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SOURCE: (LINK HERE) is one of the reasons why the Egyptian government has worked to block Twitter in Egypt. 
The Egyptian operational plan has been previously published and it might aid those who are interested in the politics and evolution of the situation to read it (LINK HERE). The Op. Plan which has been widely circulated on Twitter was also picked up by the Atlantic Monthly
Though I’m not ‘breaking news’ by any means, the people interested in communicating via internet in Egypt are successfully doing so through the use of dial-up modems. So while the Egyptian government has taken out some of the routing capabilities of networked servers, that is being circumvented through the use of the telephone system, which is still operating. (READ MORE HERE – LINK)
For the most part, the outcomes of these sorts of uprisings in the Middle East create a worse situation than the one that previously existed. I’m not predicting doom and gloom by any means, merely looking at the past and projecting previous results to the present situation.

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  1. LL, Sadly, I agree with you. It's really rare that a popular uprising in the Middle East has led to anything better. I think things could get very ugly soon, especially if Egypt (and possible Algeria) turn to fundamentalism. We could be looking at a whole new Taliban-Afghanistan right next door to Israel. That would be a disaster and would undoubtedly result in US troops being sent in. Ug.

  2. You know, it just dawned on me! Could all the turmoil we are seeing in Muslim countries be an offshoot of perceived weakness on the part of the United States and her allies! I for one have always felt this President is firmly on the side of the Muslim world as a whole. Certainly he is the most antagonistic President as in his stance on Israel I have ever seen. As we now are at the point in which we have elected officials telling the Muslim world this country is full of racist hate and an administration that in almost every stance is extremely ” Anti-American ideals” why should one be surprised that these radical Muslim Fundamentalists are taking their shots now? After all, the administration only yesterday as an example declared the Egyptian government was stable. No surprise from the blind mice running the show in D.C. now is it?

  3. Andrew, the US needs to cut its ties to Middle Eastern oil and MUST develop ANWAR and other domestic resources to hedge against the frequently hostile and fragile Middle Eastern supply chain.

    I'd be SHOCKED if the US sent troops to Egypt.

    Joetote, the Obama Administration has, through the president's weakness, given a green light to fundamentalist Islam. I don't know if that weakness contributed heavily to the timing of the insurrection – but everyone knows that obama will waffle and equivocate.

  4. WoFat – as magic as the president thinks he is, the reality and the perspective everyone has of him is something quite different…

  5. Obama's tacit approval of radical Islam has given the world this latest development. His evil has no limits.

  6. Nickie, Pamela Geller calls Obama a clownish poser. I wish he was that benign. It's tempting to think of him as a happy idiot, but it runs a lot deeper than that.

  7. When I was in Egypt, many years ago, all they could do was shout that they were going to push the Jews into the sea. Have they changed since that time?

  8. US troops will not be sent to Egypt…they will just continue to send our tax dollars…which will not stop when Mubarak is replaced, but could be stop if Obama gets replaced.

  9. Can't we just let them deal with their own problems and not spend 1.5 billion dollars to help aide them…I'm sick of our money being spent on others problems when we have enough of our own.

  10. Race – the Quasi-Muslim in the White House won't halt or falter in his duty to aid a Muslim nation in need. Recall if you will, his rousing speech there in Egypt shortly after he took office.

    WoFat – Egypt is an open sewer and a bleeding, oozing sore that can't be fixed by any amount of money for nothing/chicks for free.

    Amanda – Obama considers $1.5B a paltry sum.

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