(Captioned above – what’s not to love about a talking Raccoon and a baby talking tree?)


Charge the guns!


It took a great deal of courage to take up your musket and charge an enemy battery firing canister shot (grapeshot).


The Pandemic Lock-Down – Notice: it will continue until September…


If everyone started wearing TRUMP 2020 masks, I suspect that the politicians and the media would tell us that masks are not necessary.


CW Swansonthe later years



Is your society healthy and living, or is it dying? It’s a question worth asking. The follow up is naturally “why is it living or why is it dying?” – cause and effect.


  1. Ha, I’m working on making the later years memorable years, but Mrs. CW keeps putting the brake on my genius ideas.

    • At least you snuck the car past her eagle-like gaze. I’m guessing that she likes driving it as much as you do.

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