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In Argentina

Yesterday’s election made everyone on the Internet an expert on Argentinian politics. The divide is between conservatives, who believe Patti LuPone gave the best performance of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, and liberals, who swear by Madonna.

WaPo reported, “A radical libertarian and admirer of Donald Trump rode a wave of voter rage to win Argentina’s presidency on Sunday, crushing the political establishment and bringing the sharpest turn to the right in four decades of democracy in the country.

“Javier Milei, a 53-year-old far-right economist and former television pundit with no governing experience, claimed nearly 56% of the vote in a stunning upset over Sergio Massa, the center-left economy minister who has struggled to resolve the country’s worst economic crisis in two decades. Even before the official results had been announced Sunday night, Massa acknowledged defeat and congratulated Milei on his win.

“Trump also congratulated Milei. ‘I am very proud of you,’ President Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform. ‘You will turn your Country around and Make Argentina Great Again!'”

I don’t recall Argentina being great before. The last gasp of Empire led to the UK proudly defeating their fourth-rate military in the Falklands, for those of you who recall. 140% inflation this year continued to destroy the economy. The voters must have figured that Javier Milei couldn’t screw things up more than they are in Argentina. We’ll see how he does. He seems to have the right stuff. He told an interviewer, “We do not make pacts with Communists. I would not promote relations with Communists, whether it’s Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Nicaragua, or China.

This begs whether he’d want anything to do with Pedo Joe’s regime…


From Eddie Peters

One crisp winter morning in Sweden, a cute little girl named Greta woke up to a perfect world where no petroleum products were ruining the earth. She tossed aside her cotton sheet and wool blanket and stepped onto a dirt floor covered with willow bark pulverized with rocks. “What’s this?” she asked.

“Pulverized willow bark,” replied her fairy godmother.

“What happened to the carpet?” she asked.

“The carpet was nylon, which is made from butadiene and hydrogen cyanide, both made from petroleum,” came the response.

Greta smiled, acknowledging that adjustments are necessary to save the planet, and moved to the sink to brush her teeth, where instead of a toothbrush, she found a willow, mangled on one end to expose wood fiber bristles.

“Your old toothbrush?” noted her godmother, “Also nylon.”

“Where’s the water?” asked Greta.

“Down the road in the canal,” replied her godmother, ‘Just make sure you avoid water with cholera in it”

“Why’s there no running water?” Greta asked, becoming a little peevish.

“Well,” said her godmother, who happened to teach engineering at MIT, “Where do we begin?” There followed a long monologue about how sink valves need elastomer seats, how copper pipes contain copper, which has to be mined, and how it’s impossible to make all-electric earth-moving equipment with no gear lubrication or tires and how ore has to be smelted to a make metal, and that’s tough to do with only electricity as a source of heat. Even if you use only electricity, the wires need insulation, which is petroleum-based. Though most of Sweden’s energy is produced in an environmentally friendly way because of hydro and nuclear, if you do a mass and energy balance around the whole system, you still need lots of petroleum products like lubricants and nylon and rubber for tires and asphalt for filling potholes and wax and iPhone plastic and elastic to hold your underwear up while operating a copper smelting furnace and . . .

“What’s for breakfast?” interjected Greta, whose head was hurting.

“Fresh, range-fed chicken eggs,” replied her godmother. “Raw.”

“How so, raw?” inquired Greta.

“Well, . . .” Once again, Greta was told about the need for petroleum products like transformer oil and scores of petroleum products essential for producing metals for frying pans. In the end was educated about how you can’t have a petroleum-free world and then cook eggs. Unless you rip your front fence up and start a fire, and carefully cook your egg in an orange peel like you do in Boy Scouts. Not that you can find oranges in Sweden anymore.

“But I want poached eggs like my Aunt Tilda makes,” lamented Greta.

“Tilda died this morning,” the godmother explained. “Bacterial pneumonia.”

“What?!” interjected Greta. “No one dies of bacterial pneumonia! We have penicillin.”

“Not anymore,” explained Godmother. “The production of penicillin requires chemical extraction using isobutyl acetate, which is petroleum-based if you know your organic chemistry. Lots of people are dying, which is problematic because there’s not any easy way of disposing of the bodies since backhoes need hydraulic oil and crematoriums can’t really burn many bodies using as fuel Swedish fences and furniture, which are rapidly disappearing – being used on the black market for roasting eggs and staying warm.”

This represents only a fraction of Greta’s day, a day without microphones to exclaim into. A day without much food and without carbon-fiber boats to sail in, but a day that will save the planet.

Tune in tomorrow when Greta needs a root canal and learns how Novocain is synthesized.


Identify the Aircraft



These are only diagrams for a proposed aircraft – but can you identify this US STOL?

The aircraft, originally conceived as a seaplane (as I understand it), was redesigned as a FAC STOL. I think that this company left the US warplane business after this failure to contract.


No, it’s not a modified Pilatus Porter


50 thoughts on “Don’t Cry (Blog Supplemental)

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Lockheed CL-760
    2. Goodyear GA-39
    3. Helio AU-24 Stallion
    4. NASA-operated North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco

    1. Help me out here Mike, I never could find any publication or news on the results of the 2020 prez recount in Arizona.
      Can anyone provide a link to a credible article I could read?

      1. I wish I could point you to such an account.
        But I can’t.

        There are times when I think that I’ve become a paranoid nutcase because I’ve grown to have zero trust in SO many institutions: the press, federal government, the medical profession (and I am one, so to speak); the list goes on. (If I had the slightest religious inclination, which I don’t, I’d probably have lost trust in the higher levels of nearly every branch of Churchianity as well.) That’s spiritually taxing, though I have the feeling that many of us are at this point.

        The next step is noticing patterns. This bothers and frightens a lot of people because of where it leads to. Newsmedia, leftist politics, leftist lawfare, progressive academia, woke popular culture, medicine and Big Pharma, Big Finance and banksterism. Disturbing, isn’t it? Scary disturbing because it goes against AT LEAST 70 years of concentrated and concerted propaganda. On the positive side, even the malign forces that be have largely given up on suppressing Noticing about the wildly disproportionate “over representation” of negroes in violent crime (especially stupid violent crime) because it’s just too obvious.

        The next next step? I don’t know.

        1. Right there with you Mike…altho I don’t think I’m paranoid, but certainly have employed a Higher Yellow Alert level when out and about coupled to a healthy [maybe even more cynical] skepticism for discernment of what’s real and what’s a lie (including keeping the mental list of those doing the lying)…something I never had to do this frequently 10 years ago.

          But the shift is warranted…everything we have suspected as being “wrong” has turned out to be correct, all the while thinking [being told] we’re the nuts. Vindication of suspicions clears the head.

          1. I want Trump to regain the Oval Office if nothing more than to watch heads explode. (Yeah, not exactly Christian, but the crazies did bring it on themselves. Besides, some righteous “smiting” is good ol’ fashioned Old Testament for subversives and evil-doers.)

  2. From Eddie Peters. I did like the part of that where Greta no longer has a microphone and the entire article is a good synopsis of what benefits petroleum gives. If we as a civilization continue to progress technologically there may be a day where we would not have to burn petro products because they are too valuable as feed stocks to make….well darn near everything but that day is in the far future. Need a vehicle power sources much better than batteries are today.

    Lockheed CL-760. First let me state again that Surly (and the others on this site that are good at identifying aircraft) are simply amazing. How does that plane even fly?

    1. These types are so deranged they have no concept of the consequences for their Utopian-level demands. Wish I could transport her back to 1850 NYC, in August, and hand her a manure shovel and cart while wearing her wool bloomers.

      Why society listens to these people for more than 3 nanoseconds is beyond me.

    2. Why, the same way the Mighty F-4 Phantom flies. With enough power, you can lift a brick. More power and some aerodynamic surfaces and you can maneuver.

      Just look at the Osprey tilt-rotor. The wing adds lift while the whole shebang is overpowered compared to a conventional aircraft.

      You can make a plane with a long wing and low power motor (powered sailplanes are a good example.) You can make a plane with a short wing and outrageous power (the F-104 comes to mind.) And somewhere in between are your ‘normal’ aircraft.

  3. Interesting the Argentina election was; in-person, paper ballots, with results announced 1-hour after the polls closed.

    Gee, what a concept. We now have computerized election fraud that is stoppable using the above voting protocols but international in origin…and The Bums in DC are behind most of it.

    At one point towards the end she offers how many who know the truth have been off’d…and…”I don’t how long I have before they succeed in getting me.”

    Mack is massively brilliant and a courageous warrior (more than I can say about D’s & R’s)….and this is not her day job.

      1. Tagline comment said she just recently released it, meaning she’s been under attack for two years for what she definitively has uncovered, organized, then presented…which appears to be massively larger than anyone could have known and from many other countries/players than just our own treasonous bums. Another reason TPTB hated Trump, he was good for the world.

  4. To be fair the City of London has been doing a number on Argentina’s finances ever since the affair in the Malvinas.

    1. Attacking a helpless country…yes, they have. What about a hostile threatening area like the Muslim Middle East, particularly Iran and Palestine? Oh, no, Fleet Street wouldn’t dare.

      1. Why on earth would the City of London want to truly suppress either Iran or Hamas? Enemies are essential for propaganda and entirely practical purposes. How much harder would it be to justify “defense” spending in general, and the annual tithe of billions specifically to [redacted] if not for the threats of Those Insane Mullahs and Those Slavering Bestial Palestinians?

  5. Novocain: what a novel notion!
    “Back in the day” a light tap on the noggin with a 5 lb sledgehammer was far more effective; just a post-op headache with almost total amnesia
    particularly when most patients have ssme degree of trypanophobia

    1. Old times in Texas (and the South) are not forgotten, and that vexes the Eastern Coastal Elites.

      1. Amen!

        Mr. Charlie Daniels is gone, and soon, likely Bocephus will be also.
        It hurts my heart, that Gentleman Robert E. Lee is gone and that
        Dixie may not be far behind.

        The state I grew up in, was once proud to call itself- The Heart of Dixie”.
        Now, it seems it is mostly known for “ape” crimes and “near”professional football.

        Even my beloved Yellow Rose (of Texas) is a shell of itself.

        Each day I look up.
        For my Redemption draweth nigh.

        (apologies. i hadn’t intended to venture down this road.)


  6. Happened to be in Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca, Argentina shortly after the Malvinas affair. After taking a cab with an Argentine associate, he asked if I knew who the taxi driver was? I didn’t, so he informed me the guy was a former high ranking air force officer.
    See where the newly elected President is demanding the UK return the Malvinas to Argentina.
    Cletus Valvecore

    1. If there is another invasion I don’t know that the UK is strong enough to hold the islands this time.

      1. On the bright side, the Argies are vastly weaker, too.

        Also, I don’t think the UK has any pride any more, and they’d just ask us to take care of it for them this time.

        – Kle.

  7. Does anyone here have any idea why Eva Peron developed this weird mythology, to the point
    of some dreadful Hollywood movies and Broadway shows?

    It’s like making a musical celebrating, IDK… Mussolini, or Jimmy Hoffa, or something. She was just an infinitely corrupt swindler. At least, AFAICT.

    – Kle.

          1. Heh, wouldn’t be to difficult with that one…altho the Borg assimilates at will, and, apparently those brought into the fold enjoy their captivity so there must be some unseen benefit to the whole deranged mindset.

      1. Veteran anti-Islam populist leader Geert Wilders has won a dramatic victory in the Dutch general election, with almost all votes counted.

        (h/t Claudio) After 25 years in parliament, his Freedom party (PVV) is set to win 37 seats, well ahead of his nearest rival, a left-wing alliance.

        We need to thank Hamas & their Religion of Peace for making this a reality.

        His win has shaken Dutch politics and it will send a shock across Europe too.

          1. We have much to be thankful; sunrises, sunsets, family and friends sharing a Harvest bounty table….Dem wobbly wheels coming off their rusty wagon, a total Hamas eradication…you know, the little things.

            Hoping everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving. In short order we’ll have a few rancher guests and friends at the hovel again this year, our little island of misfit toys gathering for a few hours of God’s Provision and Joy. Well blessed.

    1. I am very happy to hear that Wilders won. That said, let’s Never Forget who have done the most, certainly proportionally, and possibly in absolute terms as well, to facilitate the mass importation of radical Muslims and low-IQ, low impulse control savages, both groups being fundamentally incompatible with Western society. It’s not Muslims and it’s not negroes.

      In related news, one of my people had a meeting with a senior colleague (both of them Muslim). SC clearly gave zero fucks about anything. He called Biden corrupt and unelected. He trash-talked lazy colleagues (“Just because they have a govt job they expect to knock off work at 4pm. I tell them they need to work until at least 5 like any other job. Shameful!”) There was a lot of trash talk, but from what my person told me, it was all on point. Anyway, she was worried. “The office door was open.” I agreed the trash talking co-workers was a bad idea when at work. Nope. She was concerned about “it looks bad when two Muslims criticize the president and the federal govt! I wasn’t even saying anything, but people might think I agreed with him!” Genuine anguish. I laughed. Couldn’t help it. “Really? Biden WAS unelected, and his record of corruption goes back decades. You’re worried about someone saying that? Why are you talking to ME then?” I explained about jokes about tannerite-filled stuffed dogs, love for Lon Horiuchi, you know, the usual stuff. “If anyone is on a list, it’s me and not you. Probably your worst ‘risk factor’ is being friends with me.”

      She was not consoled. “But we’re Muslims.” “Oh bullshit. You people are the third most untouchable group, after you-know-who and sex deviants. Negroes come after Muslims on the sacred victimhood scale. (Even the leftists are sick of the irremediable dysfunction.) The MOST unprotected group are straight, white, Christian males, followed by straight, white, Christian females. And for victimhood purposes, East Asians slot in as white.” She was unconvinced. Victimhood paranoia is an integral part of modern “Western” culture now.

  8. On a more cheerful note, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am grateful for LL and the community he has created through this blog. (Yes, all of you, even the ones who don’t care for me 😉. Truly.) Though much of the current world is shit, there are still so many, many more good people than bad, and the world is full of kindnesses and moments of grace; if only we are open to appreciating them when they happen.

  9. Do people necessarily vote for change or do governments defeat themselves? I think a lot of times people can no longer stand the status quo and may vote for any change.

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