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BRM’s analysis of the legal situation is referenced here. Because Peter Grant nailed it, I can’t go much farther. The Democrats feel that they can run this one across the finish line to impeachment but sadly for the rabid hoard, foaming at the mouth, it won’t work. The metrics aren’t there for the lynching that they desire.
They are frantic with the fear that President Donald J. Trump will win the White House and will shift the axis of power in the House of Representatives.
Biden’s lane, considered to be the ‘moderate lane’ that the mainstream Democrats could support has a 14 car pile up in it. Now if you’re a Democrat, you have to support Warren or Sanders, both communists. Sanders was so lazy as a young man that he was thrown out of the commune where he lived. He honeymooned in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and his dream is to make America into Soviet Russia. Warren, wants to tax US corporations into oblivion and have the government take over running them. Those are not appealing to any but the most feckless in our society.
Old NFO opines – Re impeachment, they’ve been throwing shit at the wall hoping it sticks since day one. And the revolving number of ‘reasons’ for impeachment is simply amazing. The ‘fact’ is that he’s living in the Dem’s heads… LOL The only people undermining the American elections are the Dems and their acolytes.

Donald J. Trump lives in their dreams – with a chainsaw and a hockey mask, Old NFO. And every time they have a moment when they think that they have him, he starts that chainsaw and ends up stuffing their lies and conspiracies where the sun doesn’t shine.

Jules – You now have weather like England! How’s that suiting you? What it like being away from a permanent Californian 80 F? I love the crisp Autumn feel. I bet the colours are very pretty in the land beyond the WWM!

The autumn weather at the WWM is nice during the day with a chill at night. It’s not the endless summer of California. Given that, there are people coming up weekend after next to look at creating their version of the WWM, and I’m going to show them around. They want to live in a place of peace amid chaos, where they can be left alone. They’re Greeks (from Greece) and they are of the opinion that they can also raise sheep here in this area (cougar food). Cows do ok, but sheep — maybe not. However they have sworn to cook authentic Greek food (like you eat in the Athens Placa) and invite me over. So in a way they are buying my love. I had travel plans but may re-arrange them for the sake of these people who are seeking freedom.

WSF – Good you will soon be able to travel again.

Yes, thank you. I’m much improved.

Camperfixer“Some cynics believe that the President set up the donkeys with this story for the express purpose of re-igniting the Biden Ukraine and China scandals.”
Now that’s an angle I hadn’t considered

The Biden/Ukraine/China connection has been out there in the public with Slow Joe chatting about it. Pulling Ukrainian President Zelensky into the mix with a whistle blower forced the corrupt, sly, smug, filthy mainstream media into a feeding frenzy and then Trump reversed it. The choreography is just too good to be an accident. The optics too solid. The Squad, etc. launched into their impeachment in a type of circular firing squad, with Trump on the sidelines.

“The Squad has only one job. To insure the reelection of Donald J. Trump in 2020.”
Never thought the insanity of those four America hater crazies might be strategic from day one as you suggest.

No, I don’t think that the Squad is on the Trump Train. They are a force that is destroying the donkeys from within, but I think that’s working toward the re-election of President Trump.

Jim – As Kle pointed out, all this impeachment business keeps them from passing really crappy bills. God help us if they regain the senate and white house.

Yes, their focus on impeachment has kept them from doing actual harm.

4 thoughts on “Extra Edition (more on impeachment)

  1. Yeah, Bernie got kicked off the commune for stealing food out of peoples' fridges.

    There's a moral in that.

  2. Greek food is wonderful. Some years back I knew a Greek couple who operated a restaurant in Kansas City. I loved their kota riganati. Part of the entertainment was listening to her give him what for in Greek back in the kitchen. I very much enjoyed knowing them. Sadly both they and the restaurant are gone now.

  3. Dershowitz asks "What law did he break?" In an interview with Mitch Albom."Presidents discuss political opponents with Foreign leaders all the time"

    Says it all. Of course, Dersh will need to watch his back even more now. After all, voices of reason are not allowed in the Demoncratic party anymore.

  4. Speaking as someone once very active in the Democrat party, these current actors seemingly forget people have a choice on whether or not to sit in the "big tent". Likewise the Never Trump GOPes don't want the deplorabels in "their" country clubs.

    That leaves the populist mobs no choice but to pack arenas to hear their President speak. Let us hope they will also pack the polling places when the time comes.

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