Who controls the past controls the future. 
Who controls the present controls the past. 
And there is nobody better at spinning the past than Barack Obama. Note that I didn’t call the President of the United States a liar. I simply said that he has a very bad memory of what he said that he was going to do and is unable to interpret it in the present in terms of cause and effect. And that’s why Governor Mitt Romney (metaphorically) pulled the President’s pants down to his knees during the first debate.

The mainstream media continues its attacks on Governor Mitt Romney on behalf of President Barack Obama  –  and nobody calls Obama on his string of outrageous lies.  What is this slavish devotion that the mainstream media maintains for a failed (and some would say, goofy) President? And the legions that follow him – why do they swallow the lies? There is a familiar pattern here – that of a CULT.
What is the Obama Campaign?
The Obama Campaign is a fantastic marketing machine. It is constantly discovering new ways to sell things to people. But the problem is that it has no actual product. A company that goes corporate cult uses some of the tactics of a cult to inflate the value of its product. But a cult has no product except the sense of satisfaction that comes from being in the cult. The only things it sells are images of its leader, emblazoned everywhere, his books, speeches and photos, and these are used as tokens of membership in the cult. (Daniel Greenfield)
As with other cults, the Obama movement recruited young volunteers on campus. Its recruitment materials leaned heavily on books by its beloved leader. It promised them that a new age was coming and that the young volunteers could be a big part of bringing it about. 
Obama’s 2008 campaign was very similar to other “Transformative” movements that promised to solve society’s problems by using new insights to create a wave of change that begins with “us”. Even Obama’s political angle isn’t new. Jim Jones and his murderous child-abusing cult started out as community organizers for California Democrats, and leading politicians, including saintly hero Harvey Milk, who covered for his crimes until the whole thing got too big and Jones got too crazy.
In 2012, Team Obama redoubled the sales pitch. If sales fall, you need more things to sell. The Obama Campaign is insanely intensifying its sales efforts, without understanding that its sales are falling because the value of the brand is failing. This is succinctly illustrated by President Obama’s dismal performance in the First Presidential Debate.

Reverend Jim Jones, a successful
manipulator, but a piker compared
to Barack H. Obama.
Cults must shift the burden of failure from the guru and the program to the participants. It isn’t the man or the idea that failed, but the people. We saw Senator John Kerry savaged by Team Obama for failing to prepare their spiritual messiah for Governor Romney in the debate. Kerry is no longer welcome on the inner circle with President Obama. Fortunately for Kerry, he married a ketchup heiress worth billions of dollars. He will certainly weep over his lost influence, but $3 billion softens the crash.
Cults always have outside enemies who make enlightenment impossible. Cults practically can’t exist without lots of enemies.

 “How very much I’ve tried my best to give you a good life. But in spite of all of my trying a handful of our people, with their lies, have made our lives impossible.” -Reverend Jim Jones 

Obama has done his best to give us a good life, but the Republicans, FOX News, the Supreme Court, Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan along with the GOP, all of whom are racists and bigots, have cruelly sabotaged his efforts with damned  lies. 
The cult exists for the sake of the leader, but the leader does not exist for the sake of the cult. Once the followers realize this, the illusion of mutual commitment breaks down. And to keep them from realizing it, the cult strives to make them feel that they have not lived up to their commitment. Recall if you will, Chris Matthews (MSNBC) begging President Obama on the air to watch MSNBC because they’d pull him through this dark moment. (referring to the first Presidential Debate where Obama humiliated himself in front of 70 million people)
The Obama campaign never sold Obama; 
it sold the idea of Obama. 

The illusion that was Obama was considerably more than the sum of his false biography, his chin up speeches full of momentous pauses and stolen poetry, or the typography of his posters. It was the sense of imminence, the perception of a transformative figure who could change the country and the world. That magnetic tug wasn’t Obama, it was the confused mess of desires, fears, hopes, dreams and wishes that the people were encouraged to project onto him. (Greenfield) The Nobel Committee was taken in hook, line and sinker in the same way when it decided to award Barack Obama the Peace Prize even though he hadn’t done a single thing to merit it besides being of mixed race and US President for a few months.


  1. Rev. Jim wasn't nearly as ruthless as Obama because he didn't have the Chicago Political Machine behind him. But to his credit, Rev. Jim Jones didn't need a teleprompter to deliver a sermon.

  2. Obama continues to chastise his flock with harassing emails telling them to give, give, give or his loss will be their fault.

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