Basic Housekeeping:

I’m going to lump responses to misc. e-mail here.

(one) I received an e-mail from an individual who was full of invective because I don’t care how much federal income tax President Trump paid in his pre-presidential years. Said e-mailer was regurgitating the uninformed opinions of other morons who also don’t understand taxes. For those of you who are wounded because you are not paying enough taxes, you are not prohibited from paying more. Taxes do not reflect morality. What is taxed and how it is taxed is laid down by the US Congress. We all pay what we owe and if we don’t owe, most of us don’t donate.

Nobody has accused President Trump of tax evasion or unreported income and they would if they could.

Joe Biden released his income tax returns and I looked at them. He didn’t include graft and kick-downs from Hunter Biden who received millions from Moscow, Beijing and Ukraine. Where is the outrage? Where is the IRS investigation?

(two) This is a blog, which means that the content is largely comprised of my opinion and of the opinions of people who are cited here by me. (a) Yes, I am an expert in use of force laws and police tactics. (b) Yes, I am an expert on sensitive intelligence collection and tradecraft, foreign espionage and sabotage, planned political kidnapping, counter-terrorism, money laundering, infiltration, information exploitation, management of asset identification, recruitment, and development in operational settings (c) No, I’m not a Constitutional scholar, but I’ve read it and understand it. (d) The doctors who comment here (see comments) are far more versed in infectious diseases than I am. The opinions that I’ve developed don’t come from the Democrat propaganda machine.

You clearly have a child-like grasp of a complex topics. It’s no wonder that you e-mail instead of commenting like everyone else. The people who comment on the blog would feed on you like a school of hungry piranha.

(three) This is not an e-mail response, but reflects the same sort of thinking that I received in some recent e-mail.  There is a new pie shop that opened in Strawberry, AZ.  It’s tiny, not much bigger than a food truck. Strawberry is a town of about 300, below the Mogollon Rim, astride State Route 87. There were no plague cases in Strawberry, and thus there were no deaths from the plague there either.

I have a fondness for empanadas that they make at the Pie Shop and I arrived and stood in line to order my pie. No, I wasn’t wearing a mask and neither was anyone else. A lady arrived, masked, and started ranting at me and one guy from the forest service who didn’t wear masks. She explained to us that she recently arrived from another state where masks are mandatory.

I suggested that she take her withered old ass out of line, get in her car, and return to her slave state, where she can buy food made and served by masked workers. I pointed out to the old bag that nobody was forcing her to stand in line or to buy ANYTHING, and that she was free to be masked or not be masked, to buy or not buy in Arizona. She stayed in line (angry) and bought her pie from the guy at the counter who wasn’t wearing a mask.

Dear readers, the whole mask thing is getting VERY old. However the liberal melt-down at President Trump recovering from the plague is very amusing. It’s well worth the price of popcorn.


  1. First time here and I see this, “Yes, I am an expert on sensitive intelligence collection and tradecraft, foreign espionage and sabotage, planned political kidnapping, counter-terrorism, money laundering, infiltration, information exploitation, management of asset identification, recruitment, and development in operational settings.”


    Then I also see you’re a writer and have several books offered for sale.

    Just so happens I’m a big Mitch Rapp fan especially VFs’. So which one do you recommend I start with to see for myself?


    • Exiles from Eden is the most recent. Frankly MMinAR, I don’t know that any of my books are great. They’re all flawed to the extent that I am a writer am flawed.

      There are many tens of thousands of has beens around the globe that share my expertise. Yes, I’m an expert, but there are better writers than I am. And the “expertise” is always couched in specific experience, isn’t it?

      I will say for the record (everything on the Internet is for the record) that the REAL stuff is often so outlandish that people would never believe it. I wrote stories to entertain not to educate.

  2. LL,
    As you, I don’t give a rat’s ass about his taxes or returns. As you noted, the IRS would have been slamming him to the Dem’s delight.

    Still, I want to know. Where is the law saying a candidate of any kind even has to provide their returns. To muy knowledge there isn’t any law so i that case, anyone crying about it can pound sand

  3. Lately everybody ticks me off. It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. Due to a spike in cases the town of Leduc has asked everyone to wear a mask. The Province of Alberta Chief Medical Officer is asking people to limit the number of people at their gatherings. I am fighting this stupidity at every turn. People are too quick to give up their freedoms.

    As for Trump and taxes, any high net worth individual employs accountants to pay as little tax as possible which is perfectly legal. The Left has failed to make this an issue. May there be four more years of Trump.

    Do they have strawberry/rhubarb pie?

    • The “chief medical officer”, like in most jurisdictions, is running a scam. We never hear on our local news how many infected are in intensive care or hospitalized. It’s just cases… The media needs to be taken to task for these misleading, economy destroying lies.

      • BWBandy – Yes, they have strawberry-Rhurbarb. It’s deliciously tart. I prefer their cherry pies, and their pork chili verde empanadas, etc. But frankly, they’re all very good. Their apple doesn’t have enough cinnamon for my taste, but still very good.

        As to Thanksgiving, I am not doing a virtual Zoom Thanksgiving. I’m going to gather with my family and we will GORGE on delicious food that I only get once a year. Actually, I take it slow on Thanksgiving, then do seconds, still keeping it slow, then maybe thirds, still saving room for pie.

        The government in the US of A is stying that we should all cancel Thanksgiving and just sit home alone in front of the computer and Zoom. We get that same crap here in the Lower 48. I will ignore their entreaties as usual and will hug my grandkids and my children and will not wear a mask while I’m eating.

        Governments have a control agenda when it comes to the plague and to be fair, I have an agenda in ignoring them. I do what I believe to be responsible and courteous, but it doesn’t include locking myself down and wearing gloves and a mask when I leave my home. The hospitalization rate where I live is ‘normal’ and the plague is not an issue. Nobody here wears masks. Only out-of-state types. And we’re fine. If we get sick, we’ll take the therapeutics offered and get well.

  4. Masks. I go along because the hourly workers in the stores area between a rock and a hard place. When I have access to politicians and corporate officers I give them my strong opinion. Interesting, how those making the policy decisions keep themselves well shielded from the unwashed public.

    • A sneeze on politicians (I’m taking Fredd’s Pox to a whole new level). In some stores such as Costco, where a mask is mandated, I wear it to be polite. But in rural Arizona, the mask thing is ignored.

      • Yes, sneezing big, wet sloppy virulent globs onto a jerk will accomplish what any decent pox will. I approve. And I wear a mask simply to avoid conflict when out and about, I don’t do conflict very well, as I flunked “Anger Management 101.”

          • I used to embrace my inner barbarian self, but found that more often than not it ended badly for me. The older I got, the further down I suppressed ‘Conan Fredd.’ He didn’t serve me very well in the long run, while ‘Nice Fredd’ seemed to work out better for everybody involved with me.

          • Don’t embrace domesticity TOO much, Fredd. Allow the spark to linger deep inside for that moment when it’s needed.

            Too much fire will burn the house down. Just enough will allow you to remain warm on winter nights and cook your food.

  5. x2…all of the above (and likely all below after I hit “post”).

    Am I getting curmudgeon-ee now I’m an even 60 years on the planet? Or is it because my tolerance level has reduced to DEFCON -3 due to witnessing far too many foolish people? Maybe a combination.

    Went to Cheyenne Lowe’s, needed parts no one in Laramie carried. I did not wear a bacteria catcher on my face, and neither did half the folks in the store (mostly men). Then I saw a gaggle (more than 20) of youngin’s walking along the sidewalk all masked up. Let’s just make a new generation of paranoid snowflakes that will probably develop respiratory and social problems due to Soviet style idiocy.

  6. Larry Correia did a pretty good takedown of the tax story last week. He was a CPA before the Monster Hunter books, so he knows you’re obligated to pay what the law says, not a penny more. The uses the tax code to incentivize some things and discourage others.

    Personally, I’m far less interested in the billionaire who went to DC than the middle class people who went to DC and became millionaires. Like, how do they become millionaires on their salaries?

  7. Looks like I’m with everyone else on the tax issue. I hear people complaining about him not paying his “fair share” of income tax. What is that? It’s whatever he legally owes, no more, no less. Same as everyone here. What they ignore is that he likely pays more yearly in other taxes than I’m likely to pay in several lifetimes.
    I’m fed up with masks as well. I do keep a bandana in the pickup in case I need to go somewhere that they are mandated. Makes me look like a stagecoach robber.

  8. I will say for the record (everything on the Internet is for the record) that the REAL stuff is often so outlandish that people would never believe it.

    Here I am, doing my best to tamp down paranoia, and you gotta say this……!
    My take? This chicom flu is the most effective disinformation campaign ever run. Destroy the economy of the West without firing a shot. Sun Tsu would be very proud. Unfortunately for them, the ricochet effect is going to be amazing.

    Around here, in maskland, the sole oasis (is the singular also plural?) are the gun shops, and the motorcycle shops, places one would assume are full of people who have been exposed to the concept of risk mitigation, complete with consequences. I have to say, walking in a door and seeing a group of people without the stupid on, is like opening the door to an insane asylum, from the inside.

    • Ok, back when I took my Ducati in for service, the shop was a mask-on shop and they took my temperature when I walked in. In Phoenix, AZ, when it’s 115 in the shade, taking temperatures is not a good way to tell if somebody is carrying plague.

  9. Speaking of political kidnappings, a few weeks ago, I remarked on air that if someone was going to take Whitmer out, they have to take the Lt. Governor and the legislature so they can’t call for the feds Constitutionally.
    I’ve had a few people remind me of that since the bust 🙂
    So far, no calls from the FBI….

  10. His taxes, scrutinized and re-scrutinized, were never an issue before he ran for President. If there had been any issues, the City of New York, the State of New York and the Federales would have come down on him like a kid on candy. That they, the various revenue and tax agencies, have not says so much.

    But it’s easier to point and accuse than to actually be sensible and factual.

    As to all the rest… I never go on someone’s blog and try to argue or blame or stomp my feet or act more-the-maggot than I actually am. It’s why I stay away from some female ex-naval officer’s site and also stay away from some-trumped-up-trauma-nurse’s site. Meh. Don’t miss them, don’t need them.

  11. I saw a decal on a car window recently. It read something real close to “If you’re by yourself and wearing a mask inside your car, don’t bother telling us who you’re voting for…….we already know.”

    • Yeah.

      I have friends who are older and wear masks everywhere, even in the remote mountains where they also live. They’re Trump supporters, but they live in fear of plague. Maybe it helps them to feel that they can squeeze a few more months out of life.

      My view is that I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. They are sort of “live on their knees” people.

      • Many, many people like that here in “College Town, U.S.A.”…..

        All of our clan, especially the Wyoming branch, just laugh at this stuff about masks and “Social Distancing”.

        • The elite (idiots) who major in gender studies, racial grievance and Womyn’s interpretive dance tend to swallow lies more quickly than normal people who have had to work for a living.

  12. This is a link to a podcast by Viva Frei and Robert Barnes. VF is a Montreal-based lawyer, and Barnes is a US tax atty. It’s a bit chatty, but Barnes goes over clearly and often amusingly why the NYT “bombshell” about Trump’s taxes is utter nonsense.

  13. Interesting post.

    I once put something up about the curiously named Rev. Canon Rachel Mann, the famous trans death metal ecclesiastic in some cathedral in Northern England. Got a lot of hate mail from the enraged rainbow.

    One was most threatening, “I know who you are and I’m going to report you so you can never go to the UK again, you racist Nazi.”

    I didn’t reply; like really, Mann? But in the silence was a whispered suggestion, “We will fall upon our enemies and destroy them utterly, with phosphorous.” Or Greek Fire, whatever.

    • You drive around in that fancy gas guzzling hot rod in progressive California. Yes, you enjoy it, but it must tick a lot of the Prius and Leaf world off.

  14. The ignorant old bag can eat a bag of clap having dicks, fuck off and die with her pie! Man people tick me off!

  15. Not in the least worried about the Pres’s tax returns. Quite sure he has enough accountants to take care of that, legally.

    Geez, we even have General Mattis doing tv spots for the state on the importance of wearing a mask & keeping our distance…
    I don’t wear a mask, not in Costco, or the grocery store, or any place, or for Mattis. Must look like a don’t mess with me ol broad LOL, because they don’t even ask me to.

  16. Firstly, before I get on to the point of people ticking me off, you have a town called Strawberry?! How cute!
    Anyway, back to the point, people don’t “tick me off”, they thoroughly piss me off. I can say that because that’s what we say in England. That’s the mild version.
    Masks: sick of those. I often forget and have to go back to my car to get one. You have to wear them over here unless you’re a snowflake. People who get stressed about masks can claim anxiety and not wear one. These are the same people who break the rule of 6 and basically do as they please but then take pot shots at others who do the same. Total hypocrisy and selfishness. The whole thing is a big fat joke.
    I know a woman who won’t wear a mask. “I’m anxious “, she said when I asked her. “No you’re not,” I replied. “You had a tattoo last week, if you were of the anxious variety you wouldn’t have a needle pumping ink into your arm, lady”
    Thankfully, my wolf hates masked people and makes it quite clear if they get closer than 6ft. He also hates cockwombles who can’t wait to give their opinions. I suggest you borrow Tex.

    • Maybe if she had a mask tattooed onto her face, she’d kill two birds with one stone. Another ink blotch and a permanent progressive mask.

  17. Yeah, people are the worst.

    Why anybody would care about Trump’s taxes is beyond me. He’s rich, just like every single person in national politics. Rich people have plenty of lawyers and accountants and plenty of influence on the lawmakers (other rich people) so that they can pay as little tax as possible. So what, nobody ever pays more than they think they have to. I’ll believe Gates and Buffet moaning about how they want to pay more tax as soon as they each buy the Navy a new Destroyer. ‘Till then, they can stuff it.

    The only thing about the tax story I want to know is how the NYT got their hands (purportedly) on private information in violation of the law, and why they and their co-conspirators aren’t under indictment.

    I don;t want to get in trouble needlessly, and I don;t want to get innocent bystanders in trouble. I wear the Face Placebo when I have to, and eschew it all other times. I have to wear it a good amount of time at work, but I figure my employer can make me dress funny as part of the bargain if they want, while I’m at work.

    • The NYT is progressive. Laws don’t apply to them anymore than they do to the Democrat caucus in Congress.

      If you wear a mask at work, consider it part of the costume. The golden rule: The man with the gold rules.

  18. Yes, a great many people piss me off, usually daily, as I am retired, so get to see them from a non hurried viewpoint. I think Ben Franklin had it right when he suggested to put “Mind your business” on every dollar bill. “E pluribus unum” does not really do much for anyone nowadays and most would not know what it means.

    In any event, just completed a R/T drive from MI to AZ and back, 3 days down (trailer), 2 days back (no trailer) and 4 fixing stuff for daughter at her new (old) house after delivering some furniture and other stuff. Passed through Holbrook then down 77/377/277/260 and on to Chandler. I waved in your general direction passing the road to the Mogollon rim.

    Every state traversed except Missouri, was full mask frenzy. MO no one was wearing a mask other than the toll booth takers (probably government drones) and no one gave a rats patoot about distance. Good to see some sane folks once in a while. If everyone minded their own business and kept their schnozzes out of other folks bailiwick, we would all be better off.

    God bless you, this great country and our President, may he get another 4 years while we repeal the 17th and get Amy Coney Barrett on the court.

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