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Reported that the only person arrested at the J6 protest on Saturday was an undercover police officer. More here

“Are you undercover?” the officers asked the masked man, who gave them a badge.

“I guess not anymore.”

It might have been better if they just showed up to the rally in uniform.


French Diplomatic Relations with the USA

The French government has immediately recalled its ambassadors to the US and Australia for consultation, in response to America’s recently announced national security partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia which specifically excluded France.

France stands to lose the equivalent of $65 billion US dollars from an existing deal to provide Australia with conventional, diesel-powered submarines.

The canceled deal with France, a major global weapons exporter, is expected to make a significant economic impact on the French defense sector. France also stands to lose out strategically in the Indo-Pacific, where the country holds significant interests.

On Thursday, after the nuclear-powered submarine deal with the US and the UK was announced, Australia formally announced it would be withdrawing from its previous contract for conventional submarines with France.

The deal with Paris had been in the works for years.

Australia previously planned to acquire 12 conventional attack-class submarines from the French shipbuilder Naval Group, which successfully beat out competing for German and Japanese bids in 2016.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said he was “angry and bitter” about Australia’s new submarine agreement.

“This isn’t done between allies. It’s really a stab in the back,” he added.


Toys are Critical Infrastructure


  1. 09.18.21. A massive dud. Glad no normal thinking people didn’t fall for that psyop rabble generator.

    You sure that’s not a gay mens picnic photo or a Bachelorette photo shoot? Fit, nice hair (Newsome would be proud to have them as pals), decent attire combos…you know, the usual signs. Altho the same-o sunglasses are a dead giveaway.

    Nice tire and wheel combo…and the personal protection device leaning against it.

  2. Ha! We think as one. Good work, Feds, foiling the INSURRECTION.

    Seriously? They look like they’re about to head off to Dupont Circle.

  3. Australia went shopping to the US and backed out of the deal with France because France was forking them, with cost overruns even before any keels were laid that would make a US defense contractor blush with shame, and also pushing completion date of the contract from 2035 to mid 2050’s.

    So, well, France forked itself. The withdrawal clause was in the contract, failure by either country is an allowable excuse to flush said contract. If the Aussies failed to pony up money, France could have flushed the contract.

    Seriously, who cares about the political France? They can’t even control internal terrorism by military-aged men of middle eastern muslim origins. I mean, it’s not the old ladies burning churches and slitting throats right and left. It’s not the fat white kids, nor the soccer hooligans from England or bands of goose-stepping youths from Germany. EVERY TERRORIST ATTACK HAS BEEN MILITARY-AGED MEN OF MIDDLE EAST ORIGINS WHO ARE ALSO FOLLOWERS OF THE RELIGION OF PIECES. Not wayward Calvinists, or Huguenots or radicalized Catholics, no bands of Poor Clares or Franciscans thrashing the world. Nope.

    Hey, France, fix yourself or get forked. Don’t care.

    It’s like, well, the rebuilding of Notre Dame de Paris. Lotsa French money promised. Guess who’s donated most of the actual money being used to rebuild it after the ‘accidental fire’ (which I do believe isn’t accidental at all)? It’s money from the Etats Unis, as usual. As usual, we’re bailing out post-Bourbon France. Money that could be used to rebuild American holy sites and American churches, but, nooooo, rich froggies promised beaucoup francs and as usual have not given much at all. The Provincial French people? They’ve donated francs and sou, but it’s American cold hard dollars and centst that’s rebuilding the cathedral.

    Copulate modern France.

    • Bands of goose-stepping youths from Germany? In France?
      Where would you find a sufficient number of said goose-steppers among the adipose and brainwashed youth of Germany?

      The post-WWII ‘democratic re-education programs’ run by the western Allies for Germany have worked so well that after only two generations the mainstream of the German population has turned deeply apathetic to all matters political as long as they can go on vacation at least two times per year and are equipped with the latest cell phone.

      Most of our youths deeply adore Obama (because ‘he is sooo cool’), ignore the encroachment by Islam and are voting fodder for the Green Party.

      Sorry to disappoint you but you will have to procure the goose-steppers from somewhere else. Germany is all sold out.

      • I know how damaging the whole Green thing has been to Germany. Sigh.

        I was hoping, somewhat, that reunification of Germany would cause at lease some butts to pucker in France.

        Sad that your nation has been taken over by watermelons. You know, green on the outside, red on the inside.

    • Who cares about the political United States? Those morons voted in Biden and Harris! They send people like Chuck Schumer, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, and Little Dick Blumenthal to Congress, repeatedly. Man, they deserve all the shit coming to them. Losers. The US can’t control mobs of Blacks and useful-idiot whites (and fellow whites – check out the people Rittenhouse shot) openly looting businesses, committing battery on random passerby, and committing arson. Not only is the US incapable of controlling its borders, the US is actively importing unskilled, uneducated and unassimilable persons by the tens of thousands from Central America, Haiti, Somalia, “Syria”, Afghanistan, you name it. The US abandons its citizens in God-forsaken shitholes to be literally beheaded, untrustworthy coward bastards. Screw those guys! Amirite?

      Hell no. The remnants of the West have to stick together. (And I can’t believe a Chinaman has to say this, FFS.) The good people of France profonde despise and hate their globalist rulers as much as we despise ours. Present-day France may be run by wicked fools and traitors, but France of the real-world is also the land of Charles Martel, and of Lafayette, and their spirit is not dead. Not quite yet. The France of saga-time is the land of Charlemagne, and of Roland and his companions who laid down their lives fighting the paynim and so passed from life into glorious legend. France is important to the West.

      Same goes for Scandinavia. Same goes for Germany.

  4. I need to get a rear sight on my snotgun. And some sort of extra round carrier. Damned tacticool adjustable stock, can’t put a simple sleeve on it.

    Ah, well.

      • Sadly, it’s a snot-gun designed for short range blasting. I’ve got a white line painted on the top of the action, but still at least a set of buckhorns or something. But the top isn’t drilled and threaded, so any addition would have to be with either some aftermarket sight clamp or by getting said receiver drilled and threaded and, well, then I’d need a decent red dot or something because my right eye is, as they say, forked for precise vision. Bleh.

    • I have Mesa Tac sidesaddles on both my Mossbergs. They’re a little heavier than the standard plastic fantastic carriers, being made out of billet aluminum, but they are quite durable. Mesa Taco includes all parts and instructions necessary for installation, and when I lost some of the mounting hardware, they sent a full replacement set free of charge (despite repeated offers to pay for it on my part – they even ate the shipping cost). I’m a fan.

      • I have a side saddle on my 870, along with a red-dot sight. My 1100 has a rifled barrel and a Nikon “Slug Hunter” scope with BDC dots on the reticule. It’s zeroed at 100 yds, but is accurate out to ~150 yds.

  5. One of the best things about the submarine deal is it’s got all the right people worked up into a frothing rage, and showing how insane they are.

    • problem is australia shouldn’t be trusted with u.s. nuke subs at this point in their political situation. by the time we get them delivered china will own them.

      • China will own us at this rate. They own the Jo/Ho, key members of Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Disney is progressive enough to be said to be Chinese…

      • I don’t see what your problem with Australia is. It appears you are the pot calling the kettle black. The PRC/CCP already own the United States, through Jo, Ho, Schumer, Pelosi, Shifty Schiff, and the PRC/CCPs solely owned spy, Swalwell. They also, it appears, own the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and probably a lot of the other Flag Officers too. They probably own more politicians, military officers, and the heads of big business, that just have not been exposed yet.

  6. The French sub deal was a dead man walking, everyone knew it.

    However, that is no reason to deliberately (or blindingly incompetently) insult France, by letting them know about it with just enough advance warning to turn on the TV.

    France has never recalled their US ambassador before.

    Remember when the Joe/Ho administration was universally hailed as a return to smooth professional diplomacy by adults? Yeah.

    Too bad none of the Propaganda Pool will call them on it.


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