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55th Speaker of the House – up for grabs?

It’s unclear if former President Trump will again run for the Oval Office in 2024.

But another question is whether Mr. Trump may care to be Speaker of the House when the new Congress begins on Jan. 3, 2023.

Some of that conjecture started to churn again over the weekend when the former president held a campaign-style rally in Wellington, Ohio. Another one is coming up in Sarasota, FL this weekend.

This all got stirred up recently when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., appeared to suggest during an interview on Fox that the former president wanted to be speaker, should Republicans claim control of the House in the 2022 midterms.

But whether or not President Trump could emerge as the 55th speaker of the House raises a very interesting question: could it actually happen?

He is popular enough in Florida to win a seat in the House – and if the Republicans swept in with a majority, Pelosi would be out.

That would make President Trump third in line for the presidency should Joe die of a stroke and Camela slip on a banana peel.

And what might happen to the treacherous Republican members of Congress?



Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) put out ads in an effort to find somebody who would help him re-brand himself in the wake of the scandal he found himself in. He was having sex with a Chinese spy (Fang Fang), now fled back to China to get a medal. She deserved a medal for banging Swalwell.

Not that having intimate relations with an enemy spy would get him kicked off the House Intelligence Committee – perish the thought! But even someone as dumb as Swalwell understands that the snickers behind his back continue.

The re-branding effort also caused a bit of a flap and Google buried it from searches, but it’s out there if you care. Nobody knows what his new brand will be. He’s tried a beard, but that makes him look even dumber than before. Maybe a Mohawk, or is that cultural appropriation?


You will never fully get the meme above until you’re around sheep for any period of time.



She’s a national embarrassment.


A View of the Past

You can mirror Hillary and say “at this point, what difference does it make?” And we’re a long way from a do-over at this point, I agree. But I will ask you whether the Republic can exist with this situation in play?

I know, we don’t have much of a Republic.


A True Story


Woke Olympics

29 thoughts on “Politics

  1. Read somewhere that it takes a lot of people, working at a lot of different jobs, to make civilization work. I think of the roads, railroad, bridges, etc that make up the infrastructure plus the people who create, fix, and use these to move stuff from point A to point B as the civilian version of logistics.
    And….we have a bunch of self-appointed elites who have studied politics, but have no clue about logistics. In other words they’re amateurs, not professionals.
    I remember when the USSR had crops rotting on the ground while people were starving, because the USSR did not have the wherewithal to move the food around; and I wonder if we are heading in the same direction.

    1. All true.
      Most progs don’t know where the food comes from or how it’s moved from point A to B. Their astonishing ignorance explains why they’re always so hard on farmers and ranchers.

      1. Which makes the sad tale in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy about the civilization that got rid of all of the ‘useless’ people like the telephone sanitizers (sent them to Earth) and then died because of disease spread by telephones.

        Civilization is a great, wild, collection of seemingly unconnected things that mesh together to allow people to live together.

  2. @True story: I really like your humour.
    By the way, black humour is like food.
    Not everyone gets it.

  3. Should Mr. Trump run in ’24? Maybe. A younger man may be a better choice. I do like the idea of a Speaker Trump. He would really stir things up and upset the left.

    1. Speaker Trump would make me watch the TV news again! Their ratings would soar.

      1. Trump, now, is still more vibrant and energetic and active and intelligent than SloJo or Obamski when they were 50ish.

        He’s got the healthy lifestyle going for him, so, well, 4 more years and then take over the Senate or House.

  4. unrelated, i apologize in advance…just told by an o-6 friend that every major command in the va guard is deploying overseas to one place or the other. last load out in december. there will be zero available for state emergency. are tptb getting them out of the way for what’s coming? he thinks so. very bad omen for 2022. i’ll be loading more mags this weekend.

    1. Load more mags. The communists have a window and it might very well end at the mid-term election.

      1. I need to BUY more magazines. All I have are the brain-dead, Kommiefornia-Approved, 10-round ones. We can legally own 15-round mags here, but good luck finding some good quality ones. I like PMAG, but I don’t think they make 15-round mags.

        The 30-round mags are grandfathered in, but you need a valid paper trail to “own” them.

        1. “The 30-round mags are grandfathered in…”

          Likely you recall this back in Kalifornia. Tough to enforce as none of the mags had any serial numbers. When I still had my FFL there, it was legal to repair/replace an existing grandfathered mag. There was brisk commerce in un-assembled “magazine repair kits” consisting of a mag body, spring, follower, and floor plate. You could have as many of those on hand as you could afford. I have no idea what the current “law” is. Don’t really care.

  5. You about covered the current state of affairs; control of the masses, useless do-nothings in congress who are outright HARMING America and getting away with it (for now), jailed citizens for speaking out against the cheat, the true President having a YUGE rally (this weekends should be more epic)…and he looks great and energized for a 75 yo…I want that Covid treatment he got! Harris may be the same to Biden as he was to Obama, insurance.

    I’d add to the scumbaggery list that the Bide-Bum administration cancelled the Mount Rushmore Fourth of July/Independence Day celebration — because they run the park therefore can. Proves they will stoop lower than a snakes belly, scum of the highest order. No wonder that moronic THIRD-PLACE Olympic-level Hammer Thrower hates America…she represents THAT crowd, the losers who think they got gypped but still deserve to be in the limelight.

    Trump as Speaker. Great thought, regain the office by the backdoor, beat the Dem’s at their own subversive game. There is always a chink in the armor, problem is the seditious traitorous Dem’s have more than a year to fix the Mid-Terms, unless these vote recounts can be kept secure enough to show how the Nov. 3rd election was flat out stolen, resulting in secure election – in person with paper ballots!

    The Dem’s ONLY play is to generate anarchy, they have nothing else to offer.

    Situation Awareness (True Story)- Need more of that, not be swayed by what’s right in front of us but to “see the forest for the trees”…everything is sales and marketing, and lies.

    1. The NY NY election debacle may give form to paper ballots with a signature, a photograph, a thumbprint, and a drop of blood. The Donkeys are kicking each other to death to steal that election. High drama.

      1. After a while rats start eating each other. One can only hope this election idiocy backfires on them like them trying to pin “de-fund the police” on the good people.

        This latest 3 year long fishing expedition to “get Trump”, with the circus starting today, by that piece of garbage New York AG will fail miserably. Thing is, losses do not dissuade the scumbags from continuing in their agenda driven skullduggery.

  6. Fang Fang deserves more than a medal. All she’s gotten so far is hours in the shower rocking back and forth muttering, “never be clean” over and over.

    More to the first point, someone pointed out that the Speaker of the House doesn’t actually have to be a member of the house. If the Stupid Party takes back the house, they can just vote him the title. There has been some talk around the state of Trump running to be the representative from Palm Beach – a very blue county – but I can’t see Trump wanting to be second fiddle to anyone. Apparently that’s not necessary.

      1. He can lead an impeachment of Biden, then Harris, and he’s back at #1

  7. One of my favorite Jewish jokes::
    An old New York rabbi is visiting family in Texas.
    His family takes him out to visit an honest to goodness Texas cow ranch.
    The owner of the ranch is giving him the cook’s tour of the home ranch.
    At one point the rabbi asks, “How big is your ranch”?
    The owner replies that the ranch is so big that it would take all day to drive around the perimeter.
    The rabbi responds, ” Ach. Yes. I have owned a car like that, too”!

    I am also fond of the story of the Rabbi, the Minister, and the Priest going skinny-dipping and having their clothes stolen.
    LSP could probably knows that one.

  8. Amazing that the cheat has been exposed in an election between Democrats in NYC.

    If they can find 130,000 fake votes in just a city election, what does that say about the national election?

    Me? I want to dip my thumb into purple ink. One person, one vote only. Like it was intended.

    1. Beans, right on! I would glady have a purple thumb (or finger) to show that I voted. Especially instead of one of those stupid stickers.

      1. Dipping the middle finger would be more appropriate considering the last election, in my opinion.

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