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Unfriending people in the Middle Ages was different than it is today.



Now for your sermonette…do you feel lucky, punk?

Sometimes feeling lucky is different than being lucky.

And sometimes you just gots to know.

Those movies were made forty years ago when you could portray things in a more realistic light. Coffee for a dollar? That’s back when San Francisco had a police department (sorta) How times have changed.

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Stereotypical sermonette comment… here for your reference only.



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Identify the Aircraft

27 thoughts on “Sermonette

  1. Nothing beats old fashioned messages sometimes.

    My family motto translates from Scottish Gaelic to “Never Forget Never Forgive”

    If my Highland Scot / Norwegian grandfather (later Australian) unfriended you it was a minimum of a large fist to the face. He was 6’3”.

  2. Our dogs are in the house, the barn cats are not…wouldn’t want them to get any more full of themselves.

    Clint is 93 (now I feel older)…was of the era of sticks and stones…. Saw a picture of him pumping his own gas so likely doesn’t give a whole lot of thought to the words can hurt me crop of punks and ninny’s and selfish identifiers making noise these days. Right turn Clyde.

    California all Catholic- Hmm, The Church and congregants need some serious self-reflection if that’s the result. Pro Tip: Start with Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians, which are sort of a velvet hammer approach to help get on track.

    1. Paul, back in 73 0r 74 when my dad was transferred to San Jose, he was an AF officer overseeing AF defense contracts at a couple of companies. I worked for a Shell gas station pumping gas off of 101 and Capital Expressway. Early one Sunday Mr. Eastwood pulled in for gas and as I pumped(full service), wash windows, etc… he got out, sat on his fender chatting me up, asked for my name and what I was doing in life sort of question, me a peon and was genuinely interested in me. I knew who he was as I was a fan of his already. As I was handing back old style credit card receipt I told him I enjoyed his movies and his acting in the TV series he had been in. He asked if I wanted a autograph and I quipped, no, I already at it and it was enough for me, I don’t get stupid and googly over a star… He came in two more times in the proceeding couple of months with the last time he had George Kennedy with him and they both got out and sat talking with me on a very slow Sunday morning for about an hour. A good, grounded man.

      1. Epic anecdote. Real people, famous or not (fame being an illusion), don’t take themselves too seriously.

        1. When he was mayor of Carmel, CA, he would hang out at the Hogsbreath (restaurant, not the infamous blogger). I saw him there a couple of times circa 85-6 and chatted briefly. I came away thinking that it hadn’t gone to his head.

  3. The Dirty Harry series has to be one of the best of all time! Inspector Callahan’s one liners, killer instinct, no filter and general disgust towards everyone he comes into contact with makes him an icon. If today’s generation watched those movies it would probably revolt them and send them straight into DEI meltdowns.
    “When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher knife, you know he’s not out collecting for the Red Cross.” -Dirty Harry
    Psalm 107:21-22
    Psalm 119:105

    -STA lethal gents

    1. “When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher knife, you know he’s not out collecting for the Red Cross.” -Dirty Harry

      “Man is such a pejorative term today now that men can bear children.”

  4. I first saw ‘Dirty Harry’ in the post theater while stationed in West Germany. I had been living at my Dad’s place in the Oakland hills. The panoramic camera shots from the top of the B of A building made me homesick for a few moments. San Fran could use a full line company full of Dirty Harrys’ about now, starting with City Hall.

  5. Housekeeping: I’m having some problems with this blog’s software. If it throws you to moderation, I can’t take it off for the moment.

    1. Just the Ghost In The Machine acting up…upload an AI generated apology for being Not-Woke, that should fix it.

  6. Life in the middle ages as seen in the painting is a long ways from today.. but sadly, not really that far from us today.
    Our society had gone to great lengths to prevent that from being the normal here with the huge support of property rights but I see that fading away with the cities that allow anarchy.
    When the age old rule of “if you can keep it, it’s yours” is allowed to be the rule of the land we will be back in the time of that painting.

    That pond in the first Dirty Harry clip is long gone, it’s a shopping area now.

  7. On the religion map, what flavor is indicated by the light purple color? It’s not in the key.

    Look at the central two figures in the Middle Ages battle: armored soldier with axe vs. old cleric with ceremonial staff. No contest. Now for today, picture the soldier with an AR and the cleric with an AR. Mutually Assured Destruction produces peace and private property.

    1. That’s an illustration from the attack on Lindesfarne, I believe.

      So much for pacifism.

      Of course, the reason Lindesfarn and the other great Irish monastic villages were located on the coast was that the whole country was busy killing the whole country and raiding churches and such. So the coastal and isolated monasteries were placed in locations hard to get to by warring clans and such. Making them ripe for attacks from the sea.

      As Jesus (son of God, not illegal immigrant from Mexico) said, “If you have a cloak and not a sword, sell the cloak and buy a sword.”

  8. I read the other day that when Eastwood was in the Army he begged a ride with an air force pilot from Northern California to southern. He was in some tiny compartment in the back of a small plane , outer door came open so no oxygen , he would have died , except the plain ran out of gas and crashed into the ocean. They were about 5 miles offshore , they had a rafts but Clint lost his and had to swim in. He was a tough dude.
    Many more details , that’s the Clift Notes version.

  9. Ah yes, Dirty Harry… And the Dornier Do-217 is actually a night fighter variant with the Lichtenstein B/C radar antennas.

  10. The other thing that dates the “too much sugar” scene is that that’s a “large” coffee. These days that’s a small (if that).

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