Do the Chinese Want the Moon?

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The caption posits a question and the answer is that being celestials, the People’s Republic of China (the worker’s paradise) feels that they are ENTITLED to the Moon.
Americans know that they Moon is ours because our flags are the only ones that are flying there. However I have disturbing information for you that will be confirmed when we return as tourists to the landing sites. The sun will bleach those flags WHITE over time…yes, surrender flags. Thus it’s critical that the space marines (a component of Space Command) return and replace the old flags with new ones that can’t be bleached out.
And where are those intrepid Space Fleet leaders today? What are they doing? How are they spending their summer vacations? Are they in weightless chambers of the Vomit Comet, at high altitude? Are they in water tanks wearing space suits, practicing for construction work in orbit?
No, they’re at the beach.
With mom and dad (my oldest daughter, Amanda and her husband, Braden).
They are holding themselves in readiness for that day when they will be called upon to go where no man has gone before.
Left, half buried in sand, is the intrepid starship captain, supported by the space fleet construction admiral who is known as “Wreck-It”. To the right is the ninja leader of the Space Marines Commandos. Together, they make Ming-the-Merciless (was he really Chinese?) look impotent.
Life’s a beach.

26 thoughts on “Do the Chinese Want the Moon?

  1. Wouldn't joining the Space force spoil the saltwater traditions of thst side of your family? Think of all the zoomie influences the prospective Space Marine Ninjas will be subjected to…

  2. And I do hope they'll get issued better gear than plain vanilla M16A1…

  3. That may be. However there are other salt water oceans on other planets that need to be subdued. There are also genuine pirates who are part of my family tree who were hung in the jibbet at the mouth of the Thames in the late 1600's. I can't rule out the fact that the same gene could pop up in the future and the Space Forcers could end up as Galactic pirates.

  4. Training on burying people is never wasted time. Acquaintances help you move, friends help you move bodies.

  5. I give the son-in-law heat because of that. He's 100% Dutch ancestry and the fair skin blisters in SoCal son.

  6. I'm with WSF, nice sun hat.

    And good to see the future of Space Command in safe hands!

  7. I have resisted calling my grandsons "space cadets" — so far. Some day it may be true when we decide to take back the Moon.

  8. We can only imagine and dream of what life will be like in 20 years or so before you cadets are running the military. They are in good training hands now, but the future…
    And I like the hat.

  9. And do avoid the Imperial Stormtrooper school of marksmanship and Infantry tactics. Or the Wakanda one, FWIW.

  10. I respectfully submit that said genes were very much in evidence, and used for a higher calling, when you earned your Trident.

  11. >Do the Chinese want the moon?
    Linneaus said as far back as 1758 about the East Asian character: Severe, haughty, desirous. So the polite answer is "yes" — and the visceral answer is "Duh!"

    But not to worry, with that hat SIL might be able to blend in.

    Science fiction tells us that "Space Force" will come to be called "Navy" while what remains of what we have now will come to be called "Wet Navy" or something like that. Sorry.

  12. There's a lot to having a Trident. But I've known a lot of people who were severely injured or killed and being a grandpa, I'm not sure that I'd want that for my grandsons.

  13. I know, the whole "wet navy" thing is a lot like a wet blanket when you think about becoming Guardians of the Galaxy with a bio-engineered raccoon and a talking tree (limited language skills).

  14. I'll take a SWAG and suggest that they're running that nuclear facility at something slightly above minimum capacity. That would allow them to keep it operating and "on line". Mothballing a facility like that, and then bringing it back on line, can take a year or more.

    The Fat Little Rocket Boy is hedging his bets. We know it, and he knows we know it….

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