Do you Remember Iraq?

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The US and Coalition Forces invaded Iraq a decade ago to depose Saddam Hussein and bring freedom to the Iraqi people. The American taxpayers spent many hundreds of billions of dollars to make this happen.
There is an ongoing civil war where different factions from the “religion of peace” are fighting to decide which imam will be in charge. Sunni or Shiite?
Friday, July 12: 84 people were killed and 77 wounded in attacks in 12 towns. Most of them were shooting intermixed with a few bombings.
Saturday, July 13: 46 people were killed and 106 were injured in 17 towns. Most of the attacks were bombings, with a few shootings and clashes.
Sunday, July 14:  77 people were killed and 223 injured by bombings and shootings in 18 towns.
All of the incidents above were sectarian. These periodic reports do not include local crimes.
It’s difficult to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Maybe future generations will gain insight from this war, but I doubt it.

7 thoughts on “Do you Remember Iraq?

  1. Sadly I think you're right, and MOST of this is sectarian, Sunni against Shia, against Kurds, against ??? Going back how many years???

  2. They have been fighting each other for thousands and thousands of years. How could anyone think they might stop now.

  3. There were a lot of NeoCons who thought that if we gave them enough soap and Bibles that they'd automatically civilize. Sadly, toothbrushes and deodorant aren't enough.

  4. The world is a dangerous place. I was in favor of stopping Saddam, and then I was in favor of removing him. I can't say that I was in favor of every step, but I also try not to change my vote after the fighting starts.

    In trying to decide what I believe we should do in Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc., Iraq and Afghanistan provide a little clarity. Its funny (not) that Obama and McCain can't see this. They have opposing views, yet they are both wrong. It ain't easy.

  5. If we ever go into the Middle East again we must: enter, destroy, and leave. That will quiet them for awhile until the above is required again.

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