this law and frustrated these purposes.  More here.
Clinton destroyed a great many e-mails that should have been available for Congressional investigation and would have been if she had followed the law. And she’s saying, “At this point, what difference does it make?”
From a security perspective, there was none. Her internet service provider had access to every sensitive e-mail that she sent and received. What foreign country owned her Internet Service Company? What foreigners could read and resend her e-mail? I don’t know the answer to those questions, but was Secretary of State Clinton conniving (clearly) or simply guilty of crass stupidity? She’s a lawyer – she tells us that she is a great lawyer –  and she didn’t know that there was a law against using commercial e-mail for official correspondence? Really? What about that video?

We know that she was dead broke because she’s told us that she was. How much money did she bring in through private e-mail solicitation while Secretary of State? We’ll never know because she deleted her e-mail. 

10 thoughts on “Federal E-Mail

  1. The good news, for a price, any number of foreign intelligence agencies can furnish them after Hillary "loses" them.

  2. I wonder what Putin would charge the US Congress to give them access Hillary's e-mail?

  3. "There is no controlling legal authority" – John Kerry.

    She taunts the American public by saying that she has requested the State Department release her emails. The emails she proffered after leaving. What a clown.

  4. You can predict the outcome if you went in and told your boss, "by the way, Joe, I'll be using my own e-mail account from now on."

    However, the Clinton flying circus has run by its own rules since the beginning of the circus itself. This is not atypical. It's like Bill saying, "I didn't have sexual relations with that person" —- and it worked until she brought in the crusty blue dress that she'd been saving. You can also imagine how your boss would have reacted had you done that.

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