Today in History – December 15, 1862

The Battle of Fredericksburg ends.

Ambrose Burnside, one of the worst commanders in American history, launched an attack against Lee’s position across the Rappahannock River at Fredericksburg on December 11; the first step to breaking through on the road to Richmond.

Muddled thinking and unclear orders, combined with an over-cautious execution, lead to disaster as the numerically superior Union forces dash themselves against Confederate positions dug-in on higher ground. A sound defeat for the Union, Fredericksburg has the distinction of seeing more troops engaged (almost 200,000) than at any battle of the war.

Burnside would soon be replaced by Hooker, who would develop his own plan for crossing the river and driving on Richmond; leading to the Chancellorsville Campaign.


Those Loveable Aztecs

Everyone knows the indigenous American tribes were loving, compassionate and lived as one with the earth and their gods. Europeans brought in evil, especially President Trump’s ancestors! …more here


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  1. We have a statue of Ambrose on a horse here in Providence, in a park with his name. He was a local boy, after all. Rhode Island is also responsible for Esek Hopkins, the 1st C-in-C of the Continental Navy, also pretty incompetent. Though he did okay at Nassau. Only schools and parks named for him, AFAIK.


    P.S. – human physical variation holds many wonders. Damn.

  2. Had one of the Daisy #7 b-b guns with the wood butt stock as a kid and it was a great little shooter.

    Recently bought one of the adult sized Red Ryder b-b guns. Turkeys from the local flocks come into the back yard and crap on Mrs.’s patio and she doesn’t like that, so they get peppered from time to time. Not enough power to do any damage but great fun, pop one and it takes off flying, highly recommended mental therapy considering THE GREAT STEAL with which we have had to contend.

    • I have a pellet gun that serves the same purpose. If critters annoy me, I can sit on the deck and get their attention without hurting them. The deck is 24′ above ground level.

      • I have used shot capsules in the 44 to run off moose before they busted the fence or were hang around where I had to walk in winter. Hit the rump at about twenty yards and they say “uff” and leave without un due injury.

      • My adopted nephew the jarhead has some kinda full-auto air-soft something or other that launches 6mm plastic b-b’s at a hella good clip. I have a theory one of those might be even more fun. Some testing to prove or disprove is in order, in the interests of science. He needs to be reminded that Christmas is coming and, as his self-appointed favorite adopted uncle, certain tribute is due.

        • I don’t have nephews from whom I might reasonable extract “tribute”. One is in dental school and he’s broke… And the grandsons are still too young. It’s just poor planning on my part.

    • Fredd could have met his demise at Aunt Sally’s. I haven’t heard from him since the fraudulent election of Jo and Ho.

      The Aztec meal was a forerunner of the Atkins diet

  3. What’s not to love about a culture that cuts out the hearts of its victims. They’re just being close to nature.

  4. Having seen the Burnside Bridge at Antietam, I firmly believe that the fact that he eventually got live soldiers across it explains everything he did at Fredericksburg.

    • Ego and Lincoln required that he face the enemy there, where everything favored Lee. I’ve walked both the battlefield at Sharpsburg and Fredericksburg. Both were bloody slaughters. Revolutionary war tactics with weapons from 100 years later. Charges across open ground into canister (Pickett at Gettysburg). It’s not something that you’re likely survive. And in Fredericksburg it was a funnel into ranged artillery and musketry. Brutal.

  5. Maybe time to “check out” and stay under the proverbial radar. Jan 6th is the real deal date, suspect all this has been theater and Trump Team has something up it’s sleeve.

    Aztecs: How close is our culture to doing the same? What happened yesterday – with a brandee newwee fawning media [cough] that has switched gears overnight, the figurative “cutting out the hearts” of 74 million real Americans to being implored to now “unite”[cough]. They must believe we are idiots. [cough] If it wasn’t so [cough cough] tragic [cough] it’d be [cough] almost funny. [cough] Today, the basement dweller tapped another lightweight, Petee B., for Dept. of Transportation. My guess is the overarching deal for most Democrat primary “rivals” is they will get primo cabinet positions with fat off-shore accounts…gratis.

    Started reading John Ross’s “Unintended Consequences”, lot’s of historic weaponry descriptions and progression surrounding fictional/historical vignettes. Very good read, yet projecting forward, scary at the same time as government has gotten a lot better at their seditious craft of undermining the Constituion. We will see what happens Jan 21st…suspect Ol’ Joe the Creep Cheat won’t last thru April assuming he even makes it until then.

    • I see Joe making it through late spring before they ice the old fool. We need a dead pool. I may post something up and people can prognosticate. Don’t sell him a big life insurance policy. The rune stick don’t favor a long(er) life for the creepy, corrupt, politician.

          • Bananas are great with peanut butter, republic dictatorships, not so much as PB would be black market only once the Marxists take hold.

            Castle Rock (CO) is in defiance of the Govn’r’s edict of outside eating only (it’s 24 degrees). A local business owner is paying for anyone’s lunch that shows up (paying it forward) at a restaurant selected for that day. They then head over to the Health Department (he calls them the Stealth Dept), play music and eat their lunches. Doing this all week. The guy says people have been so conditioned that they have actually forgotten what ‘normal” is. All this inside of 10 months. Bananas.

  6. Got to watch as a number of Amerinds tortured an animal to death.
    For some reason, I suspect such activity will never make the headlines.

    • A dapper gentleman who was not suited for his role as general. He was a convivial toastmaster in Washington Social Circles and at the Willard Hotel, but warriors tore his troops to pieces in the field because he was a fool.

      In truth it took Grant, newly back from Vicksburg, who was willing to take staggering losses. But the truth was that the Union could afford to lose them and the South could not.

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