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Old and New – Name the Aircraft


I’ve been traveling for the past few days, out of the US as things go and I have been SHOCKED at the terror at the thought of getting the plague that seems to have gripped the nation (outside of where I live where there is no plague and there are no riots). I’m serious, it’s downright weird.

And being a jerk, whenever I encounter people who appear to be progressive, I cough, sputter, complain of fever, and they flee. It’s not unlike a leper screaming “UNCLEAN”.

I need to travel abroad to Europe for work, but the travel bans are still in effect. I’m sure that on November 4 (the day after the US general election) that things will return to normal.

When I was a child, plagues ran through schools like the breeze – red measles, German measles, chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough, etc. And they never shut them down.  Why was that? It was the era when we took sugar cubes with vaccine to ward off polio and were pricked with a needle on the arm to ward off small pox. Today, there is a whole new thought process.


General notions

I think that COD aviators are happier.

I’d rather fly the COD

They fly off the deck of the carrier and their crews enjoy liberty in many exotic ports of call. The E-2D crew fly in large circles, always landing back on the aircraft carrier.


Bone Yard


Crew Served Weapon

Re-enactors from the 24th Foot…the First Battalion of the 24th could have used a dozen or two of these on the slopes of Isandlwana on 22nd January 1879.








35 thoughts on “Contemporary Notes

  1. That fear thing has me muttering to myself all too often and, being old and male, I’m supposed to be more scared and nervous than the standard citizen.
    Well, I’m not.
    I remember measle parties for kids – imagine the conniption fits that would create today.

    1. Yes, we had all of those plagues cycle through elementary school and we still survived to graduate from high school and move on to live productive lives. Through Hong Kong Flu and all of the Chinese plagues over the years that swept across the face of the planet. And school was never closed. The world is F-ing insane.

      1. Odd thought – the part of the brain that processes risk assessment supposedly finishes maturing around age 25. Is there something in the environment that is stunting its physical growth and development?

        1. By the time I graduated from high school, I had a paper route, hauled hay, docked sheep, herded cattle (dog did most of the work), mowed lawns and had a root cellar digging business. Today all of those jobs are handled by illegal aliens in most parts of the country. Kids don’t work – for the most part.

  2. Oh the plagues of old. I had chicken pox, measles(both kinds), and was inoculated against polio both Salk and Sabin vaccines as well as smallpox. Never caught the mumps though, and was inoculated against that as well when I was a teen. The HK flu never affected me. Too young to be in danger. I do find myself annoyed by those living in fear, most of whom seem to feel I should be too. At my age, barring disaster, I figure I’m good for another 10-20 years, 30 tops. I’m not about to spend that time cowering in fear.

  3. TOTAL insanity… not too bad in Hillsboro but you still catch a whiff of the fear from time to time.

    Bizarre, eh?

    1. I just don’t get it, LSP. By the way, there is a piece for you in the upcoming Sunday Sermonette.

  4. I don’t feel fear, rather I am quite disappointed of how so many of my countrymen are so easily cowed into submission. Did I say disappointed? Disappointment of the close kind – that’s clue to the only movie I recognize up above.

    An engineering class my brother was in took a field trip from Chico to McClellan. A painted red box surrounded the A-12s parked on the ramp. There were armed guards. Under no circumstances were any students to step into the red box. There is always one clown. No sooner had his foot passed into the box that weapons were drawn on him and he was ordered to drop to the pavement. He was whisked away and not seen for several days.

    1. Oh yes, there’s always somebody who steps into the red box. Sometimes they win Darwin Awards, sometimes they become famous in other ways. In the military they have value because they like to draw fire (bullet sponges).

  5. re: navy air…
    #1 is an EA-6B; note the RAT generators hung on the outer pylons and the dome on top of the rudder…
    #2 is a flavor of F/A-18, either C/D or E/F

    1. An even easier ‘tell’ is the stretched fuselage with room for a crew of four.

  6. I’m guessing The Road,Independence day and Close Encounters. Never seen any of them but I did read the road and thought it was a great book. Movie seldom if ever are as good as the book imo.

    1. #1 was the feature film, “Elysium”, the actor, Sharlto Copley; #2 was the feature film, “Men in Black” and the actor (you can’t see much of him) is Will Smith. You nailed #3.

  7. Been in healthcare 40+ years. Still put in 40 hours a week with almost all of that seeing ED patients. Covid IS real. But more importantly Covid is NOT the existential threat that power hungry politicians and their media whores want us all to believe. It is not the “flu” but it is very much like the flu. And like the flu it is for the vast vast majority of us at most a physical annoyance. The chances of a viable vaccine aren’t zero but not probable. The Coronavirus family has never been one that we’ve had much luck creating a vaccine for. Eventually ALL of us will be exposed to it. That’s a when, not an if. And I have zero doubt that it will magically cease to be N “existential threat” on November 4th when it is no longer politically useful… least at the national level. I suspect a lot of state and local politicians have become addicted to the power they are wielding because of it and won’t want to relinquish that power.

    1. I’m not suggesting that COVID 19 isn’t real. Not at all. I just doubt the wisdom of keeping the nation locked down – essentially forever on behalf of that.

  8. I’m as frustrated as you are. So much BS, all in the ‘interest’ of getting rid of a sitting President… sigh

  9. That’s the EA-6B “Growler” version of the A-6 Intruder, but the F/A-18 doesn’t appear to be the full-on version of the EA-18 “Prowler”. It has some wingtip pods for “stuff”, but I don’t see the rest.

    If things don’t start getting spicy after the election (I’m praying Trump wins again), they I believe the festivities will kick-off in the Spring.

    And I’ll bet The Enemy has some nasty stuff planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas anyway.

    Never saw the rioters go nuts in the winter where it snows, though, which makes me think they have other mischief ready to kick-off…..

    1. Getting into China (and I don’t plan to go) is likely different than re-entering the US…or so I hope. If Biden was elected and the screwballs took over, well, that’s a different scenario, isn’t it. You and I will be fighting over the bottom bunk at the FEMA re-education camp.

        1. You’re already getting the closest ones to the stove, guys!

          Gimme a break. I’ll be freezin’ my a$$ off, and you’ll be by the stove…..

          1. I’ll make sure that WSF doesn’t sell your bowl of gruel to another inmate. He has that sharky car lot closer attitude going, smug about being near the stove and all that.

  10. …and this is just the middle-play from the Lefty Loons, waiting for the other-other-other shoe to drop. It’ll get interesting to say the least.

    “I’m serious, it’s downright weird.”

    About sums it up. When you have the veil lifted you see the weirdness for what it is, besides using your head. The crazy is obvious to a number of us, maybe even a vast majority.

    “And being a jerk, whenever I encounter people who appear to be progressive, I cough, sputter, complain of fever, and they flee. It’s not unlike a leper screaming “UNCLEAN”.”

    Like that guy in the WalMart paint aisle getting verbally accosted and pinned in by – not one – but two Social Distance Sociopaths: “Oh God, another one!”

    hehe – they’re hunting in packs now. Never know, you may turn into a Instagram hero to us normal’s if they live to upload the video.

    The wifely unit (kidding), who deals in virology, has a very hard time not pointing out to the nimrods with their masks on backwards, drives her crazy…let alone that tiny small fact that a lab tech needs to be fully suited-up, yet the mind-numbed out there still wearing masks in the Summer because they are ‘afraid’ somehow manage to torture logic and believe a dust mask or piece of cloth will do ANYTHING, AND EVEN despite the packaging stating that it DOES NOT help with Coronavirus.

    As with the other normal’s here and elsewhere, I’m with ya one this LL…more insanity to come I am sure. Nov. 4 it all ends. (Unless Mr. ‘Let’s Make Government Bigger’ Biden somehow manages to keep his deteriorating brain from short-circuiting and get in, then we’re toast. Heck, he even has Madam Clinton coming out of her cave to spout off…shouldn’t she be in front of some investigatory committee by now squirming in her chair?)

    — Movies on the tip of the brain…can’t quite place them all. Certainly glad – movie or not – #1 is on our side, dude’s loaded for bear.

  11. Name the aircraft:
    Okeydokey. I’m going to call the top one “Ernie” and the bottom one “Bert”.
    Yesterday morning I was (uncharacteristically) walking to my office through a very nice residential neighborhood. Maskless. A balding male jogger in his 50’s, bearded and wearing an N95 mask (floating over his beard) came within 10 feet of me, skidded to a halt, ran across the street, and started yelling at me. “Put on a damn mask!”
    M: “Why would I need a mask walking on this otherwise empty street?”
    SoyBeard: “It’s to protect ME, you idiot!”
    M: “You’re 20 feet away.”
    SoyBeard: “Because you’re an irresponsible idiot!”
    I did not react well. I called him a jackass. He continued on his way.

    I wasn’t thinking. Had I been thinking, I’d have accused him of racism for trying to force a Chinaman to conform to a hateful and hurtful stereotype. But considering the neighborhood, and the man’s appearance, I’m nearly certain he was of a group whose victimhood outweighs anyone else’s victimhood.

    1. Were I Chinese, I’d have him check his privilege and I’d remind him that masks are only for white people. I’d do a lot of virtue signaling and race shaming. I know that you’re capable of doing that. You (unmasked) are allowed to chase him for the purpose of shaming SoyBeard. If you could manage a few coughs and mention Wuhan it would be even better. Just saying. Mentioning Wuhan would work better for you than it would for me. Sure, I can self-identify as Chinese and a truly woke liberal would acknowledge it, but would SoyBeard?

      1. my usual reply is: i don’t need one, i’m not ugly. but by all means continue to wear yours.

  12. I think they’re going to try and force us to wear masks in Preskitt soon. There are a few places, Sprouts, Barley Hound, Park Plaza, that are already requiring masks. I guess that is their right, and my right not to go there until they drop the mask mandate.

    1. I agree. A business can set a standard and it’s proper to be respectful and wear a mask if you want to go there. Or just don’t shop there. Prescott is not draconian the way it is in other parts of the country. I don’t wear a mask but to be honest about it, I do keep a ratty old cotton mask in my shirt pocket in the event that there are fearful people who I need to interact with.

      While the virus is real, it’s being run like a scam. Florida reports 98% positive tests. An investigative reporter infiltrates the scam and finds that at worst its 9% positive – where positive means that at some point in the past you developed antibodies for one of the family of COVID viruses. So they close schools and shutter businesses out of fear.

      AND they will keep the country closed essentially forever until they can institute a socialist paradise where nobody works, but all prosper… SCAM.

  13. Yeah, that’s about what we’re looking at in the School Bus world.

    We don’t even know if we’re going to have public schools in the Fall, yet, and we’re really getting to the point where the imbeciles in government are going to have to make a decision. I expect the private schools will go into session though, and that’s most of my yard’s work.

    Took a bus down for inspection yesterday; they disinfect (clean) the driver’s position before and after the inspection. This is a bus that has sat empty in a dirt field since March 17th. They have a rent-a-cop at the State garage, who asks you a battery of stupid “contagion risk” questions before he lets you sit down in the waiting area… IDK what happens if you answer wrong, I decided to choose the obvious “pass” answers.

    I have to wear a mask (Queen’s proclamation and company policy), and the rent-a-cop is sort of wearing one, but none of the techs are?

    We’re all living in an asylum during the PanicDemic. Or, In suppose we always were, and this just made it obvious.

    P.S. – yeah, Prowler and Growler. IDK the first movie, but the second is Will Smith in one of the MIB movies, and the third is that guy I can’t remember the name of in Close Encounters, I think.

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