Did Hillary Steal It?

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This is the Wikileaks logo:

This is Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign logo:
It’s clearly Clintonian to take whatever you want and claim that it was yours all along. Wikileaks is calling, “Foul”. I wonder if they will release the e-mail that the Russians hacked from Hillary’s home server in response?

8 thoughts on “Did Hillary Steal It?

  1. But LL, she's one of the people. That's why she goes to Chipotle. And doesn't drive. And gets 200K++ for talking. And flies in private jets.

    Oh. Sorry, you're right. She's "royalty."

  2. She also parks that big odious black van in handicapped parking and the police don't cite the pig…because she's royalty.

  3. I HATE PEOPLE who park in the handicapped parking spot.
    And now I want some Chipotle.

  4. Far as I can tell, there's only one thing wrong with that logo. The arrow ought to be pointing left.

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