Does the outrageous conduct of the regime in power in Washington DC ever end? It clearly hasn’t for the last year and a half.

The House Committee on Education and Labor is prepared to send the  Employment Non-Discrimination Act  (ENDA) to full committee markup as early as next week.
ENDA will make “gender identity” a protected minority. States, local governments and businesses with more than 15 employees will be forced to recognize it as such. Translation: ENDA will force businesses and schools to accommodate cross-dressers, drag queens and transsexuals in hiring, promotion, restroom and shower use. In one week, barack hussein obama, Nancy Pelosi, and their Congressional allies could force cross-dressing teachers on every school district in America.
Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), a homosexual, is openly admitting that under ENDA, a man who dresses in women’s clothing could legally get naked in front little girls in restrooms and shower facilities.

Frank claims to have worked out improvements with “the transgender community.” In his own words:

Essentially, there are full protections for people who are transgender with a couple of provisos: One – the employer can ask for a gender consistent dress code. No mustaches and dresses. Two – people with one set of genitals do not have a legal right to get naked in front of the other set, is the basic way to put it. Some accommodation has to be made there. If you insist on the right for unrestricted access to bathrooms – we lose. And we’re making some accommodations here. And we worked it out with the transgender community.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act should have never been seriously considered in the first place. There are already laws on the books regarding hostile work environments, etc. that protect gay and lesbian people. This law is designed to force transsexuality and cross-dressing down the throats of Americans and it’s simply WRONG.

Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco where cross-dressing and transgender identity is one of those things that is open and accepted. I understand this. In fairness to Ms. Pelosi, maybe she’s simply representing her constituents. 
However, it’s not what AMERICA wants. And it’s not fair to those of us who are not transgender/gender-confused (I’m trying to be polite). We don’t want their livestyle and dress choices shoved down our throats by the Federal Government.