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The Summer Solstice is upon us, and Father’s Day and Juneteenth are behind us. The question is what to do to celebrate the event?

Will it be a  White Solstice where you are? What are the odds? Are you dreaming of a white solstice?

Wiccans dance naked under the moon during Litha (if there is one). They dance naked under the absence of a moon as well, and I sense a solstice trend with those folks.

Once the Sun is over the yardarm (somewhere on the planet), there is always the traditional method of celebration.

UFO activity is said to be increasing (as reported on the unreliable media), so if you go out, don’t get probed unless you want to. Maybe avoid Wiccan conclaves and UFOs?

You could try something new today.

Or not.

I’ve heard that some grievance people complaining that things like toilet paper are white. I’m ok with black toilet paper going forward. Maybe a Juneteenth resolution – in the interest of inclusion or whatever?

The Arizona desert is home to the world’s largest collection of military aircraft. It’s 120 degrees there today. Maybe not the best day to pick-a-part



Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street…with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.

Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.

A clear conscience is the sign of a fuzzy memory.

Share, don’t share, celebrate, don’t celebrate, work, don’t work, it’s all up to you. The forum is yours.

41 thoughts on “Open Forum

  1. I celebrated the traditional summer solstice once by dancing naked, but that got me banned from Wal*Mart … prudish bastards.

  2. Why are so many Trump supporters in jail for 6 months on a trespassing charge that would have a lesser sentence?
    After having the doors held open for them?

    And I’m getting tired of Republicans promoting “Juneteenth” as if it celebrates Republican activity.

    1. Maybe Republicans are as useless as the “conservatives” here. They’ll wail and carry on, and then pretty much cave completely.

      Seeing Trump leave so many of his supporters in the lurch like that was very disappointing. From what I gathered of his pardons at the end, if you were someone who hated him you got one otherwise…..

    2. The current regime is also keeping them there on conspiracy charges. I don’t think that you’ll see them released after a six-month term. They’re political prisoners. They are being held as examples to those who would protest an unjust situation – a rigged election – a collectivist philosophy. They are denied basic rights of discovery, wherein the government is OBLIGED to disclose the videos where they were allowed into the capitol building. The question of ENTRAPMENT looms large, doesn’t it? But if you’re a political prisoner, you’re there not because of the law, but because of a grudge.

      1. A travesty…and this is supposed to be America. Time for a jail break Kickstarter…I’m in for a C-note.

  3. Science tells us that you can’t have more votes than voters. Respect the science.

    1. Hey now, the Woke crowd – a product of our terrific public school indoctrination centers – know that 1+1= Whatever you want, more votes is only equity for the oppressed where they should 2/3/4/10 votes per voter.

        1. Clear as day why Barry promoted that idiocy….and the teacher’s unions love him for it because they’re just as mentally tortured.

  4. Juneteenth – asinine. I guess the great Equity Hologram Potted Plant is really working towards a unified nation by instilling that baloney on America. Then again, Federal employees really needed another paid day off after working so hard for the past 18 months.

    1. Clicked the button too fast…

      BTW, great Semonette yesterday. Hopefully Dad’s Day was enjoyed by all. Dad’s are important, something God knew from Day One, otherwise He wouldn’t have designed man and woman as such.

      Over the weekend Antifa showed up at the Western Conservative Conference in Denver, tried to get into the hotel, were turned away by the big guy’s security (Anitfa/BLM are cowards underneath their black hoodies and face obscuring masks). The cretins still managed to create mayhem as they are paid to do. Crickets from local news. The cops did nothing. WTF (excuse my directness, but at some point the gloves come off). The Dem’s are creating anarchy conditions to keep the good folks distracted, but not all…at some point civil war will be declared on the AH’s and it will get ugly for them. Will they stop their crap? Not until the law is upheld.

      Sidebar: If you haven’t seen “Muscle Shoals” or “The Wrecking Crew”, right up there with “Laurel Canyon”. Amazing talent that evokes that era.

        1. As with most things, a very interesting backstory. There are no overnight successes….10,000 hours axiom.

          1. A college buddy/muscian friend of mine who moved to SoCal a couple of years before I did played session gigs with some of those guys. He was an excellent guitar player, very good song writer, and could have made a *VERY* good living being a session musician. He was offered several gigs with some of the session groups, and turned them all down because his musicians/song writers ego couldn’t bear to play “other people’s music”…..

            Man, talk about opportunity lost, or maybe squandered….

    2. You’re working so that they can take Juneteenth off with pay. And if you don’t want to pay, they’ll take it at the point of a bayonet. What a country – what a celebration of equity.

      1. MrsPaulM is seriously frosted that she pays too much in taxes that goes to this corrupt state and the Biden “resident” administration. Paul said, “If you are able bodied and don’t work you have no right to eat off others labor.” Time to bring that back.

        1. That’s not very woke. Who will pay for the shouters, marchers, looters, and grievance studies professors if not MrsPaulM?

          1. Not us…they can go get a job, I hear there’s plenty of $15 an hour openings flipping burgers. But they like their excuses to be lazy bums.

          2. The only jobs they’re interested in is getting paid not to work – or looting as a bonus to getting paid not to work. Who doesn’t need another pair of Air Jordans?

          3. These “No Work” and “No Show” people on the BigGov teat remind me of the Sopranos. Guess the mob is running things now, but I thought they’d do a better job….

  5. Hollow Victory
    Of the many odious (P)regressive attacks on Colorado residents, Initiative 2020-21 #16 is among the worst. It will shut down animal husbandry in Colorado.

    Yesterday the Colorado Supreme Court, in a 7-0 ruling, blocked it from the ballot. A reprieve, for the moment, but the court found the submittal invalid. They did not rule on the merits.

    No doubt the (P)regressives will be back with another version, soon.

    My hope is this failed initiative has pissed off so many people that Colorado may turn Red in the next election.

    The Denver-Boulder-Suburbs Blue block isn’t invulnerable. Rural Colorado plus Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Grand Junction have enough votes to contest. Pueblo is not a Democrat Party given anymore and many people in the Denver Metro area are restless. Evidence former Congressman Mike Coffman (R) winning the mayoral election in Aurora.

    1. Good to know, hadn’t seen the ruling. Having dinner with a cattle rancher neighbor, curious his take.

      Might be correct in your “red” prediction…Colorado has a couple of strong woman running for governor etc., they are formidable. The Dems tried to destroy Boebert…didn’t work, then The Nan tried to get her banned from The House for carrying…also didn’t work. These gals are smart and young.

      Seems every male political contestant is some useless weasel or weakling, likely because the good men don’t want to run afoul of the same machine that is trying to – once again – destroy Jack Phillips. This Lefty crap is gettin’ old.

      1. Just recently Emperor Polis signed three new gun laws that do nothing for public safety. That might energize Democrat voters to reconsider their choices.

        I agree with you about the male candidates dragging down the GOP ticket. For the most part, country club Republicans with no balls.

        1. I think the Country Club Republicans have had multiple generations’ training on how to lose with style and grace. Dunno if they are interested in learning a new trick???

          1. Both democrats and republicans are hopelessly corrupt. The libertarians would be too if they had power. The song remains the same with human beings – being who they are.

          2. You’d think that someone could have created a form of government that decentralized power and had a balance of power based on it…..

    2. We need more conservatives on the Western Slope. Not in terms of percentages, as it’s already pretty red, but just in terms of more total people.

      Unless, of course, we could find some way around the “Denver Beltway”….

      1. One Western Slope problem is the streak of trust fund snots running from Steamboat Springs threw Aspen and on to Pagosa Springs. Many of the old mining towns have been overtaken by them.

        The ingrained Democrat voting pattern running across the bottom of the state from Trinidad to Cortez is a worthy target. There is a legacy of mining union struggles along with a conservative Hispanic population influenced by what Catholic priests tell them that makes voting Democrat almost a reflex. Doesn’t help most of the business owners and big employers are country club Republicans. Some of the fourth and fifth generations seem to be breaking away from the past.

  6. And would declare that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their creator with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

    That just sounds so racist and homophobic.

  7. To me, the Summer Solstice means the beginning of the Transequitorial Propagation season, along with possibly some Sporadic E propagation. Oh, and it starts getting dark earlier. Sorry, no naked dancing and howling at the full Moon in the backyard.

    Cactus Cooler is OK, if it’s cold enough. Otherwise it’s a bit tart for me. No, I don’t put pineapple on pizza, but otherwise it’s OK.

    Pima is on my bucket list.

    And it’s a gorgeous day here in Northern Colorado. Bright sunshine, scattered clouds, nice breezes (smell the pine trees!) and low 70’s. Pebbles and I completed our walk this afternoon without having to stop in the shade several times, always a good sign.

    1. I think mosquitoes just LOVE the idea of people dancing naked.
      Don’t be a species-ist(or whatever they call themselves).

    2. It was a perfect day here, good coffee walk in crisp morning (48 at our place)…livin’ well is the best revenge. Need to send a few days of it to LL’s area, Lord willing.

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