The Supreme Court weighs the question of whether a coach’s private prayer constitutes an “establishment of religion” or the “free exercise” of his first amendment right.




Big Person Loves You…

The Orwellian Timetable for 1984 was only off by a few decades.

Google’s document editor will begin to correct the language of what people type to be more ‘inclusive’, according to a report in the Telegraph.

The article, headlined Big Brother (sorry, Big Person) is correcting you on Google, outlines how the company is to implement ‘inclusive warnings’ on Google Docs, suggesting that users refrain from using terms such as ‘policeman’ or ‘landlord’ because they are gendered.

The warnings will alert users that what they have typed “may not be inclusive to all readers,” while suggesting users should “Consider using different words,” offering woke corrections like ‘police officer’ or ‘property owner’.




A map of the approximate situation on the ground in Ukraine as of 00:00 UTC 27/04/22. The Russians have been pushed back from Kharkov, and while they’re still in the area, they’re beyond. the suburban hub. They’ve destroyed a lot of that city, and its encirclement in the first few days of the war led to predictions (by me and by just about everyone else) that it would fall – just a matter of time. What a difference a month makes.

The influx of western aid/war machines will begin to make itself felt within the next month or so as pressure mounts on the Russians to hold what they have.



Identify the Tank


  1. An old joke that isn’t so funny now that it’s become reality – “Go out to the person box, and see if the personperson has brought us any person.”

        • Sure seems that way.

          As the saying goes, the only way to win is to not play. Giving in even a little only encourages them. Last Friday we were “on-boarding” a new contractor. Five staff persons were gathered in the conference room when I walked in. All were wearing masks. “What’s with the masks?’ I asked. The mask mandate had been rescinded the prior week.
          “Oh, Doctor X [the new guy] is wearing a mask, so [Boss] thought we should all wear masks to make him feel comfortable. [Boss] is giving him the tour of the facilities right now.”
          The new guy is a healthy and fit man in his mid-30’s.
          “So if this guy wants to stand on his left foot and recite ‘I’m a little teapot’ then we should do the same to make him comfortable? No one is obligated to go along with someone else’s goofy belief or prejudice.”

          It’s a wonder I haven’t been fired. It’s a good thing that our group functions as a largely autonomous unit within the hospital so I have little interaction with officialdom.

    • Imagine my disappointment as a kid heading into the local Acme only to find out it was just groceries.

      • ACME should supply more than just groceries. I have expectations in that regard that reach deep into my childhood.

  2. The Google Docs thing is another example of something that prompts a visceral reaction in me that wants to shoot someone. I’m working on both my self-control and my aim.

  3. It’s simple for me: I refuse to bend to the whims of the moronic, regardless how much they try to mainstream their mental illness and control. On one occasion of our non compliance to the idiocy, while smiling, told a screecher wearing her shame mask inside out while the whipped husband stood there, “Well, we don’t live in town.” Took her a second.

    Anymore, assuming avoidance doesn’t always work, my pat answer is “I’ll pray for you.” Show The Light to their folly if accosted. As far as SCOTUS, good luck with the Black Robes seeing the obvious righteousness in anything. If the coach was not Christian there’d be no case.

    Independent thinkers all have a little Wile-E ‘Super Genius’ running in the mix…as we should.

  4. Sometimes being a Latter Day Luddite is a blessing. I have no idea what Google Doc is nor how to use it. I can barely use Word 2007.

    • Heh. Great minds and all that. Willfully ignorant here about Google or any other social media. Still using Word 2007 too. My wife was enrolled in college back when it was current, so she bought the “student” version CD’s. We have been able to install it on every PC and laptop since. It is the oldest version of Word that is still compatible with Win 10. Even now I doubt that I know 10% of what the program can do.

    • It seems the more “features” that Microsoft adds to Word the harder it makes it to do the simple word processing that I use. Probably just too stuck n my ways.

    • My local computer-shop-geeks installed LibreOffice on my computer free of charge and me being a long-term MicroSerf user… love it. Open office, usable on either Windows or Linux and free and isn’t a memory hog like MicroSerf products are. Libre seems to believe in the old-fashioned minimum lines to maximize usefulness type of programming.

      • The wonders of Open Source Software, Beans. The GNU Image Manipulation Program (aka “The Gimp”) is as good as PhotoShop, and also 100% free.

  5. Curious to see online chatter viz. Poland annexing West Ukraine or something very like that. Hey, you called it on the phone.

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