9 thoughts on “Pictoral Friday

  1. 1. I view a folding knife as an article of clothing. Only when I fly do I not carry one. Still another reason I'm glad my ancestors left the home country.
    2. If Bob's really lucky the divorce will go through quickly.
    3. For the children of course.
    4. I fear the wife has already surrendered.
    5. This one still angers me.

  2. Heads should have rolled because of Benghazi but they didn’t. It’s something to keep in mind when you consider government service. I’ve seen people hung out to dry like that in my own life. You don’t forget it. And you get even…privately.

  3. Heads should be connected to their bodies, but the neck should have a suitable selection of fine, handmade rope applied.

    For both Benghazi and for the Stone attrocity.

  4. I continue to be respectfully amazed at the restraint shown by the professionals and their associates involved in the Benghazi operation.
    Obama's disrespectful comment regarding our special forces, "…they aren't much." shows either his ignorance or his arrogance, but probably both.
    I would bet that those that who are running various politician's security details have considered the possibility of "private" payback for the Benghazi operation.
    Our special forces guys can be creative.
    For example: One of my coworkers reminisced about being ordered to no longer engage in unauthorized incursions Into the North to blow up trains carrying ammo. He rhetorically asked, "Do you know how hard it is to get a train back on its track inside a tunnel?"

    Regarding the Stone arrest:
    There are some people, who yet live, that had they been given the assets used to arrest Stone would, evetually, be running their own country.

  5. That last fork is made of plastic. I don't think that's the liberal way.

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