Heap Big Chief Elizabeth Warren has vowed that if she is elected president, she will stop any oil pumping on government land. Presumably she also would include natural gas. The war on coal will be expanded to become a war on oil, says Senator Warren, who is a dim bulb by anyone’s accounting. Now that the US oil reserves exceed those of the Saudis, it makes sense that Warren and the donkeys would make war on it. We surely wouldn’t want to reap the economic and strategic benefit of being an oil exporting country. Senator Warren would rather that we import oil. She really is dumber than a bag of hammers, but that can be said for a lot of politicians. 
Under the Trump Administration, the US will no longer exempt any countries from sanctions for importing Iranian oil. The message is clear. You can do business with the US or you can do business with Iran, as you please — but not both. Iran is finding the new American president less of an easy mark than his predecessor, the feckless and foolish Obama (architect of the Obamanation).
Between Walk-About and April Showers
Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in
.454 Casull. And no, my finger is not
exerting pressure on the trigger.
As I prepare to head out and earn my daily bread, toiling at the salt mine, I decided that I needed to make a run to look for Buffalo. I heard that there were a few big shaggies that stomped off to the west, as they are prone to do – well away from the managed Raymond Ranch Herd. Long Lake and Soldier Lake sometimes host the bison as they move west. I had no intention of poaching one, but when in the remote reaches of Central Arizona, it’s good to have the means of self defense. (see right)
Coming up from the south on County Road 211, I encountered this sign (see below). 
Being thus encouraged by previous situations that prompted the Wildlife management people to post the sign, I increased my vigilance. The plot thickens.
County Road 211 is not that bad. It’s a rutted, dirt road that allows for travel up to about 20 mph without discomfort. 
I knew that I’d have to beat the afternoon showers that we get in the high mountain areas, so did not doddle.
Not everyone found the road easy going.
Arriving at Soldier Lake, the road deteriorated a bit. It’s the road less traveled, and I didn’t have to shift from 2X4 to 4 high. Just a little rocky and untraveled.
Soldier Lake is full of water, and yes, LSP, I should have brought fishing tackle, but I was looking for bigger game than a blue gill.
I made my way around much of the lake and there was no sign of the elusive bison. There was a fish-and-game helicopter circling the area, so I felt that at least my intelligence source was potentially sound.
The Rig – 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser at Soldier Lake, AZ
Visiting the cowboy shack and cattle pens at Soldier Lake, AZ
Traveling north from there I found out that County Road 82 between Soldier Lake and Mud Lake (which was also filled with water) was ‘unimproved’. I didn’t have to gear down but it was a 5 mph road. Between Cow Lake and Mud Lake, I spotted three pronghorn antelope. They were more curious than suspicious and lingered out at about 100 yards. The camera in the I-Phone made them look like brown and white spots. So no video log of that activity. I ate my lunch and watched the antelope look at me, Then continued on to Mormon Lake and Mary’s Lake Road, and headed back to the shack.


  1. Good to see a firearm used as a tool tailored to a specific purpose. Usually owned by someone who has real world experience, and I don't mean a range.

    My late friend Dirty Al Imhoff's eyesight was going bad. Helped him get a Taurus Judge. He needed to defended himself within the 40' length of his Prevost Motorhome. For bad breath range he had a Bonds Arms .44 Special derringer.

    Recoil? All in the way you hold your wrist so that your whole arm and body absorbs the shock.

  2. No, not that bad. But I’m not going to stand there and crank off 100 rounds. I use .45 Colt for routine training, and end with a few cylinders of Casull

  3. The .454 Casull….a cartridge I'd never heard of until I saw "Alien Nation". Stop a Bison? Idunno…..probably all depends on shot placement.

    The FJ looks at home out there, and comfortable. What kind of off-road lights are those? I'm thinking of getting an LED light bar for my Jeep. There's been times coming back from the in-laws homestead at night that I wished for more light.

  4. Looks like a nice day in the country.

    I imagine that particular revolver is entertaining to fire in conditions of dim light!


  5. Looks like an enjoyable day was spent. Some idiots don't seem to realize that bison are wild animals and will walk right up to them. Darwin sometime assumes command at that point. It never hurts to go prepared. The heaviest revolver I have is a Super Blackhawk and it's enough for my purposes though we don't have so many dangerous critters around here. Most of those are human.

  6. pretty much. they will be herded, to a point. but when they tire of you, or get bit by a horsefly or just for no reason at all, they'll jump up in the air and try their best to run the heck over you and everything in a three square mile area. I had a good friend that raised a small herd for meat. they pay no attention to fences or anything else in their way. can't be tamed either. he tried with newborn calves, but invariably they turned on him in a few years. I think that saddened him the most, being a montana cowboy in his youth.

  7. What a pleasant outing. But LL, a fish is a fish and a proper little Bluegill or 6 make for good eating. I know this.

    And what a handly pistol!