Cults, Crazies and the Climate

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Paris Climate Conference?

I believe that the climate changes. We used to call it the weather. Two years ago it was called global warming but because that theory crashed on the rocks of evidence, they changed it to climate change and it has become a weather- cult. (more here – h/t John D.) 

The “climate change political cult” is largely funded by the United States. And there are about to be a lot of people out of work. There will be no more ratholing of money to the UN and it’s shiftless membership of dysfunctional bureaucratic parasites. 
The corrupt, elite, mainstream media would brand me a heretical climate denier. The US Justice Department was in the process of making this sort of speech a crimeOne dare not question the cult.

(Breitbart) The US Department of Justice has been considering whether people should be prosecuted for the offense of climate change denial.

The prosecutions and denial of freedom of speech (since when did the Obama DOJ care about the Bill of Rights?) didn’t get sufficient traction largely due to the corruption involved in the “climate science” business. The cockroaches didn’t want a light shined too brightly on what they were up to and to what they were stealing.

Senate Bill 1161, or the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016, would have authorized prosecutors to sue fossil fuel companies, think tanks and others that have “deceived or misled the public on the risks of climate change.” 
The measure, which cleared two Senate committees, provided a four-year window in the statute of limitations on violations of the state’s Unfair Competition Law, allowing legal action to be brought until Jan. 1 on charges of climate change “fraud” extending back indefinitely.
California Weather Cultists?
SB 1161 died and didn’t make it into law. But it was a close thing. Time to leave California…or be imprisoned for questioning the cult and its bulwark doctrine. Progs lump denying the cult’s doctrine in as “hate speech”.
Now, every single weather related event is referred to by progs as “climate disruption” that has been predicted by their sages and mandarins.  Thus every storm, dust cloud, and sunny day can be laid at their altar as proof positive of ‘settled science’.

12 thoughts on “Cults, Crazies and the Climate

  1. LL: are you now, or have you ever been, a viewer of The Weather Channel? And remember, you are under oath….

  2. If Obama is right and we are in the thous of climate change, and that is the countries biggest threat, perhaps he should take what's left of the military, round up and send all the weathermen/women to GITMO. How dare they tell us it is hot and we need rain in the summer and that snow and cold is headed our way in the winter. It is a ploy of fear, I tell ya. FEAR!

  3. I like the Weather Channel. The real weather channel, not NBC/CNN, the fake weather news channels.

  4. The Kenyan did make "fixing the weather" as job one for the military and finding out weather secrets was a very high priority item to the intelligence agencies. We spent hundreds of billions of dollars during the era of ObamaNation fighting the weather. I have no idea what the actual number is, but I know that it would stagger the imagination.

    As you say, a winter storm is "climate disruption" but so is the lack of a storm. You can't win. Everything proves their point because they have no valid point. Sort of like cults everywhere.

  5. I wondered what had happened to that bill. Do you know about the Exxon lawsuit? News seems to have died…

    Americans have a phrase, "crock of **it." I think that describes the climateer cult perfectly. But that's just me.

  6. I think that most of these "climate disruption" lawsuits are short lived.

    Pollution is a different matter and we all have an interest in a cleaner planet, but the nutso global warming/cooling folks are cultists.

  7. History shows the risks of climate change.
    Idiots. Delusions of godhood.
    I am surprised there were enough sane people for the bill to fail.
    Glad you're getting out before the crazies do something more stupid.

  8. There is no pleasing progs. They would call Moses asking God to part the Red Sea, "climate disruption".

  9. They will go down screaming and pouting with focus group tested guilt narratives. Lost in the clutter will be serious science.

    Agree with you on pollution.

  10. The progs equate "pollution" and "global warming/cooling/disruption" and they are two separate things. Nobody is for dirty air, dirty water and trash everywhere — possibly except rats.

  11. Daughter and three granddaughters moved out yesterday. I'm boxing stuff up now in preparation for selling the present manse. Trying not to let the door hit me in the back on the way out.

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