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Winfrey touts her movie, “The Butler” with Hanoi Jane Fonda
Complains that Obama not treated with respect
Recently Oprah Winfrey, a close personal friend of President Barack Hussein Obama, complained that the American people are racist because they don’t treat him with the respect that his office bestows on him.
I found her statement amusing.
What if I called President Obama, “Chimpy”? Would she be outraged then? Funny, I didn’t hear her outrage during George W. Bush’s presidency, nor was there outrage from the “civilized progressives” who called him names. 
Is there a double standard at work, Oprah?

12 thoughts on “Chimpy

  1. But that was different…and if you don't understand how come, it's because you be RACIST! /sarcasm

  2. C'Mon man, you know perfectly well that Democrats aren't subject to standards, because it's the party of NO standards.

  3. we comment we're RACIST… but since I own a gun, I'm automatically racist… sigh… And HELL YES it's a double standard (Still again) !!!

  4. Anybody who is white is immediately presumed to be racist. People who cling to God and guns are enemies of the State.

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