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Covered California is the State of California’s response to the federal ObamaCare program. As one would expect, California drank the Kool-Aid and while other states are pushing back, the Golden State is working to enroll everyone they can in National Healthcare.
A couple of days ago a lady called me conducting a survey on behalf of Covered California. If I have a moment, I usually listen to these sorts of things because I learn from them. She asked me how I felt about the opportunity to receive “free” healthcare through ObamaCare. It felt as if I was being given a “free” ObamaPhone. I said that it felt pretty lousey. She asked why. I explained that nothing is free. Somebody has to pay for it.
The nice lady on the phone told me that the Federal Government is paying for it. I asked her where she thought they got the money to pay for “free” healthcare. She said, “from rich people and companies.” 
My next question: Do you think that companies will pass on costs to consumers?
The nice lady hadn’t ever considered that possibility (she read from a script but she was now off-script). The State of California sent her to a Covered California class that fed her information about the glories of ObamaCare without explaining the fine print–that it was a tax. I asked her how she would feel spending more for everything that she bought so that people could have “free” healthcare. She said that when I put it that way, she really didn’t think that it was fair.
The nice lady went off to speak to her boss about it and the survey ended.
We’d all like to get money for nothing (cue Dire Straits), but the reality of life is that somebody has to pay for everything. Socialism is the act of picking somebody else’s pocket – and yes, you eventually run out of somebody else’s money.
ObamaCare is a device for buying votes – because the Democratic Party elite don’t care what new tax burdens are placed on the backs of a middle-class struggling to survive yet still desperately hanging on to the belief that somehow, someday they too will be rich, famous and have their own Reality TV show if they just stay on the treadmill and keep running. 
A Cynical View
From those who Own Politicians

Reaching far beyond the corporatization of medicine and privatization of healthcare in America, the  objective with Obamacare was to establish a constitutional legal precedent for individual mandates by which the wealthy can become even wealthier simply by having their paid political puppets pass laws mandating that we buy their corporate products and increase their profits – regardless of whether we want, need or can afford them.

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  1. When I get those calls, I usually curse the person who gave the caller birth, and hang up. What a shame I can't get near their car with a crow-bar.

  2. Anybody want to put money on whether that 'nice lady' actually DID ask her supervisor about it, and if she did whether she's still employed with them?

  3. Somebody is going to throw a black bag over my head, haul me away and train me to love Big Brother???

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