In a statement allegedly made before she died, RBG wanted to be sworn in by the “next president”. Justice Scalia’s last words were that he wanted President Trump to be elected to a second term. So there we are. Both wishes can be fulfilled.


Biden – a historical review

Creepy, Corrupt, Senile – and ready to serve YOU.


The antidote for looting?

Everyone is looking for the vaccine to stop the madness.

A slightly different take on the traditional rifled slug.

There is also the 12 GA Hornady SST FTX Slug VS. Pumpkins. Yes, that solution requires that you get a rifled barrel for your shotgun.


PzKw Mk IV

In the heat, tanks are ovens. In the winter, they’re ice boxes. But it beat walking through Russia and back.


SP5K, PTR9K and Stribog SP9-A3  – semi auto trigger groups


  1. What in the umpteenth levels of Hell are those slugs? WTF? Now, put a round blob of wax full of metal shavings or something toxic like arsenic or cyanide or phosphorous into the hole…

    As to AFVs, there is a place and time for them. Deep water is not one of them…

  2. I served in a tank division (3rd Armored Division “Spearhead”), same unit as Elvis, only about 20 years later. I was an intel guy, and not a real live tanker; never rode in a tank, much less drove one. Still, they remain the most awe inspiring sight on the battlefield. When you are with one of these beasts, you feel a bit safer. When you are facing an enemy tank, not so much.

    Yes, they are not as comfy as a Cadillac Escalade. But they sure can take a whole lot more punishment.

    • Same unit as Elvis…figures. Hollywood Fredd, partying through Europe, not waiting for Oktoberfest.

  3. Interesting slugs. I’ve been shooting the Hornady SST slugs for quite a few years. The first time I sent one at the range, when they were new, people stopped shooting and came over to see WTF I was shooting. They’re loud, and go off with a BOOM.

    They’re also very hard hitting. The last time we went to the family range I hit an old 4×4 wood post at about 25 yds with one, and it blew it apart.

    Not quite Ma Deuce, but then not much is…..

    • Yes, I shoot the SST’s from a Benelli. It took the best part of a year (several years ago) for the rifled barrel to arrive from Italy, but it was worth the wait.

      • I put a rifled barrel on my Remington 1100, topped with a Nikon Prostaff P3 scope. I bought the 1100 when I was doing some intensive shotgun training as one of my friends at the range had one, and he used it very, very well in the tactical classes we took. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the same one he had, and mine was a bit unwieldy during training. Putting the rifled barrel and scope on it turned it into a completely different weapon. I can shoot 2″ groups at 150 yds with the SST’s, and get them all in the black at 200 yds.

        I have other options if I have to reach out further.

  4. Whenever I see an armored (tracked) vehicle I remember my time in a float bridge company and the way a locked track would bend steel. Most of the drivers were good but there is always one!

  5. I drove an M60 once. I have a lot more time on the sticks in an M113. Those can be warm enough, or cold.
    I usually work the 100 yard line at the range and now and then someone will bring a shotgun and slugs. They generally don’t shoot very many rounds.

    • They never let the Navy close to those iron beasts, but they should. We had old M-60’s at Niland that the air guys used to bomb in the Punchbowl, north of Yuma. None of them worked or I’d have given one a go.

  6. Biden- Probably would tell you he was on a forty-EIGHT year plan to so something, ‘cause, you know, he has a plan for that…thing.

    • Biden has a 48-year plan? That sounds like some sort of cicada.

      Heck, that might explain much. He’s spent what, the last year underground in his basement? At some point he will crawl out of the dirt, climb a tree, shed his skin, and start making loud annoying noises all day and all night.

      • He’ll tell you he just needed ONE MORE YEAR to complete his plan, 47 wasn’t enough to do damage or pad his offshore account.

  7. I’m not sure about the slugs. They look light (compared to a solid lump of lead) so I guess they go fast? Is insufficient energy transfer from slugs actually a problem? All the ones I’ve shot into things have always more or less disintegrated. Seems like they wouldn’t be any better against “barriers” than a regular one, either.

    They look cool, though, and maybe they are new ballistic territory and I just can’t tell. I’m certainly no expert.


  8. tanks- you should try working on them. everything is heavy as crap, oily as crap, hot as crap. so hot if you set your wrench down you have to put on gloves to pick it back up. and no room to work. whoever designs them must think they never break down. they stay down almost as much as they stay up. but back when i was a leg, i hated to see one come over the rise, unless i had a platoon of m1’s over my shoulder. now that’s a good feeling 🙂

    • It’s not good to be humping an M-4 and have enemy armor show up. That’s for sure. Unless you have a flight of A-10’s on call. Then it’s a party.

  9. When you decide to get serious (and someone who packs a Ruger Alaskan in .454 Casul is seriois) about shooting slugs check out Ithica’s 3 1\2 inch 10 gauge “Roadblocker”.
    Specifically designed to stop vehicles.
    Modern ammo design could turn it into a multi threat platform.
    It only has a two round magazine due to a recoil mitigating mechanism, but I would wager three rounds is all you would want to shoot in quick succession.
    They stopped making them, but I bet you could find one in some local SOs armory.

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