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Some of you bloggers out there may recall Candle Wyldfire (also known as Candle), a free spirited, vegan blogger, who worked hard to fight against injustice to womyn everywhere. (link to blog)
I hadn’t spoken to Candle for a long time, but I’m one of the few bloggers who met Candle face-to-face in her holistic temple to Gaea in the Virginia hardwood forests. I received an e-mail that Candle is still very much alive and is now writing again — but not on a blog this time.

Candle’s Hardcore Anti-Racism Guide is now live on the Internet at in Kindle format. It’s 14 pages of Candle’s philosophy. If you missed the blog, you may not want to miss the cyber book. Candle assured me that no electrons were harmed in the creation of this masterpiece.

I am not endorsing this .99 cyber pamphlet, but if you remember Candle, you have the opportunity to read one copy free as an Amazon Prime member (in the ‘borrow the book’ mode).

12 thoughts on “Candle Wyldfire

  1. And WHO could forget Candle? Candle is one of the most masterful trolls on the internets.

  2. Hello Opus Six, glad to see you are still out there. I've been the fairest of fair weather friends for the last few years (I'm sorry). I will try to drop by more often.

    The thing is, when I was writing all the time I had this job where they paid me to show up and get paid for it. Now this other place wants me to work. I know, right?

    Take care,

    (Big thanks Larry for the plug, even if you are a patriarchal male personification of atavistic oppression)

  3. . . . . atavistic oppression. Wow, cool. Nobody ever says things like that to me.

  4. You must not spend much time dancing naked under the moon during the Summer Solstice.

  5. I've met some eclectic bloggers, Juliette. Some in person. Some who visit this blog are long time friends (WoFat being one of that number). I don't think any are as eclectic as Candle.

  6. Do you think that people crawled out of the woodwork and they whispered into Candle's brain, set her on a treadmill and made her change her name from Stella Liebowitz to "Candle"?

    I guess that it's possible.

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