“… and as he stared at the sky and listened to a cow mooing almost dreamily in a distant village, he tried to understand what it all meant — the sky, and the fields, and the humming telegraph pole; he felt that he was just at the point of understanding it when his head started to spin and the lucid languor of the moment became intolerable…”  —Vladimir Nabokov


It’s still Memorial Day…


Identify the Aircraft


The Thin Blue Line

Larry B.  Lambert©


White walls, and machines in a sterile environment. Monitors beep and chirp in the hospital’s nursery. Babies in incubators, in bassinets, screaming, cooing, and just looking around, being babies. Nurses in starched white uniforms check the infants who are in distress. If they are not wet and they are not hungry, they are carried into another room where nurses wearing khaki set them in specially monitored cribs that mimic incubators. Sensors track the baby’s moods.


Children are fighting over toys. One child picks up a metal locomotive and strikes another one on the head. Blood flows freely. The injured child grabs the train and smacks the offending child with it over and over again. Their blood blends. The first child retreats while the one first injured pursues. Cameras overhead carefully record similar events as they unfold.

Monitors wearing starched uniforms separate the more aggressive children from those who are passive, or who lose in the battles for possession of the most desirable toys.


The classroom has many high-tech features, but students are not using those today. They are studying from books, old school retro style, surrounded by a world of pads, screens and keyboards. They scratch answers on paper with pens. Scanners record their eye movements. The students whose eyes stray to their neighbor’s paper fail the test and they are culled from the classroom.


It is a time of devotion. Young children, dressed in identical uniforms sit on wooden benches under a massive stained glass window portraying Christ’s return in power and glory. They sing, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” and their young voices combine together in a lovely choir. A priest invites them and they all recite ‘the Lord’s Prayer’.


A boy and a girl stand in a tall room that reminds us of a cylinder set on end. Both hold knives and they behave as if they know what’s going to happen. Their expressions are determined and fierce. Other boys and girls look down on them from above. The test monitors those above and the two in the arena below.

Two large, savage dogs with a feral gleam to their eyes are released below and immediately begin to attack the boy and girl, who work in concert to defend themselves. Sometimes the slashing fangs draw blood, sometimes it’s the knives. The key to survival for the boy and girl is teamwork.

As the girl goes down to a concerted attack by the dogs, one of the boys above in the gallery averts his eyes. Maybe he knew and liked the girl, who has just had her throat ripped out. People watching his behavior on a monitor wear black, unadorned, military-style uniforms and take notes. He is culled from the group.


Live fire exercises are the only truly effective training evolutions when they are used against living targets.


Doctors work in an operating room, installing biomechanics devices into young men and women, whose faces are covered by oxygen masks. They will not become cybernetic organisms in the classic sense. They are enhanced by the need for efficient field work in the face of what can be daunting odds.

Their blood is augmented by Pathway, a synthetic blood additive, laced with microscopic machines called nannites. The new, improved blood, delivers more oxygen and accelerates the processes of mitochondria, leading to much faster reaction times, improved muscle strength, and a capacity to evaluate problems much more quickly than unaided humans. Where normal humans take seconds to make decisions and carry out plans of action, they can do it in fractions of a second.


It’s graduation day and out of several tens of thousand babies that had initially been screened, there are fourteen law keepers ready to begin practical public service. Oddly enough the concept of the modern peace officer in 2045, of which these young men and women are a part, began with the “one riot-one ranger” legend. They stand completely still when at attention. Not a blink of an eye, not the twitch of a finger. Their uniforms are navy blue. Their chests are adorned by a silver badge, polished to the point of being lustrous. There are no name tags. None are necessary. There is no medal for marksmanship. All are experts. There is no identifying number, for they are one.

They can be differentiated only slightly by genetic background, but the single thing that they allow themselves of an individualized nature is a tattoo on their left forearm. Each has chosen a distinctive theme that appeals to them personally. We are drawn to a fierce young man whose tattoo is that of blind justice, holding a sword in one hand and the turbaned, bearded, and completely severed head of a dead Muslim in the other. The scales are conspicuously absent. Under the image are the words, “Blessed are the peace officers for they shall be called the Children of God.”


  1. What Surly said. Was a dog in the air. The P-80 was a vast improvement as a 1st gen jet fighter. But it flew. And could be used as a trainer, before the training version of the P-80 came online quickly.

    Your timeline sounds like the plot for Tom Kratman’s “Caliphate.” Normally I like Kratman’s books, but, whooo doggie, that book is dark. Deepest dark. Highly recommend it, along with “The Idiot’s guide to the Crusades.” Both are very instructive.

    People don’t realize the depth of lack of control involved in islam. And the four states of being non-islamic in the caliphate or the dar-al-Islam. Convert, taxed, slaved, dead. That’s it.

    France just had some islamist stab a bunch of kids and parents. But authorities don’t know the reason why… Yeah they do. The French people are slow to boil but when they do, well, it isn’t good. Feckless leaders, feckless commanders, feckless politicians, but like the average American, the average Frenchman is a man of faith and conviction. Expect to see a groundswelling of anti-muslim sentiment to sweep the nation.

    • The backlash to the importation of military-age (hard-core unemployable) Muslim males in France is evident across the country. The need to feed and house the “foreign guests” has caused the French government to raise the national retirement age. The French public sees that they’re going to have to work longer and give up more for the sake of these parasites and there have been massive protests. The go-woke/go-broke cycle forces the public to face reality.

    • The only surprising thing about the playground knifings is that we haven’t seen any any planetary wide warning from “our” elites not to blame the moderate Muslims.

      • I lived in a good neighborhood in Southern California. A “moderate mosque” was constructed about 300 yards away and all of the homes around me were purchased by Muslims as they came up for sale. I’ve reported here on this blog that there were some minor clashes with the new moderate Muslims. The San Bernardino shooters (2015) attended there at times – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_San_Bernardino_attack. The media covered the mass murder at Christmas then but I can’t see them covering it today because of the demographic involved on the part of the shooters.

        Roughly half of the people who attended there were jihadis at different levels of radicalization.

        When I sold my house, I sold it to mostly peaceful Muslims, and left for Arizona.

  2. 2017-2035- You are not too far off in The Darkness projection.

    Seems TPTB want to head us straight into Revelation 6 thinking they will be immune from God’s ultimate judgement, calling their depravity good while half the people fall under their spell and the other half maintain their righteous readiness.

    Trump’s [s$$t show] Indictment is another 60d nail in America’s coffin from The Darkness…

    We have the espionage documents but you can’t know or see the documents because it’s a secret of what we’re actually indicting him on…stuff we made up…neener, neener.


    They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING….another False Russian Collusion charade, only on steroids. A political hit job. Yet HRC/Biden/Hunter doing actual crimes…Ahh, nothing to see there, just bad judgement.

    Pushing the semi-sleeping dog towards civil war. They will lose…but are deluded into thinking they are immune.

    • Every century has its wannabe hyperanthropos. Last time around, the Germans picked up the title and tried running with it. Didn’t work out so well for them.

      • True…unfortunately those failures never seems to stop them from trying.

        America is heading off the rails from these nuts despite somehow making it around the big curve in heavy lean-over. Now the bridge over the chasm is out – likely by the same people who blew up the Ukrainian dam and Nord Stream pipeline – and these Cretins In Charge are adding fuel to the dumpster fire, accelerating with reckless abandon all the while telling us we have no say.

        Getting stupider than I could have ever imagined. But – as you said – that’s what The Tyrannical do, recycling their generational insanity.

  3. Who benefits from enforced Islamophilia? Generally not the members of the dominant (population percentage-wise) group. Whose fortunes improved after Muslim occupation of the Iberian peninsula? We were taught in school (1970’s) that the Reconquista was a matter of ignorant and violent Christian savages destroying the wise, enlightened and pan-tolerant Muslim civilization under which minority groups were nurtured, protected, and allowed to flourish. When the bloody-handed Christians stormed in, they cruelly persecuted those poor minorities.

    Right now the gate openers are in charge. Have hijacked the West. Perhaps the West will be reborn hard, and revitalize itself. If so, centuries from now, schoolchildren in that New West, which has finally become comfortable again, those children will be taught that those who rebuilt the West were bloody handed intolerant monsters.

  4. That timeline will NOT work here unless there are massive ‘changes’ in who is in charge… just sayin… And that bird is in the Smithsonian Air and Space. VERY basic cockpit, that thing wasn’t even instrumented for IFR flight, but it flew less than 60 hours total…

  5. Well written.

    In Canada, right now, sons and daughters are trying and often succeeding in killing their old and costly parents.

    This is freedom, tolerance and mercy, we’re told. By who? Satan.


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