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Last Gasp of a Dying Regime : Democrats Fear-Monger in Final Days

Above: There is always the hope that the administrative state will fall to the will of the people, the sun will break through the clouds, and our representatives will genuinely represent instead of working full time to line their own pockets.  A Chinese friend who butchers the Queen’s English called it “erection day” when I spoke to him a few days ago. It may be erection day – or it may not. Our rulers remind us that it may take a week or more to count the votes as they’re “found”.

If you are wealthy, staying warm may not be on your radar during this election cycle but the mess that the Green New Deal Democrats created will impact the bulk of Americans this winter. According to WCBV-TV, “A new UMass Amherst/WCVB poll found 84% of respondents said they were somewhat or very concerned about an increase in their heating bills this winter. Only 4% said they were not concerned at all about the issue.”

The problem is not limited to the US. Our fellow blogger, Jules, lives in England and reports that heating costs tripled and are poised to triple again during this winter. She said that she dropped her thermostat to 18C and is wearing a sweater.

Closer to home in my place, where I admittedly have the option of heating with wood, the thermostat is set at 62 and I wear a hoodie. I primarily heat with propane. My on-demand water heater is also powered by propane as is the Wolf stove. I pre-bought propane in August to cover me for the winter and when I look at consumption (augmented by wood), I’m in ok shape. Wood is free. Greenwood is split and ready for NEXT year. If I’m busy, I can’t tend the fire in the fireplace and keep it going. It’s simply not practical.

How important is the heating problem this year with a democrat-engineered crisis? How stupid are American voters? It all will play out.


Bullet Points:

* The Brandon regime welcomes 6,200 new illegal aliens into the US every day. They qualify for welfare, of course, and your federal government can afford to be generous as it prints money that becomes increasingly worthless every day.

* I received mail-in ballots to vote in the election in California at two of my daughter’s homes. I also received a ballot at a home that I rented 4 years ago while working on the White Wolf Mine. I guess that if I voted early and often enough, I could make a difference there. Arizona is far more careful.

* Americans bought more than 1.2 million new firearms in October 2022.

* Pres. Reagan said that the first and great commandment was, “Thou shalt not criticize thy fellow Republicans”. And if I was a Republican I might have to keep my mouth shut… But Oprah Winfrey’s little pet, Mehmet Cengiz Öz, known professionally as Dr. Oz, is only fractionally better than the born loser and brain-dead stroke victim, John Karl Fetterman, who is unable to form a coherent sentence without handlers doing it for him. Mehmet Öz. Really? That was the best that the Republican Party could come up with. Was Phillip (Dr. Phil) McGraw available to run against Oz on the Democrat ticket? You could have had the entire Oprah menagerie on the stage at the same time – how woke! Neither Oprah nor her three-ring circus ever did much for me.

* Project Veritas sent one of its operators into Senator Mark Kelly’s (D-AZ) operation. The campaign worker coached the new canvasser to misrepresent Kelly’s abortion stance in order to woo Republicans and independents.  Murdering a baby at the moment of birth has very little appeal to most people.

* Don’t forget to vote. If dead people can do it, so can you.


The Firing Line

It’s like kryptonite to democrats and their shills.


Cartoon of the Day


39 thoughts on “Election Day!

  1. I have an extremely liberal medic who works under me. He has already started “the republicans cheated somehow” mantra. My how quickly they pivot from you must trust the vote! To quote Jerry Clower as Marcel was helping the sheriff write down potential voter names in the cemetery; “the people on this side of the cemetery have just as much right to vote as those do over there!”

    1. If people are unhappy with the results of the past two years of democrat hegemony and want something better, it has to be a cheat… Frankly, and we’re not going to get this from the mid-term, it would be nice to know definitively who is running the Executive Branch of government.

  2. Today I’ll be in the Shop, working to keep my mind from the stupid blathering-on election fray. Praying it doesn’t go south as we can’t take much more of this Build Backwards Beyond Repair debacle at the hands of incompetent’s driven by Constitution haters who have fundamentally changed America into their moronic elitist junkyard dumpster fire simply because they have some bored egoist mentality to fiddle with things until they are completely destroyed.

    Yesterday afternoon a neighboring road had a semi flatbed come off a soft corner. Took five hours for us to do the recovery…we never once thought about the asinine “maybe it’ll be stolen again because that’s Democrat normal” potentially coming our way. Really odd considering the circumstances, but it was five hours of relief from the manufactured crazy…like getting ‘hit with a bat is better than a sharp stick in the eye’ weird that we have been forced to become accustomed at the hands of treasonous anarchists. Later read the DOJ was deployed to 64 counties in 24 cities. Really!? And to do what, exactly? Bums.

    This better end well today…please, Lord, make it so, [real] American’s can’t take any more of this Democrat Utopian Idiocy.

        1. What (pray tell) do National Guard cyber units do during an election? I’ve thought about that and I come up with – nothing.

          1. They have been deployed to maintain control of Republican objectors so the cheaters can continue without oversight. Totally illegal, but the Dem’s are operating as dictatorships in each of these states.

            Cynical? At this point it’s more like truth. If I got an order from a superior to deploy to an election site I’d resign immediately.

        2. RR- The promoted lie that electronic voting machines could not be hacked in realtime was debunked yesterday with that Politico (geez) “expose'”. Yup, years behind the curve, written by lefties, which not coincidentally works to their projection narrative that the R’s will “try to steal the election”…this time around. Because they know they will lose bigly.

          But we knew this.

          1. Paper ballots, dip the fingers of the voters in ink so that they can’t vote twice, and demand valid ID. The French system works. So does the Mexican system.

          2. Just heard AZ ballot tally machines are down in some precincts, voters told to drop their ballot “in this box” and it’ll be taken to the Clerk for counting. Must be something in the Not-A-Vax they believe makes people more gullible.

          3. I’ve already voted. However, what do you do in that situation? It’s all a “trusted system”. If you go and find another box to drop it in somewhere else, who knows if that box will end up used as fuel for weenies and marshmallows after work?

  3. We will be able to describe the midterms with a wide variety of adjectives. Honest will NOT be one of them. And of course the commie left is howling about the “cheating” the GOP must be doing. It’s another example of one of their most often used and favored tactics. “Projection”. Where they loudly and insistently claim that their opponents are doing the things that THEY are actually doing.

    1. Indeed. I’m not a fan of Sigmund Freud, but he does deserve credit for “formalizing” the concept of projection. Now when you take “projection” and “Oedipus Complex” and put them together, makes you wonder about his personal life, don’t it? Strange how some supposedly high-IQ people are so very very much screwed up.

      1. If you look at any elite component of any population, you seem to find that they represent the most decadent and debase portion of that society. Epstein’s Island would have fit perfectly with ancient Rome, Persia, etc.

  4. What the heck is that thing on the upper right at the firing line?

    Looks like it started life as some sort of pistol…


      1. I’ve seen pictures of pickups that had layers and layers of chrome doodads added on. They start looking bizarre at some point, but the tinkering keeps on keeping on.
        If it’s their money, no one gets hurt, and it’s what they want to do…..shrug.

    1. Over Halloween a 12-year-old assembled the damaged-parts bin at the gun store, creating Frankenstein’s Mauser

  5. Funny how in the old days (2000), ALL votes were counted by midnight (except the hanging chads), but today, with all these ‘advancements’ it now takes 2-3 days???

    Nice selection of ‘freedom seed’ dispensers there!

  6. “Only 4% said they were not concerned at all about the issue.”

    I’m in that 4% (except for not being polled) but not because of wealth, rather geography. The coldest day in recent memory was a January Saturday back around 2010 when we were enrolled in a pistol class. They cancelled the class early on and the high for the day hit 34. I think that was the last time I turned on the central heat. The system was replaced three years ago and I don’t remember how low it could be set. I’m thinking 66.

    My highest bill of the year is usually paying for August.

    1. It just depends on where you are. We’re between 70 and 80 every day in August with the lows somewhere around 60 and dry air.

  7. The vote doesn’t matter in Georgia. We are still using the crooked Dominion voting machines.

  8. After getting clobbered our first Winter here, I “calibrated” the thermostats to maintain about 74* in the house. This year I went back and dialed them down so they hold about 71*. It takes time and patience to get them adjusted, as with electric baseboard heat you make an adjustment, and then wait several hours to see how it affected the house temperature. Most people don’t do that, and wind up chasing the thermostat all over the dial as the house temperature responds much slower than turning the dial. And yeah, I wear a jacket or a “shop coat” inside a lot these days.

    My son got a ballot to vote in the Kalifornia election. It was forwarded here by the USPS. He’s a 100% full-time Colorado resident now, fully documented, and still got a ballot. Amazing.

    I’ve had that Far Side cartoon in a frame since the late 1970’s…..

    1. Hit 60 degrees as I came in for lunch…gotta love days like this. That’ll change tonight, 20 and snowy in Pinedale and that’s heading our way.

      Radiant floor powered by an ElectroBoiler (100% efficient in a radiant system, no lag, and despite Tri-State Generation & Staehouse Dem’s best efforts to wreck our reasonable power with W&S over coal, we still have decent electric rates). Woodstove going low ebb most cold days to maintain the daytime interior temps at 68-70, but married to a Scandinavian so the bedroom window is wide open at night regardless of outside temp.

      1. My Scandinavian (for values of “mine” as it turned out) liked to crank the heat way up. “It’s my Reynaud’s Syndrome” she’d say. Or maybe it was that a 175/54 girl has too much radiating surface relative to heat-generating core. Whatever the reason, not my problem any more. (Not that I’m bitter or anything 😉)

        1. I’m sorry that your portable warming Scandanavian didn’t work out for you. Her loss.

      2. Yep, just beautiful today. Did some yard work, and took my old car out for a two-hour drive up in the canyons. I’ll try and do the same tomorrow, as nice driving days are gonna get pretty scarce pretty soon!

    2. I’m fully documented and I’ve been out of the People’s Republik of Kalifornia for 4 years as of Jan 1. And they want me to vote early and often. That state is broken.

      1. VERY broken, as we both know. I couldn’t believe how much it changed (and not for the better!) in the 35 years I lived there.

  9. The media are already laying the groundwork for the steal: Repubs will take a commanding lead and then the late-night (Days or weeks) mail-in ballot dumps will push all the dems out in front. Just like in 2020.

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