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Happy Columbus Day

It’s a day to celebrate the discovery of the New World if you’re a regular person doing the regular thing. If you’re Italian, you have the right to go semi-crazy (in much the same way as the Irish do on St. Patrick’s Day) — but you don’t have green beer, and more’s the pity.
If you’re angry at everyone and everything it’s the perfect day for a protest of whatever irks you – the discovery of the New World, Islamophobia, and a lot of trigger words that it may be politically incorrect if I use because they — trigger you.

The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were not racially integrated ships, and that is enough to make your heart flutter with rage, isn’t it?

The Mandalay Bay Shooter may have gone insane because he wasn’t Italian and always wanted to be. Or maybe he always wanted to be a cowboy growing up and the other kids made him an Indian/Indigenous Person? Fashion standards of the 1490’s called for all men to wear tights, which would have pleased the trannies. Why doesn’t Bruce Genner and friends come out in support for Columbus?

Maybe none of the items mentioned above have triggered liberals to hate Columbus, progressives blame everyone including the Cat-in-the-Hat. Maybe the progressives will host a book burning of all the books they don’t like? Sort of a Fahrenheit 451 party (good any day but why not Columbus Day!

Maybe all of the Democrat hopefuls could go running through the Library of Congress with torches? Biden is getting old and so is Pelosi. They could drive those motorized carts.

We know that upon reaching the West Indies, Columbus and crew landed and the first thing that they did was to pray. That’s not a very progressive thing to do, but they did it anyway. They thanked God for a safe journey over the great deep. Some people view the day as a day of thanksgiving (sort of a pre-Thanksgiving). Others in the US Federal Government take the day off work as possibly the last long weekend before the weather gets really rough in winter. I may cook spaghetti because Colombus’ fellow explorers brought back the tomato from the New World – an essential ingredient in both spaghetti, the BLT sandwich and pizza. (heap cheese on the pizza and spaghetti, but not your BLT)

There will be Columbus Day Parades in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love). I can only hope that the progressives stay home and don’t shoot up any of the parades. 

However you celebrate or protest, 
I hope you have a nice day.

If the Feds have taken the day off
so should you!

25 thoughts on “Celebrating the Conquest

  1. You can celebrate, protest, or abstain from both. Being retired is like giving the middle finger to the world whenever you want to.

  2. Please be sure to add sausage to ward off marauding Mohammedans who might want a taste…and garlic to keep the vampires at bay. Which brings up an interesting point. Has anyone seen Mohammedans and vampires at the same party? What if Mohammedans are vampires?

    Who cares, when there is spaghetti being served at the officer's mess at the compound.

  3. I'm not protesting today but I may have a salad with Italian dressing on it in honor of the day.

  4. The Mandalay Bay Shooter may have gone insane because he wasn't Italian and always wanted to be.

    But of course.

  5. I would think the liberals, and their constituents the trannies, would spare the Cat in the Hat scorn: both Thing One and Thing Two wore tights.

    These liberals just don't know how to hate properly. They even screw THAT up, for God's sake.

  6. We all stand in awe of you and yours, Adrienne. If nothing else, but for the cooking (keep it coming).

  7. Progressives would screw up fogging a mirror.

    I'd think that they'd be thrilled that the Cat in the Hat was androgynous. But no. To be progressive, the cat would have to switch from one gender to another with some sort of surgery involved.

  8. Good call.

    We need to get Aunt Sally a job cooking at the MSNBC News cafeteria in NYC. Just tell her to do her best…and when she's fired there, she can move on to CNN.

  9. I think I'll spend the day bolting the rest of the parts on my current AR build. Maybe then find a Mexican cuisine restaurant offering a Columbus Day discount.

  10. Arm chair psychiatry. (P)gressives project their own self loathing onto anything that makes other peoples lives better or enjoyable.

  11. I just returned from dinner at Don Pancho's. So you beat me to it. I decided against a big plate of pasta. I'm not anti-Columbus. Just acclimating my system for food in Mexico.

  12. It's difficult to say. The brush is tinder dry and it doesn't take much to set it off. A flicked cigarette or a broken bottle that defaults to a magnifying glass that the sun hits.

  13. You need to hang out your shingle and 'treat' progressives. Most of them are large children who allow their passions to rule them.

  14. I hate to make the meal "European", but spaghetti is good with French Bread, buttered and toasted in the oven broiler. Columbus would have approved.

    You'd need to arrange for something like salmon on lettuce for Colonel Melania. I doubt that she'd wolf down a full plate of spaghetti with French bread, chased by an ice cold beer.

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