BMW – Long in the Tooth

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2011 – Long in the Tooth
I hate having to replace my car because the lease is coming up – and at the same time I don’t want to buy the old car (above) because there is a point of diminishing returns and even at 3 years and 31K, it’s still damned expensive to buy.  The dealership has called four or five times to get me back through the doors so that they can reload me into another expensive (but infinitely cool) BMW. My dealer is full of suggestions…
Though I have this unrealistic child-like dream that cars should last forever, they simply don’t. However turning in a three year old car that’s immaculate and still smells new seems sinfully wrong.
It’s time to think long and hard on what the new ride needs to be. And how much money do I have to part with to get the handling, comfort and power of my BMW? –Without buying a BMW?
Decisions – Decisions – Decisions. Frankly I want a Ford Raptor and may split the baby by buying something cheaper and yet acceptable such as a Honda Accord so that I can also justify buying a Raptor.
What do you all think?

16 thoughts on “BMW – Long in the Tooth

  1. Your car and Judy's have one thing in common. They're both the color of the pavement. ALWAYS drive with your lights on.

    My car, the Miata, is 23 years old, therefore I can't give advice on buying new vehicles.

  2. I'm a no-car-payment kind of guy (I only drive mine to keep the battery charged – so its a '96 that I bought in '97). My vote is for something that can get you out of town during a zombie apocalypse…

  3. I have the zombie vehicle that I paid cash for. I don't count that into the equation. Of course, you can always get a better zombie vehicle.

  4. I'm so not qualified to give advice on getting new cars, after 20+ years with the ol paid cash for, beat to heck suv… LOL… I like my granny ride incognitoness, nobody wants to steal it, or be hit by it…

  5. I gotta tell you, I used to drive a nice Jag, and a guy I work with currently drives a Porsche, and has had a couple of Mercedes, and both of us will tell you the expensive Euro cars are less reliable than American or Japanese cars, and when they break, they cost a fortune to fix. It isn't funny when they rob you blind to keep your wheels on the road.

  6. I dunno, that Raptor is soooo sweeeet. I've got a 2007 Explorer in great shape and now you've got me looking at the Raptor!

  7. Sometimes it's nice to have a cool car – just because it is. I'll miss the BMW no matter what decision I make.

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