Deny THEM (your pre-Sunday Sermonette)

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It’s Saturday, the Muslim holy day. Down the street at the mosque, the folks will be gathering. I really don’t care about that. There is freedom of religion in the US and the Bill of Rights is worth defending.
Despite the religious fervor at the mosque, I am winding up for tomorrow’s Sunday sermonette for all of you bloggers who drift by virtual mirage. Finding the right message is often difficult for a man of the cloth, without portfolio, such as myself.

It’s sensible advice, worthy of a sermonette.

10 thoughts on “Deny THEM (your pre-Sunday Sermonette)

  1. Oh Man, what kind of cloth? Besides… your sign is cutting into sales of gov issue revirgination kits.

  2. You could always order an Iranian revirgination kit from the Ayatolla's website.

    I like ripstop camo cloth…

  3. You say that now, but when you enter that land of milk and honey and are yearning to be part of some sweaty old Arab's stable of virgins, you'll wish that you had taken your own advice (above).

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