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I’m still waiting for the progressive left to explain their proposed theoretical nexus between global warming (no proof of it but they promise that it’s coming) and angry Muslims. Near as I can tell, as long ago as 2000 BC the Middle East was a desert – back when they burned camel dung to keep warm. Now, apparently, they’re upset that they live in a desert and feel that because I drive a gas guzzling car (that they supply with oil) that it’s all so unfair.
And to retaliate against the weather, they travel to European countries and to the US to kill innocent people sitting down to supper. John Kerry says that it makes sense to him, right? Barack says that it makes sense to him as it does to Bernie Sanders.
What am I missing?

8 thoughts on “Climate Change – Terrorism Nexus

  1. I thin you've overlooked some basic weather logic. Global Warming has heated up the atmosphere, which has made it colder. The heat loving Moslems hate that and blame the West, and now they're out for vengeance.

  2. That, combined with a hefty tax on the weather, helps me understand why we must continue our war on the weather until we have beaten it. Historically (over the past 50,000 years) the weather on Earth has been remarkably clement and even with no disruption until the George W. Bush presidency, when things went to hell.

  3. All of this global warming hokum appeals to the dummies among us. And there are a huge gob of dummies among us, sorry to report, LL. Gobs and gobs of them. They believe whatever their progressive leaders (Elmer Gantry-types, each and every liberal leader) tell them is so.

    Even though their message about man-made global warming makes absolutely no sense to anyone with half a brain whatsoever.

  4. If you mow your lawn, a terrorist will attack you and will be justified in doing so—unless you pay the tax. Then you're safe.

  5. We must all blame him for…everything. For example, I came down with a cold from riding my motorcycle at night in the rain. It's clearly GW Bush's fault. And that gas after eating Bush's baked beans — the blame needs to rest where it belongs.

    At least we have Yoko Ono and John Kerry to heal the planet.

  6. We already have an air tax in Cali…
    Would be nice if it got weathery enough to change the ill winds that blow through…

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