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The Leaf Sheep

The funny little creatures have the face of a cow or sheep, but a back that looks like a house plant. It’s an animal that can photosynthesize. They’re only about 5 mm long and can be found in shallow marine waters in Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

They look like farm animals, act like plants, and live in the sea!


General Electric GE36

unducted fan


From a place you can not see will come a sound you will not hear.


Promoting a low crime rate


Photos from Jules in Icelandthe land of Red Mist

Jules reports her arrival in the land of fire and ice this morning (US Mountain Standard Time). I asked her if she had eaten a puffin yet…she said, “not yet”. She said that “January in Iceland is cold.”

Very cool…


17 thoughts on “Cool Things

    1. I doubt that she will stay warm. If the plans hold, Jules and her mother (who just had a birthday) are trekking off to stay in a rustic cabin somewhere within striking distance of ice caves and volcanos. The food served there is butter and puffins (local birds), easily caught and then cooked – tasting strongly of fish. It reminds me of a sort of fermented lutefisk preparation.

  1. GE36. My mind told me this was from a while ago but I did not realize it was sooo long. Cancelled in 1989 so working on 34 years ago. Must be having “fun” since time is flying so fast.

    Leaf Sheep. Hopefully the leaf sheep will no make it on o he list of preferred insects to eat. Interesting though, Nature continually surprises us.

    From a place. Oh to have those skills. And your inability to hear would not be due to the suppressor. Hard to hear the gunshot when your cerebellum is scatter over the landscape.

    Hope Jules has an entertaining visit. Stay warm but not too warm.

  2. I never saw the sign. I thought that the entire island was a tax-free zone where the airlines passengers were fleeced to keep the “airport” functioning.

    1. They do like to have you shop in the duty-free area. That never held much appeal for me. I’m not an aggressive shopper.

  3. Garand Thumb recently did a video where they were down range in a trench with audio recording equipment, while different firearms were fired overhead in their direction from a few hundred yards away. Not surprisingly, the crack of a supersonic bullet arrived seconds before the sound of the gunshot. Therefore, a well placed round to the cranium would certainly disable any audio processing of inputs from the anvil and stirrup to the auditory nerve and then to the remaining contents of said cranium.

    As someone too old and not physically able to play run and gun, I am more than happy to sit in a hide a few hundred yards away, picking off targets of opportunity. Plus I have the skills and means to do so.

    My version of the poem goes like this:

    From a man they did not see
    Came a sound they did not hear
    Proof of the enemy’s demise
    Still hangs in the air
    As a puff of pink mist

  4. Might Iceland’s 2008 financial collapse be a model for the USA? Get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank for a start.

    1. The elites are going to ride the Titanic beneath the waves and wave at you as it drops.

    2. Rid of the Federal Reserve?!! What kind of un-democratic crazy anti-American hate talk is that?

      1. Just trying to secure the best bunk next to the unheated barracks stove at the the re-education camp before LL beats me to it.

  5. They cancelled the GE 36 when they couldn’t make a strong enough cup to blend the cocktails in.


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