I’m working on the new novel, “Red Mist“, based on the short story that appeared here on Virtual Mirage. While I’m doing that, I run onto interesting things that will likely be referenced in the Novel like this: There are usually 20 active volcanoes on the planet these days. in 2020 there are more than 45. If you count sub-oceanic volcanoes and venting magma, the number is over 100! Why so many? Red Mist?

As you’d expect, Red Mist is not a straight forward sci-fi novel. What would be the fun in that?


The Kaiser’s Army 

….is alive and well in Chile. Imperial Germany’s finest traditions on parade.



FBI – Same old FBI, Same old Tricks

Conservatives are often drawn to traditional institutions in the belief that they represent traditional values. Sometimes that is the case, but not all institutions are created equal. The United States Marine Corps is one of those institutions that maintained its integrity over the years. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is one of those institutions which has not.

Whether its unlawful spying on the Trump Campaign to smearing people it doesn’t like to unlawfully prosecuting General Michael Flynn, US Army, the public is learning what many in the business have always known about “The Bureau”. It plays fast and loose with the Constitution as an institution and it plays fast and loose with the people’s lives. I could recount MANY situations where I ran onto the same behavior that is now splashing across the headlines. It’s usually hidden. If Clinton was elected, it certainly would have been. General Flynn and President Trump are not exceptions to the rule. They are the general rule. Honorable and legal conduct by the FBI tend to be surprising, though that does happen sometimes.

President Trump needs a new FBI director to launch his second term in office. I think that the man to lead that organization should be General Flynn… It needs to be shaken up. A NEW standard of Integrity needs to be brought into an organization that has shown itself to be corrupt, and not beyond a coup – even if it is referred to as an “insurance policy”.



A Bat?

By now there shouldn’t be any of you who believe the propaganda put out by the Chinese Communist Party that suggests that the Chinese Plague, COVID-19, came out of the Wuhan Wet Market. As this blog maintained from the very beginning, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is a dual purpose lab. Genetic research into viruses and a Communist Chinese Weapons Laboratory.

Some of you have suggested that the Chinese Plague was a poor weapon. How many lives, and how many trillions of dollars has it cost? How much disruption has it caused? Riddle me that one.

Nobody knows what stage of development that the virus reached before it left containment, but make no mistake about it, that virus is a weapon. It’s “novel”, as they say on TV. It didn’t occur in nature. It may have started with a bat, but the Chinese in the Bug Factory took it beyond that point to weaponize it.

I agree with the necessity of opening the US and getting back to work, but the virus will remain with us forever, and we have the Chinese bioweapons program to thank for it.


  1. Its release may or may not have been accidental, but the effects are real. I see it in my personal life. My activities have been curtailed and my personal finances have suffered, though fortunately those are still in reasonably good shape. We’ve had few cases here, five at the last count, and I feel it’s time to open up. I don’t recall the Hong Kong flu causing this much disruption half a century ago and I recall it was every bit as lethal.

    • I recall the HK Flu as well. People died from that. The problem that President Trump was faced with was to follow the medical advice or get impeached again. The Donkeys placed us in a no-win situation. I don’t know whether I hate the Donkeys or China worse.

  2. agreed, to a point. i don’t think the Chinese are at fault. fauci, gates, et al paid for the research to continue in Wuhan after it was shut down in the u.s. for being too dangerous and of no scientific significance. rumor persists that gates has a patent on it already. i think it got out due to incompetence before they were ready with a vaccine, or maybe before they had it perfected to kill only old people. gates is among those that believe retired people are of no use to the world and should be deleted. from what i’m gleaning, fauci has been neck deep in this since the beginning.

    • I read that patent. It was for a different COVID, not the engineered and weaponized ‘novel’ virus. The one that they built acts differently, bless their little yellow menace hearts.

  3. At this point I’m fully convinced the Wuhan Bat Flu was intended as a weapon with complicit players in America, designed to take down Trump when the other options they employed blew up in their collective faces. Anything the rabid media gloms onto proves this out every time. Things are gonna get wiggy if the Dem’s roll out another hit job.

    Monster hornets are easier targets to smack out of the air, the weed flame thrower turns them into a carbon spot in the dirt pretty quick.

    (Got a call from my dentist for a reschedule from six weeks ago. So how does that work with the county-wide “we will fine you if you aren’t wearing one” mask dictate? Think I’ll ask the Health Dept. Potentate who believes his word is law…poke the junkyard dog so to speak, see what happens.)

    • The dentist can declare an emergency and work on you. I have a friend here in N. AZ who is a dentist. That’s how he’s doing it. But AZ opens today and restaurants on Monday. So hopefully this foolishness will end.

      • Thankfully no emergency, but the young dentist is sharp and he has a family to feed and employees to support. Funny how those gov’t dictates quickly evaporate when a real emergency crops up.

        • I find the whole situation to be a comedy of the absurd at this point. I need a mask to shop at Costco, but not at Walmart or Safeway. I can go into a gas station market (open through the pandemic as necessary), but I can’t go to a medical (dentist’s) office. No elective surgery, and no restaurants but I can crowd in and wrestle for toilet paper.

          • That’s how you know (and I suspect you do with your experiences) this is a play on the unsuspecting.

          • My wife just called from Costco while I was reading these comments and told me that in the Costco she is in ( Oregon ), face masks are not required and they are removing the other flu paranoia that they had installed.

            Paul L. Quandt

  4. Well done on getting on with a novel, LL! You are my inspiration to get on with stuff.

    Try not to upset any murder hornets. By the end of this year we should be able to stand up to anything…🤡

  5. I agree with Jules. Beware the Murder Hornets, and volcanoes, and the Kaisar’s Army which is curiously alive in S America…

    And yes, the ChiComs have a lot to answer for.

  6. The Wuhan Plague is a weapon.
    May not have been intended as one, but is being used as one.
    “Oh look! a falling safe! Would you please move 3′ to the left and back a little?”
    Almost the perfect crime if we can’t prove intent.

  7. J. Edgar Hoover was a devious self serving P.O.S. and his legacy lives on in the FBI, IMO. What can you say about an agency that couldn’t even properly supervise the building of their new headquarters?
    I have many extended LEO relatives, past and present. I know of none, not one, that has anything good to say about the FBI.

    Agree with your suggestion for President Trump’s second term.

  8. The potency of this weapon is enhanced by the fact people don’t realize it IS a weapon, in fact, they don’t even realize we are under attack. My concern is not this virus, it is this-
    What is NEXT? EMP? WEB attack? Another virus?

    • As a new virus comes out of China on a semi-regular basis, we can at least expect that to continue.

      • Frank, we need to disallow Chinese student visas, and scrutinize all visas requests from China. We need to quarantine the place and stop doing business with them.

      • Of course, their invasion will eventually dominate the news cycle so long as people are talking about Joe Biden raping Tara Reade (penetration however slight is equal to the complete act).

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