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This will have to pass for your Sunday Sermonette.

The Muslims and Evangelical Christians are saying, “Don’t go to see the movie, Noah.” So I went to the theater armed. I’m usually armed, but I slid two spare magazines of Hornady .45 ACP +P in my pocket just in case some whack job decided to take out the viewers. I survived without having to suppress one or more of the faithful.

I like Russell Crowe as an actor and think that the movie was interesting as an eco-revisionist, post modernistic, sci-fi piece — blended with USC film school writing and beat plotting. I can’t say that it’s based on anything in the Bible. It’s more of a Gligamesh of Uruk** story than it is what you’d consider a traditional Biblical theme. There is no actual communication between God and Noah, which is in keeping with a Hollywood production that can’t be religious. I liked the giant rock people/angels who pitched in to help Noah build the ark, and slaughtered the standard wicked humans who decide they want a ride on the boat. While not mentioned in the Bible, it does lend a sense of drama to the whole epoch. The stow-away on the ark (spoiler) is interesting and lends more drama to the story, which holds its own drama even if one follows the Biblical account faithfully.  
SUMMARY: There was global warming (pre-internal combustion engine, which is confusing), an homage to homosexuality, science fiction style rock angel aliens, no mention of God per se — wait for the Academy Award.
Bill Cosby’s take on it is more Biblical than the Noah movie now in theaters:
**Gilgamesh, King of Uruk (modern Iraq), was the last king of Sumeria and at one point, he journeyed to visit Utnapishtim (Noah), who survived a great flood. Noah, the sage, was reputed to be Gilgamesh’s great-great-great grandfather, who told him the story of the flood, the ark, etc.

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  1. Let me see, rock monsters, Methuselah being a mistic and magician, magical seeds that grow fountains, built an ark with no trees or grass around, Methuselah living in a forrest yet Noah lives in a wastland, magical snake skins, and Noah having to kill his family. Yep, sound like the story I read in the Bible… NOT!

  2. This is the Hollywood Sci-fi Noah. The eco-revisionist, post modern Noah. This is not your Sunday School Noah.

  3. Cosby is, and always was, a great comedian. Saw him in '62 (maybe early '63) in the Village in N.Y.

  4. I've been told to NOT go see more movies in the last few years… Think I'll miss this one too.

  5. Friends, thing is they all like feel good movies, and I like a lot of different things. Really want to see Lone Survivor, friends all said oh no, too bloody, too real, how can you go watch something like that when the Corpsman is down range. Hello, it's not that I like that kind of thing, it's that I try to live in the real world… so I'm going by myself.

  6. Sigh… Once again the Good Book has been taken totally out of context, but considering Hollyweird… No great surprise…

  7. The Hollywood crowd supports obama/biden. Anyone with such twisted values is bound to create an eco-crisis/sci-fi/agnostic Noah.

  8. He's an entertaining guy – and while I don't think that I'd enjoy meeting and speaking with him in person…he is funny.

  9. I saw it. I liked it. I was ready for the "artistic license"…but not THAT MUCH. I'm 50/50 I guess. Wanted to see it again, but that the same time fix what I thought was wrong.

    Funny thing, one incident in one theater, and we all bring a spare magazine. I did the same, figuring somebody might not take kindly to Hollywood changing the story…

  10. Better to be able to suppress the fire from a crazy than to end up as a victim with somebody clucking their tongue about how, "he should have been able to defend himself and the other poor mooches in the theater who weren't armed."

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