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Word has gone out that death threats* are being issued to bloggers who oppose foreign aid to Pakistan. I hadn’t thought to post this and thought that my last blog post was sufficient – but apparently it’s not because Pakistanis are not lining up to kill me the way that they are for other bloggers. This is an insult that I hope to rectify with this blog post.  

*It is possible that an enterprising Indian is sending out these death threats. If you’re a Pakistani and you’re calling for my demise, please put your city and your home address on your death threat so that I can vet them. I’d hate for Indians to get credit when you, a real Pakistani plan to send me off to collect my seventy virgins. –Thank You, Virtual Mirage Management 

I get it. You’re a Pakistani and you thought a lot of Osama Bin Laden (OBL). You’re mad that the US took out a guy you worked very hard to protect. I feel your pain. You on the other hand must agree that the billions of dollars that the United States pours into your nation which funds the national military, which at the very least tacitly protected OBL, should stop.
Pakistanis burning an American flag, one year ago.
Yes, I get it. If we don’t keep feeding Pakistan, they’ll slide from being a third world nation to fourth world nation status and will become a haven for terrorists….except that we’re there now. I can’t recall any Americans burning Pakistani flags. Am I the only one that finds this interesting? However, we do send you (Pakistanis who will be calling for my death soon) billions of dollars. — AND you don’t burn the money. You spend it.
Now (hopefully) you won’t have to worry about the moral imperative to burn the money we send anymore.

15 thoughts on “Eliminate Foreign Aid to Pakistan

  1. Take the money intended for Pakistan and at the last minute yank it back. Then make a big show of giving it to India instead.

    That would be fun to watch.

  2. innominatus – That's a great idea. Maybe we can simply gift them some aircraft to shoot down Pakistani aircraft or a better grade of torpedo to turn the Pak Navy into artificial reefs?

  3. My Pakistani troll commented his hate on my post that announced bin Laden's death. I responded to his first comment, so I guess that was my first mistake, then he came back 2 more times. He hasn't hit my post that questions our funding of Pakistan. I've banned him because I don't want to see his hateful remarks. I wrote a post about it, but I am hesitating on publishing it. It may attract more idiots like him, but I'm still considering it.

  4. Of course, our money is worth less and less every day now…

    So maybe if we're patient enough and give Obama a 2nd term to work more of his magic, we'll effectively be giving them nothing but worthless paper anyway.

  5. Warning to Pakistanis:

    Americans are often hard targets. It's that pesky right to bear arms, one of our God-given rights as explained by the second amendment to our Constitution.

    And we're onto you now. Your promotion of islamo-fascism against peaceful neighbors is no longer going unnoticed. I suggest you all behave yourselves.

  6. Opus – I frankly could care less about Pakistan at the moment.

    Paladin – Yes, maybe Obama will be sending them US Currency wallpaper/toiler paper if we give him another four years.

    WoFat – They don't even love us when we send them billions of dollars a year to help ease their grinding poverty.

    TCL – I'm trying to take the heat for you over here.

  7. Thanks, LL. Would you like me to send Akbar over to your place?

  8. Pakistan isn't even a traditional nation, it was cobbled together when India achieved independence from Britain after WWII. You never hear about great advances in humanity emerging from Pakistan in 1670, do you?

    Nobody likes them, and Paki's generally smell bad. This is so blind folks can avoid them.

    Let's get the nukes away from Paahkeestahn and properly isolate these nice people away from the civilized countries.

  9. I'm at a loss to even understand why we are sening money to them now anyway. It was and IS NOW abundantly clear that they harbored and aided OBL. I not only want the money STOPPED, but I want a refund

  10. Barco hit it right – the Pak's can't get along with ANYBODY, because they are nobody. I know great people from Pakistan…that live in the United States, and they know why they left.

    We could take those billions, and burn them in the streets – get some greenbacks out of circulation.

  11. M – I'm not sure that Pakistan would be able to give us a refund. Their economy is 47th in the world. (If California was an independent nation, it would be 6th in the world). They are the second largest exporter of buffalo milk in the world. They could always refuse to sell us water buffalo milk as a punishment. Their largest export is foreign workers who send money home. A lot of good people have left Pakistan because the place is a dump. Unfortunately terrorism seems to be a cottage industry there. We need to discourage it — economically.

  12. It frustrating to watch us give so much to nations that are not our friends.

  13. Trestin – Foreign aid is an important ingredient of statecraft, however there are times and places where we've worn out our welcome. Pakistan would seem to be one of those. I'm not saying that they can't win us back — but it would take considerable effort on their part. There is word out that they will make OBL's wives (which don't include Michelle Obama) available for interview. It's something that we need to watch.

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