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The House voted today to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, sending the bill to the Senate for a showdown vote next week that could put the legislation on President Obama’s desk for the very first time. The bill could go to the U.S. Senate as early as Tuesday of next week.
There is support for this measure from both Democrats and Republicans — and the Senate is confident that it has the sixty votes necessary to overturn a presidential veto. The people voted to break the Washington gridlock, and they may get what they want. 31 Democrats crossed party lines to vote for the measure today in the House and it passed 252 to 161. 

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12 thoughts on “Laying Pipe

  1. "They" hate Keystone, which is another good reason to build it. It will also make Texas even more powerful than it already is. They fear that.

    Build the pipeline.

  2. I think that the light will eventually go on in the pin head between those large ears that sits on those narrow shoulders. Particularly when the veto won't work.

  3. a super genius friend of mine has been working on the the Keystone XL issue for many years. He is adamant that the rewards will bypass the US, who will only incur the environmental dangers.

    I don't know the details myself, but I know he knows them like the back of his hand… so I'm worried that American voters might be buying into another surface-level, shiny prize. Not unlike obamacare… just pitched from the other side of the playing field…

  4. What are the present environmental dangers of shipping all of that oil to the Gulf Coast on rail? Because that's how it moves. Warren Buffet (interesting friend of Obama) controls most of the rolling stock.

    I won't argue the details because I am not that well versed. My sense is that America has the largest proven oil reserves of ANY country in the world and that the only way we can pay back the 2 trillion that Barack borrowed would be to drill.

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