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Captioned: The UN is once again utilizing climate policy and “climate reparations” for global income redistribution while ignoring that China emits 2/3rds more pollution than Europe and the U.S. combined.


Bullet Points:

* The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), John Sopko, has released his latest evaluation regarding the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The report presents findings as to precisely why the Afghan government collapsed in August 2021 amid the botched US withdrawal. After the US left, the Islamic extremist Taliban that America had been fighting for years retook control and reintroduced oppressive and draconian measures, dialing back two decades of what had been viewed as progress.

The US has continued to pour a lot of taxpayer funds into Afghanistan after the withdrawal. According to the Inspector General, the US is the largest foreign funder of Afghanistan, contributing $1.1 billion to help the Afghan people in the year since the Taliban took over. Unfortunately, the Inspector General reports that due to obstruction by federal agencies, he has been unable to report or account for all of that taxpayer money, even though that’s his primary assigned function. He says it’s the first time the agencies, including the State Department, have refused cooperation at such a high level, rendering him unable to perform his oversight. What a shock!

* Two days after the Midterm elections, the federal Office of Special Counsel (OSC) rejected a complaint by FBI whistleblower Stephen Friend. Special Agent Friend had complained of alleged bias and mishandling by the Dept. of Justice and FBI when it comes to prosecuting cases from the January 6, 2021 pro-Trump rally and Capitol riots.

In a letter, the OSC noted that the agencies are offered wide latitude in how they handle various cases, and so “we cannot find with a substantial likelihood that the agency has violated a law, rule, or regulation, or has abused its authority. Therefore, we will take no further action in this matter.

* (h/t Claudio) Pres. Xi is not popular in China these days. However, there is a bright side. It’s great for my business (cha-ching).  I’m not going to explain specifically in what specific way it’s good for business because I don’t discuss my current biz on the blog with the exception of some of the energy-related things that I’m involved with. Keep it up, Xi! The baby needs a new pair of shoes. Repression in China doesn’t work as well after they had a taste of freedom.

* Creepy old Pedo Joe is at it again.

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  1. Odd, I can only see the graphics in about 1 out of 5 of the blog posts unless I right click and display the graphic in a new tab but this time things worked fine. Ramirez has, again, hit a home run.

    While I applaud his honesty, Special Agent Friend was delusional if he expected any other outcome.

    Afghanistan. I believe the quote is “nothing to see here just move along”. Yet nobody will be punished for purposefully withholding the information on how funds were spent. Just a depressing set of Bullet Points this afternoon LL. Still, thank you for providing the info.

    1. I really don’t care for his drawing style, though. Too often, it’s not easy to figure out what or who the hell he’s drawn on a small screen. I prefer my editorial cartoons to be crystal clear.

      1. Hmm, never noticed an issue but might be because when I am home I use a 32 inch monitor and so far I have not had any problems. I will check when I am on the road next week when all I have is a laptop.

    2. Six institutions named in the US Constitution. Can you name them? Its open book.
      The first named is also superior to the others.
      To act accordingly is all I ask.

  2. Not just that the taliban took control of Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrawl but they were 1, 2 cha-cha-cha heel to toe with U.S. personnel at the withdrawl. Taliban caught the weapon before it hit the ground.

    FJB FJBama.FValJar FSusanRice FHorseFace FKlintons

    Lying sacks of shit all of them. Horse Face shoulda been fragged when he so ‘courageously’ gave testimony before his future co-workers.

    Forgive me LORD.

  3. RE: wide latitude

    Honestly, I had been wondering when the feds would glom onto a practice much in use by municipal police and sheriff departments since forever.

    So very often when a citizen, or citizen’s group, would complain about Officer Friendly running roughshod upon the people, the dept would offer explanation by way of excuse; ‘officer discretion in the field’.

    Lo, what surprise. Complaint w/o merit, no further investigation.
    (Meanwhile, behind closed doors; Get that SOB. We’ll having him blowing a whistle out his trach when we get done with him.)

    Also, for any who, you know, still believe in honoring your oath, upholding the US Constitution, and the rule of law; the time is now. Foreign or domestic, pard.
    What, you think you’re gonna’ be the next Solzhenitsyn writing about burning in the camps?

    Its not overthrowing the government, its overthrowing them who have overthrown the government. Even Abe Lincoln understood that.

  4. SIGAR…as in an old stogie making backroom deals? I trust none of these people, in fact most of them should be subject as was done with the murderous coward at the end of Wind River.

    Creepy Joe is massively worse than the typical weird uncle…what is with that guy? Worse (and not really a question) why is he constantly getting a free pass with his clear and present gross letchery?

    No surprise Mr. Friend apparently has none. Assuming doing the ethical good gets the result you were expecting is fairly boy scout. Not gonna happen – Ref: Kle’s earlier comment about the Red Guard, when seen in that light everything that should happen but never does starts making sense. Forest -Trees.

      1. I suspect he knew going in was a wasted effort but thought it worth the try despite, by design, this cabal creates the atmosphere that makes it harder for good people to come forward.

        Friend has put his very life on the line with these corrupt bums who find it amusing to blatantly retain political prisoners without end or actual charges, and wouldn’t blink to remove him from breathing fresh air, like some pesky gnat. Yup, he’s not the coward, they are.

  5. To my illustrious host.

    Maybe its a good thing I am not here so often. I don’t know. Yet the readon I am not is because so very often the tab od a prior post slides over to cover your most recent post. The X by which I could remove that tab is off my screen, thereby inaccessible to me. So I simply close your blog and move on to something else.

    Mind you, its not always that way (obviously) but often enough. I so dislike to complain, I hope you not see this as me complaining. I merely wish to make you aware of it if you are not already. I am on an hemroid ‘smart’ phone.

    1. These days, if you refresh the page, it will generally bring up a different pop-up. I keep doing that until I can hit the X and close the pop-up. The pop-up are only problematic when reading on the phone – the tablet and laptop have enough screen real estate you can always reach the X.

    2. On my ancient iPhone (6s) hitting “back” and then reloading the page brings up another “prior post” tab. Usually the new one is small enough that the “X” is accessible.

      >the next Solzhenitsyn writing
      Ah, but Aleksandr Isayevich is officially No Longer Relevant. Were he alive, he’d probably be unpersonned. Curious how a man lionized as “a genius” and “the conscience of Russia” turned into a nobody after publishing “Two Hundred Years Together” — for which there is still no official English translation.

      “Creepy old Pedo Joe is at it again.”
      Article says the President (“Pedo Joe” indeed, ahem!) is staying with David Rubenstein on Nantucket. Mr Rubenstein (a noted philanthropist [1]) is one of the founders of The Carlyle Group as well as the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. What was that thing George Carlin used to say about clubs?

      [1] Mr Rubenstein’s Wikipedia page has exactly two sentences under the heading “Controversy” (something about trailer parks and poor people) and several screenfuls under “Philanthropy” — listing the dollar figures of his donations, as well as purchases of valuable historic artifacts that he has then loaned to museums. Private giving is a mere eccentricity. But Public Giving! Well, now, there’s virtue for you! (Especially if they put your name on it.) After all, a good deed has no value unless people know that you gave the money.

      1. Rubenstein’s absence from the planet would not be missed. Neither would the Carlyle Group or the CFR.

    1. I am now soaring with some solid bandwidth (at the moment) but connectivity where this blog is created for the most part is spotty. I’ve had some of the problems that you mention and cross-platform hardware and software has been difficult. It simply is. Google sabotages the code where possible, so I use Chrome on whatever the latest Apple OS is. It’s stable for me. I realize that doesn’t always transfer. There is literally nothing that I can do about it, unless everyone was using the same gear.

      If anyone out there has a solution, I’m all ears.

      1. About two years (or so) ago, I moved from Blogger to WordPress. WordPress gives me options that Google Blogger did not have. There were inevitable user problems that came with that. The size of the screen and the OS (phone/pad/tablet/desktop) mattered. I have no idea how to fix that. When I’m on my iPhone, the display is different than when I’m on my MacBook Pro that I take with me when I travel.

        1. Happens intermittently but never on iPad. Might be my laptop Firefox, might not be. If I clear the history cache it often loads without issue. If I wait a few seconds before scrolling down it’ll often load embedded pictures. No rhyme or reason. Likely individual operating system set up having a problem with page load “protocol”.

          As for the slide-over article obscuring the phone or iPad screen, just hit the ‘X’ on initial page load.

          It’ a nit on the grand scale of exceptional daily content. Don’t sweat it.

    1. There are the honest academics and there are the academics who spout the rhetoric that they are paid to spout. American national policy toward the weather is a propaganda program designed to deprive you of your money and your rights and they pay to play.

      1. The “paid to spout” scripts is rampant in everything; MSM station wooden talking heads parroting the daily script. Most of Academia, the same. AMA doctors…it’s like they all got a daily prompt email that says “Here’s what you do today.”

        Look at The Fowch Mengele (who at 82 simply won’t go away)…trying to stir the pot before exiting stage left to save his octogenarian backside. Talk about a lifelong poseur who thinks – as stated above – no one sees right through him. Well, some – the mass formation loony crowd – refuse to see.

        Yet it continues as if we are all blind.

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