World Economic Forum Declares 2023 the ‘Year of the Polycrisis’

World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman Klaus Schwab announced the kick-off of the 53rd annual meeting of political leaders, corporate executives, and activists in Davos, Switzerland, declaring that the summit will focus on rededicating its members to a progressive climate and social-justice agenda in the midst of what he described as “unprecedented multiple crises.”  “The theme of our meeting in Davos is Cooperation in a Fragmented World.”  Schwab

 Davos summit doubles down on ESG (environmental, societal, governmental) policies amid shortages, inflation, and rising dissent.  Epoch Times

Related News: WEF: United States Will Soon Make Hate Speech Illegal, Says EU Commissioner. The United States will soon follow Europe in implementing laws against so-called hate speech, a top Eurocrat claimed at the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos.  Breitbart

Making ‘hate speech’ illegal would effectively cancel the First Amendment.  By hate speech, they mean any speech contrary to government dictate.

 At their kickoff, Schwab made a point of saying that the world is experiencing a multitude of crises.  What they are not saying is that they have orchestrated many of them.

 The most represented Countries (Neither Russia nor China was listed).  That tells us the New World Order is going to come from the United States:

1.   USA  (27.2%)

2.   Switzerland  (9.6%)

3.   UK  (9.1%)

4.   Germany  (4.3%)

5.   India   (3.6%)

6.   Japan  (3.1%)

7.   UAE  (2.9%)

8.   France  (2.6%)

Companies with the highest representation:

CNBC     13

Accenture     9

Salesforce     8

BlackRock    7

Google     7

Stanford Univ.   7

Unilever   7

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Bullet Points:

** A cautionary tale – China’s richest people lost about $13 billion in just one day due to a market sell-off after President Xi Jinping secured a third term.

** A New Yacht for KC3 – The new Britannia concept is described as a “celebration of British society and technology in a vessel designed for the people but fit for a king.”

The previous Royal Yacht Britannia had been used by the Royal Family since its commissioning in 1954… because the old 1954 Royal Yacht, Brittania, is not of modern Ecological, Sustainable, Fuel Efficient, Diversity Based (blah, blah, blah) Design. This is a perfect example of how all the climate change nonsense is only applicable to the serfs… while the hypocrisy of the elite is on full display. I have an IDEA: to be more Energy Sustainable, Don’t waste energy on going boating, or building a new royal yacht.”

** Take the Fifth! – AFP reported yesterday that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s protocol aide Kathy Chung was the official recommended by Hunter Biden to move TS SCI classified documents through Chinatown for years before they ended up at the Penn Biden Center. Now we have learned that Kathy Chung has lawyered up with one of the top criminal attorneys in Washington, D.C.

** A new bill introduced in the Connecticut state legislature would allow illegal immigrants to vote in the Constitution State, marking the latest push in a number of states to broaden voting to include non-citizens. The legislation would amend the state’s constitution to “allow undocumented immigrants who are residents of the state to be admitted as electors for purposes of voting in municipal and state elections.”

** Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has introduced the “PELOSI Act” which would ban members of Congress, as well as their family members, from holding or trading stocks. The legislation, known as the Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act, references former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who was called out last year after her husband, Paul Pelosi, bought up to $5 million in stock in a semiconductor company right as the Senate was passing legislation to massively subsidize the semiconductor industry.

** You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.


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  1. I’m all for senator Josh Hawley ‘s “PELOSO Act.”. Now let’s see if it gets any traction??? As far as the WEF I’d rather listen to two old people fuck while watching concrete harden.

  2. Looks like a lot of Kiwis tried to escape the insanity. Why they chose Australia I don’t know.

    The world would be a better place if they walled off Davos and just started shooting anyone thinking they’re more important than the rest of us. I’m sure the prostitutes and serfs would help point out all the rich and idiotic, maybe even call for fire if allowed to go through the possessions of the soon-to-be-dead.

  3. As to those pedophiles, and all pedophiles, including Joe:
    There’s a spectrum of “Father in heaven, please bring these souls to a place of repentance, forgiveness and mercy” on one end to “Die you f’ing bastard, just die and rot in hell.”
    I’m invoking to the latter so much these days, it scares me.

  4. Hawley’s PELOSI- That’s brilliant! I can see him over the weekend grilling a couple of steaks with a beer in hand going, “Hmm, what word could I use for ‘P’?” hahahah Not a snowballs chance, but funny nonetheless. Problem is that cretinous woman is back in SanFran enjoying her largess when she and her ilk should all be in prison.

    Parole Boards who constantly release criminals only to have them do damage to the innocent, to the Social Services morons who think this “gay” mental illness is “just fine” for rearing children…heading to the shop to build ore yardarms. (See Ed, same place as you.)

  5. How long before the new royal yacht suffers a diversity accident? Did Kathy Chung hire the same lawyers Michael Flynn relied on for legal counsel?

  6. Some years ago I remember the national accounting report from the General Accounting Office had a letter at the front from the head of the GAO saying ‘I can’t certify these results because the DOD made such a mess of their recordkeeping’.

  7. WEF/Davos
    So someone broke down attendance by nationality (by which I presume “passport” rather than by ethnic heritage) and by company/organization. Okay. Good first steps.

    Now break it down by ethnicity. (i.e. if I personally were an attendee then I’d be listed as USA passport, but Chinese by ethnicity). Why by ethnicity? To ensure that attendance Represents Society As It Is of course. As with every enterprise, I need to see that the US delegation as a whole (and the US-based companies) are 13% Black, 18% Hispanic, 6% Asian/Pacific Islanders, 3% Jewish. If those percentages are NOT the case then something is wrong. (Probably due to racism, white privilege, and misogyny.) In the case of companies, don’t just do the breakdown by the attendees. Do it by the demographics of the C-level executives, or equivalent. (An attendee could be a flunky.)

    Also, is there adequate and accurate representation of LGBTQ++? Whatever the percentage of those communities are in the world must be what is attending Davos.

    Needless to say, I propose this out of Love and my dedication to Representation and to Social Justice. Any person who might use such information to ferret out “patterns” is a bad and hateful person. Very bad. Also, the ONLY pattern is white cis-male privilege. Any other apparent pattern is coincidence.

    • Full engagement at WEF-Davos is CHF600,000. I don’t know what headliners like Gore or Kerry. pay. They’re likely comped. I think that Oprah attended once, so that would one woman of color. Mostly they’re NGOs and staff, government bureaucrats, mistresses, and staff. NGOs are paid by the government and the government people are paid through tax money so it’s essentially a party paid by funds purloined by taxation. The corporate sponsors & mistresses are subsidized by the governments of the world too.


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