Ice Planets, the Present & the Future

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Today on Mars

US Surveillance Satellites watch the Chinese Mars rover, Zhurong.


The Priorities of Space Exploration

(more here) h/t Claudio

There is a great deal to be learned through the exploration of the Solar System. One thing that we need to do now is to build radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTG) for future space probes to keep them operating.

An RTG is a nuclear battery (of sorts) that uses thermocouples to convert the heat released through nuclear decay into electricity – the Seebeck Effect. It has no moving parts and is safe, but the progs hate them.

NASA has developed a multi-mission radioisotope thermoelectric generator (MMRTG) in which the thermocouples would be made of skutterudite, a cobalt arsenide (CoAs3), which can function with a smaller temperature difference than the current tellurium-based designs. This would mean that an otherwise similar RTG would generate 25% more power at the beginning of a mission and at least 50% more after seventeen years…if politicians will allow them to fly.

Deep space, long-duration missions, that operate far from the Sun, require long-duration power sources. Solar collectors are not sufficient.







Do you (you know who you are) really need a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush?

If you’re such a mess you can’t even brush your teeth without music playing you may need to exit the gene pool – with extreme prejudice. It gets way harder from here.

You’re making your toothbrush a radio transmitter. Is that the only way that you have of coping with your mental illness?

Please don’t tell me that it’s the future of dental hygiene.


If You Post THIS on. Facebook,  you’ll be Blocked.

If you post it twice, you’ll be banned.

Total number of votes:

• Obama at 69,000,000

• Trump at 74,000,000

• Biden at 81,000,000

Then how?

The number of counties each candidate won:

• Obama 873

• Trump 2,547

• Biden 509

Bellwether counties each candidate won:

• Obama 18 of 19

• Trump 18 of 19

• Biden 1 of 19

Florida, Ohio & Iowa:

• Obama Won Them All

• Trump Won Them All

• Biden Lost Them All

Which candidate’s political party won seats in the House of Representatives?:

• Obama Democrats Won Seats

• Trump Republicans Won Seats

• Biden Democrats Won NO Seats

The crazy thing is that Guatemalans could figure this out but the average American couldn’t seem to be able to put the pieces together.

This may explain why I don’t post much on social media and rely on an independent blog.


Stepford Wives are Coming

There is a demand for them. Technology is now nearly equal to art.

They will come with a million pre-programmed recipes. “What would you like for breakfast, dear?  Of course, I’ll serve it in bed with fresh-squeezed orange juice.”

36 thoughts on “Ice Planets, the Present & the Future

  1. I wish people making maps would use more distinct colors… my poor color vision is often challenged.

    I’m pretty sure Rhode Island has no anti-CRT laws on the books, judging by the open fighting that’s taking place in the various town school committee meetings over it. The school committees have been charging many thousands of dollars to serve FOIA requests in attempts to get their policy handouts, among other things. The public has been slowly prevailing in the courts. If there is a bill about it under consideration, I wouldn’t hope too much for passage. The People here are mostly strongly opposed, but the denizens of the State House are a different breed.


    1. None of my grandchildren attend a school where CRT is taught. My daughters, thankfully, are pit bulls where those things are involved.

  2. American Digest recently had a thread sounding off about the annoying wench that lives in the GPS box. If MS Stepford comes with a built in GPS, she also better have a mute button or I’m not interested.

      1. Too many buttons on the remote, I’d inadvertently hit the “rough me up” one.

        1. Bezos can’t be held responsible if he’s able to claim operator error.

  3. C’mon man…Biden won fair and…uhh…lets see…uhh, where was I…oh yeah….hey, she looks 19!……square.

    Election “anomalies” (polite term for cheating) are everywhere and vote verification counts are getting close to the truth of the matter, like Carlson’s show last night – Jan. 6 was a psyop, planted FBI and Antifa clowns as a stop-gap measure to make a s$$t show out of a Trump speech…just in case. The Dem’s deserve the Hell they will reap with this. The Potted Plant is now with Putin…I never do pay-per-view…but I would for this to watch the beat-down in real time.

    Stepford…no thanks. My new washer and dryer can be linked to WiFi and controlled by an app on my phone, and my new hot water heater. Why? And Alexa is a listening device. Heck, so is my flatscreen if the setup is completed as prompted. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

    1. Alexa is not your friend. Will Bezos make the Stepford Wives? If so, it’s a deadly combination.

      1. Well, he is single again.

        Seems whatever Hollywood dreams up there are a significant number of people who believe it’s real life (like a car door stops a bullet). We knew Stepford Wives was fiction, yet some techy living in his mother’s basement took that as a challenge.

        1. Life imitates art every bit as the other way around. Witness the Star Trek communicator morphing into the Motorola flip phone.

          Will Stepford Wives be programmed to vote Democrat? You know that’s the next big thing.

          1. Applying citizenship to a toaster? Well, why not, they give de-facto person-ship to corporations…

          2. Witness the early lawyer meeting, regarding dating protocol, in the movie Cherry2000. We’re getting close to that as well.

  4. Stepford – so, what happens if it gets hacked, or has some parts malfunction(typical real world event). Do you really want sensitive body parts to be involved when the gears start grinding?
    MMRTG – as soon as enough grifters(ie, politicians) receive enough money, I’m sure the approval will happen.

        1. Of course. When I was a younger boy we called braces on girls, “Black and Decker pecker wreckers”. There were no warranty situations where that was involved.

          The photos of the damage couldn’t be worse than pictures of logs that went through a woodchipper.

          1. Me neither, our term was slightly less offensive that today they’d call SWAT to forcibly remove you from school as a hater and bully.

          2. We felt that the term wasn’t pejorative, nor did it exclude a cheerleader from entertaining the troops. It was simply cautionary, like a warning label. We certainly didn’t hate.

          3. We just called them “Metal Mouth”.

            “Pecker Wrecker” I’ve heard before, but not with the B&D prefix.

            “Organ Grinder” is new to me and is henceforth in the vocabulary.

            And two good laughs from the blog today, LL. You’re doing something right….

  5. The US urges to do something with the schools and educational system. So much seems to be so wrong when you see the results. Look at the FBI, they are actively involved in organizations where they conduct a crime. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    1. There is a lot rotten in Denmark. You told me so yourself – more in Sweden.

      That aside the FBI became the political police. The Gestapo of our time. The sooner people see them for what they are the better, and setting people up has become job one. And the courts seem to love it.

  6. Being a Latter Day Luddite, most technology passes me by. My sister says it is because I have no patience and won’t read instructions. I don’t see that as being a problem.

  7. The meme of the day should end with”so I just stole one instead”. Don’t want to be too white.

  8. We need nuclear power here on Earth, as solar doesn’t work here, on Earth, very well.

    Stupid Watermelon people (green on the outside, red on the inside…)

    As to the election, fair and honest elections don’t need 25,000 troops to enforce the swearing in.

    And I don’t do Fascist-Book. Or most other social media garbage.

    1. There are a lot of nuclear reactors – we just need more. Clean energy on demand.

      25,000 infantry + light armor + rotors + fixed wing aircraft + a lot of spies.

  9. re:
    cyborg chick in for maintenance
    I visit elderly shut-ins.
    At one old gal’s place, we were watching some pass-the-time televisionprogramming or other.
    An advertisement came on about anti-social results of not vacuuming your piles of dandruff (maybe it was vacuuming your piles; I averted my gaze out of bashfulness) or mulatto fruits getting married/adopting a mulatto fruit kid or the unrecoverable heartbreak of vociferous copious odorous toe-jam.
    Necessary Pronouncements [furiously scribbles life-changing notes].
    Although I occasionally grumble during insulting televisionprogramming, this was my first time grumbling at her place.
    I quietly grumbled “alexis, where is my head?”
    The old gal does not have an alexis gizmo… so we both busted-out laughing as her Kindle reader — across the room and turned ‘off’ — answered “Your head is on your shoulders.”
    I need a no-legged short-armed nag like I need a Kindle reader reading my grumblings and thinking “Well, here is my one chance to do something valuable, my one good deed for the day!”
    While I appreciate the offer…

    1. It has to be 100% mechanical. Cyborgs are unreliable (who can forget THE BORG on Star Trek?).

  10. LOL, Stepford wives for us, the question is, what will they get? Ahnold or Fabian? The numbers didn’t add up on election night, still don’t, and never will…

  11. “Surveillance Sattelites” in orbit around Mars? I think TPTB would prefer you call them “Mapping Satellites” The distinction is fine-grained, but all of understand that…

    RTG’s are the only suitable thing we have, short of a full-on reactor system, for long-duration power sources. Maybe Musk will build a factory on Mars to produce them. Sorry, no Earth sales!

    If I could find a replacement for Caffein Free Diet Coke, I’d switch to it. Low sugar Gatorade comes close, but there’s times I just want a cola.

    CRT….I can see the division lines forming.

    Bluetooth devices are very low cost, so they get stuck in things that make you go “WHY?”….

    As far as the election goes (went?), even some of the sheeple seem to be getting restless about this “administration”. Not enough, but it’s a start.

    Gynoids…..I suggest you watch Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence for a look at the dark side of what this will become…..

    These things are scary enough…..

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