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The numbers are so large that you can’t get your head around them. 
(Fox News) The Obama administration failed to properly account for how it spent nearly $619 billion, according to a watchdog audit of the main federal website meant to track where taxpayer money is going.

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Depending on when you believe Jesus Christ was born, only 59 billion (give or take a few million) seconds have elapsed since that auspicious moment. 
If you amassed a dollar a second, to get to the amount of dollars that the Federal Government can’t account for during the Obama Administration – and we’re talking can’t find, not ‘wasted‘, you would have had to start amassing US Currency roughly 10,000 years ago. A dollar a second.

When we begin to speak of a dollar a second and the US national debt (almost $18 trillion) we’re back when the crust of the Earth was molten – geologic time. Long before dinosaurs, liquid oceans or anything of the sort. Here again, we are speaking of “electronic money”. In order to actually print 18 trillion dollar bills (banknotes), we would have to defoliate the entire planet, something like three times over. We could pave every road in the world with banknotes several layers deep.

Then there is the Black Hole of ObamaCare. Breaking news on that front, Nevada’s Comprehensive Cancer Centers dumped the Nevada Health Co-op, the only ObamaCare plan in the state it had contracted with — for routinely failing to pay bills on time. If you’re a cancer patient in Nevada, relying on the promise of ObamaCare, you’re in serious trouble. Since the arrival of ObamaCare, healthcare premiums rose an average 53% in Nevada for the non-ObamaCare insured. And those with ObamaCare can’t find a medical provider. 
Fundamentally transforming America? Yeah. That’s what it is.

9 thoughts on “Chump Change

  1. Transparency my ass… And if one keeps digging (which may take a couple of years), odds are a LOT of that missing money has gone to big donors…

  2. They're worried about that digging that will take place when another non-Democratic Party government takes their place and the Chicago-style politics is revealed for what it is.

  3. Yikes. I hate it when these numbers are made to seem more real. Chump Change is a great title for the post. Ironic and yet so accurate. These are the sorts of changes we get with a chump in office…

  4. And what will they say of our generation? The one before us is spoken of as the "greatest generation". Will ours be the "worst generation"? History will judge us harshly for electing the huckster in the first time. It will not forgive us for sending him back for a second term.

  5. It seems there are cycles throughout history– we are in the "luxury" phase where many younger voters are insulated, too far removed from the drastic and real consequences of their poor choices. These voters, who make decisions based off naive hope and pipe dreams, ought to be called the "stupidest generation" for not learning anything from history.
    I dread the next phase of the cycle. We're already charging full-steam ahead into it, but it will only get closer and closer to home. My poor children.

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