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Sometimes you think that you want something and you work to get it, and then you get it, and it’s not quite what you’d hoped for. 
That quite simply, is the situation that the Democrat Party finds itself in. It’s favorite sions behaved reprehensibly during the last presidential campaign and the chickens are coming home to roost. They’ve treated President Trump badly and though he’s a populist, not a conservative, the Democrats still have wanted a pound of flesh. 
AND that for which they’ve pushed shall come to pass as all documents and information pertaining to illegal spying on the Trump Campaign and transition period will be declassified. Oh, there will be a spin, but there’s also the grand jury problem. If you testify and lie, it’s perjury and then you could end up in prison, hoping that a Democrat president will be elected so that you can be pardoned.
Pushing President Trump until he declassified all the skullduggery that has gone on was a horrible tactical move in the political world of the Beltway. The Donkeys didn’t think that President Trump had the balls to do it. Oops. 
Declassification is a doughnut that even the mainstream media will eat because of the sprinkles on it. They worst thing to a newsie is to be scooped. And this is the scoop of the decade. So they might even resort to eating their own. They can keep quiet about the inditement of the Creepy Porn Lawyer who they loved so deeply, but oh, the things they can publish about Crooked Hillary, Barack, Biden, Susan Rice, John Brennan, Big Jim Comey, and the rest of the conspirators. The FBI will be laid naked in their collusion and conspiracy. As an institution it’s the child of Hoover. It’s their nature to do these things. Keeping it private has always been important and hiding behind classification works — unless your target is the one person who can DECLASSIFY anything that he wants to.
TS/NF/WNINTEL/LIMDIS/ORCON, etc. doesn’t intimidate a president, because he’s the commander -in-chief and President Trump just pulled the conspirator’s pants down. Even CNN might weaken and look at the bared rump and report on it. Who actually colluded, who actually conspired, who actually was a traitor, who actually created and tried to foist a coup on America? You can’t hide behind that classification anymore…
Senile old Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided to keep pushing the button. Well done, Nancy.
Time to pour a little caramel onto that popcorn that you’re eating. Things are about to get interesting.

“Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities….— Donald J. Trump

27 thoughts on “Declassification

  1. “Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities….— Donald J. Trump

    They won't do it willingly, IMO.

  2. This could be interesting if the newsies actually rediscover their blood lust for any scandal, party affiliation be damned. Haven't seen that since Gary Hart though

  3. I think that’s a bit like how Theresa May feels!

    If only she’d got herself an emotional support wolf…–2CNlieljQ

  4. The media will NOT accurately report the contents o these documents and may well lie about their true contents. The only people who will read them for themselves are the ones already "woke" and aware of the blatant criminality of the left. In short releasing these documents changes nothing.

  5. There may be some point where the collusion of the Corporate Media may become exposed.
    It would be interesting if, in their rush to scoop, they neglect that they are incriminating themselves.

  6. Maybe she could get a job in the prison laundry or something to amass good time work time the way that the American Taliban did

  7. If only…but the wolf wouldn’t likely respect her and she’d end up as a turd on the steps of 10…as the wolf departed

  8. The release of said documents won't change anyone's minds. The lines are already drawn. But releasing them DOES provide the opportunity for them to be preserved for posterity and historical accuracy and THAT is not a bad thing. For those who support Trump such documents will merely provide confirmation for their choice. Those opposing him for the most part will not read them…they made up their mind long ago….dem fanatics are exactly that, fanatics. Immune to reason, logic or fact. So while the release certainly isn't a bad thing facts have long ago become irrelevant to the current political structure.

  9. Remember when Schumer said, "Mess with the intelligence agencies and they will find 6 way to get back at you."
    Not the first time he was wrong.

  10. I tend to side with Dan on this: the lines have been drawn, and there are none so blind who will not see. I just made that one up, catchy, huh? The liberal base will deny, point fingers and circle the wagons. Nobody will be indicted, nobody will go to jail. And my side (the good guys), we conservatives are hoping that the media will do the right thing and show the malfeasance and skulduggery of the Obama administration as well as the Deep State (one and the same) for everyone to see. Fat chance. They are as guilty in all of these efforts at a coup as the participants. The declassification of all of this mess will turn up a pile of smoking guns as tall as the Empire State Building pointing at the guilt on the left; and the mainstream media will not touch any of it.

  11. I don't expect that the donkeys will suddenly love President Trump. But I do think that the co-conspirators will turn on each other in the grand juries and that it will lead to convictions. Call me merry sunshine if you must.

  12. Would be conspirators may reflect on this moment in the future and at least pause before plotting a coup.

  13. The real question is where the core of the Intelligence Agencies are on this. John Brennan wasn't a field operator or a noteworthy analyst. He was a political hack. General Clapper, his buddy, was largely viewed as a useful tool and a bulb that never burned brightly. Big Jim Comey had the respect of a lot of rank and file FBI but today, he's that thing that you scrape off your shoe.

    The Intel agencies and the FBI committed unpardonable sins. Everyone knows that. THEY (as employees) don't want revenge on President Trump even if they didn't vote for him individually.

    The FBI has a Hoover-based legacy that they earn again – over and over. When I first heard about this skulduggery, I said, "sure, business as usual".

  14. Hillary, orange jumpsuit, cannonball attached by chain, on a plank over the Grand Canyon, or a the top of the Washington Monument.

    I can dream, can't I?

  15. Republicans and Conservatives – Start flying those American Flags!!

    ps. could you please add CC to your blogroll?

  16. Rose colored glasses, Pollyanna, merry sunshine. I'm with you, oh to dream of justice, such a wonderful thing.

    Sadly, a thing of the past. These scumbags will skate, scott-free. Time will tell, however.

  17. We can but hope for prosecution. But I do agree, Fredd. The slime on these people seems to assure they will slip through the fingers of justice again.

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