Dallas Massacre – Lessons Learned

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Police Response (S & B PM 2 scope on a Win 700 Mag)

Last week, 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson murdered five police officers in Dallas. Progs, and more particularly, Afro-American progs blame the police, and the firearm used to kill the police officers, not the shooter. If the shooter had been white, it would have been a completely different narrative. Why is that so, unless the media and the progs themselves are hopelessly racist?

For the police (who come in both genders and all races – and maybe various types of tranny too for all I know), the lessons learned are largely tactical. Any group of protesters who scream out for the murder of the police officers who are protecting them needs to be accompanied by a full tactical load-out including armored rescue vehicles and counter-snipers. 

The progs will decry this militarization of control for their marches, but it only makes sense. The police must be able to respond with surgical precision in the future. Dallas PD’s failure to anticipate this problem will be a lesson learned for police departments nationwide. A team of counter-snipers on high ground can solve the sniper problems very quickly. Those of you who argue for de-militarization of civilian police organizations are losing traction. The militarization will need to be stepped up for these situations, ballistic protection upgraded along with helmet quality. The taxpayers will shoulder the  financial yoke.

An article by a prog in the Atlantic Monthly explains, “A community consistently subjected to violent discrimination under the law will lose respect for it, and act beyond it. When such actions stretch to mass murder it is horrific. But it is also predictable.”

If indeed it is predictable (and a prog columnist says that it is), the police need to up their tactical game by sending officers with offensive firearms into areas which may be prone to use by urban terrorists like Johnson. Dealing with marches will become far more expensive for cities and counties but the licenses for same can increase proportionately.

Naturally the progs will howl that it’s unfair to charge the angry Afro-Americans so much. 

So long as Barack and friends continue to regard every Afro-American killed at the hands of the police as a saint, the problem will expand. Black males commit more crimes per capita than other elements of the population. In fact, 40% of all police officers killed are killed by Black males though Black males are only 6% of the population. Have you ever heard Barack cite that statistic? I thought not.

12 thoughts on “Dallas Massacre – Lessons Learned

  1. I think it's high time we started working on the production of safer bullets. This was former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders recommendation, and it would solve everything.

    Of course, policing up all of those unsafe bullets out there (a trillion of them?) would be problematic, if those welfare bred thugs can still get their murderous hands on them.

  2. I think that it's interesting that ammunition has become so much more lethal in some regards (technological) than it was 40 or 50 years ago. Admittedly, a mini-ball or a patched round ball is completely lethal, as is an arrow, fired by a competent archer.

  3. Breeding thugs is always a problem. In the UK, there is also the Sharia law issue that makes brutes of the young. In the inner city many of the youth are born to women who are addicted to drugs (crack babies) and alcohol (fetal alcohol syndrome). Is it any surprise that they're seriously messed up?

  4. But was there only one sniper? Initially there were several others but maybe that was mistaken? Curious.

  5. You're there in Dallas. What do the folks say? Have any of them reached out to the Light Cavalry (Irregular) (augmented by Canadian Auxiliaries) for support on the ground?

  6. Have you ever heard Barack cite ANY statistic that was true or any principle that could benefit the nation under his watch. Short answer? No. Medium answer? HELL NO!

  7. BUT Hillary, she's special. Barack doesn't cite them, and with things like unemployment rates, the system is rigged. Hillary will simply make them up as she goes along and the prog media will blast them out as facts.

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