A Pause for the Cause

Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee, 23, is seen four days before she was killed, escorting Afghans onto a plane in Kabul.


The Fool on the Hill




The A-4 Skyhawk

I was never a fan of light attack. You could stuff more of them into the hangar deck and I guess that’s a plus. I knew an aviator who flew them and loved them because they were very nimble. I remain unconvinced.



Reported Plague Deaths

Am I to believe this since there has not been one reported death from the flu or a cold since January 2020? In fact, not one non-COVID-related sniffle? Even hayfever is viewed as COVID.


Important News



  1. Scooters were fun birds to fly! Highest roll rate around at 720 degrees per second, +8/-3G and the same bomb load as a B-17 at 8500 lbs. But when you consider they were designed as effectively a 1 way nuclear bomber, they did pretty good in Nam, and various other ‘hot’ areas. Israel was still flying a variant in 2015! I have a few hours in TA-4s back in the day.

  2. I was outraged over the deaths at Abbey Gate.
    Now that I have seen the faces that belong to the dead I am nauseous.

    Back in the day, I seem to recall a discussion that concerned the correct time for the majors to start shooting the colonels. Maybe to keep them from becoming generals.

    Colonel Sheller did his duty.
    He may have not busted an actual cap on Milley’s ass, but he did the next best thing.

    Homework assisgnment:
    Compare and contrast the statements given by Colonel Scheller and Colonel Bear Claw Vinndeman.

  3. So President Trump was correct on the Sleepy Joe moniker….as well as EVERYTHING else.

    Covid deaths. Uh, yeah…maybe 6% of reported, which makes it at most on par with flu or more likely, less deadly. This game they are playing is to determine the compliant from the aware, for the next round of subversive bravo sierra. We are on to them.

  4. The A-4 was a nice plane Capable of only carrying 8,700 lbs of ordnance. Not bad for a ‘light’ attack plane. That’s a heavier bomb load than a B-17.

    It fit the role of medium bombers and attack aircraft, all twin-engined, all 3-6 man crewed, during WWII.

    Not bad at all.

  5. McCain flew A-4’s. Until he didn’t. One of them was highly over-rated. Your call as to which.

  6. I think the real usefulness of the light attack planes ended once the various Essex-mods and Midways retired.

    The A-4 was good for what it was though.


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